Blog 2 Is Fire breathing Addictive?

Blog 2 2015 Is Fire Breathing Addictive?

Last weekend when we were doing our Fire Breathing Workshop I was all: Why am I here, I could be home, this is scary. Now it’s Friday, it’s a week since we’ve done it, Julie from Circus has posted cool pictures and I’m all; I miss Fire Breathing I want to go back and do some more. Mmm should I be concerned I wonder? Here’s some of Julie’s [pictures below and you’ll see what I mean, Fire breathing is exciting stuff and you get cool pictures out of it.




By the way if we run Fire Breathing again and you want to join us you need to be a member of ZigZag to do it. You don’t have to be a performer but the trainers need to know you and that you’d be a safe person. You would need to come to a couple of training sessions in circus, aerial, acrobats or aerial yoga just so the trainers know you don’t like fire too much! Alessandro the trainer was talking about fire eating at training last night and that didn’t help at all. Now I want to do that as well.  My name is Trish and I’m becoming a fire addict.

General circus training was good fun last night.  Juggling was good. Liam and I had a go at clubs. Alli was showing that she had been practising her juggling and she was getting results and the Remarkable Ryan was just that, remarkable.

We did lots of new movement things with Alessandro. He ran us through our paces mentally and physically. You concentrate so hard you don’t even know you’re exercising.

Andrew and I had fun duplicating you tube clips, with Liam playing the starring role. Well done Liam! I did a handstand I was pretty darn pleased with and Andrew was showing me what he could do with the rings, it was impressive.

Liam did some back flips and then Andrew and I had a go at some front flips. I’m using the word flip because they were supposed to be flips, I think they were flippish?

At the end of the night we celebrated Alessandro’s twentieth year of performing. Thank you to everyone who helped out, Debbie and Allie a big thank you to you. I was going to supply a cake but we went with a fruit platter to keep cooking casualties down. I’m no baker.

Monday night while we were training the aerial people had a straps workshop. One of their team got a fearsome wound and I was asking about stitches but  the legend involved said it was just a scratch. Very Monty Python I thought. Here’s some pics of that workshop below.


Nick and I did some speccy stuff on the trapeze. We did a move Nick calls Sleeping Beauty  and goodness it’s clever how people can balance with each other while up in the air. My current goal is to try and lift him while upside down on the trapeze. I’m able to do more each week but I’m not there yet.  I have lifted Natalie and then Alessandro and that made me extremely happy.  Each week the moves seem a little smoother and that’s making me happy too.

I’m really going to need to start watching what other people are doing during training, otherwise this blog is going to be very self centred but I’m hoping that Natalie supplying me with photos will balance things out a little. We wouldn’t want an unbalanced circus blog would we?? Yes? Yes? Did you see what I did there? Groaning yet? Just to really hammer the balance jokes home let’s put in a photo from the acrobats.



All righty that should do it for this week. Thank you for reading and if you’d like to come and join us you don’t have to be interested in performing you can come just for fitness and fun. ZigZag has a facebook page and a website but I don’t know how to put the links in so you might need to have a search. I am technologically a dinosaur bordering on luditeness.


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