Blog 3 So Much Going On!

One of the best things about doing Alessandro’s movement and co-ordination exercises during circus class at Glengowrie YMCA, is that I get to take them back to my school and show my students. They love them. We do them for breaks between lessons or before going home. I always let them vote for the activity they want and nine times out of ten it’s let’s do the balance game. The hardest part is getting them to stop, the bell’s gone, it’s home time please stop balancing on one foot and touching the floor and go home. There are no prizes, it’s not a computer game it’s just a love of movement and I’m hoping they will keep this love throughout their lives. I can but try by giving them a good start.

So Monday night after warm up we started with movement and co-ordination exercises and I might have had a chance of success if certain members of our class didn’t keep giggling at our frantic efforts to keep up with Alessandro. I actually think these exercises would make good party games for adults, they would certainly break the ice.

We moved onto handstand practice and while we were taking a ‘break’ from handstand practice we added a few more stretches into the mix. After that we had tumbling and Lily demonstrated a very cool trick that unless it has a name I will call the flipping crab. One minute she’s right side up then she’s upside down then she’s right side up and so on. I thought I fancy that. Alessandro asked me if I could do a back bridge before I attempted the move. Sure I said having absolutely no idea if I could or not. I got as far as a poor man’s back bridge but then the true difficulty of flipping was made apparent and I thought not tonight Trishy but I will store Lily’s move on the back burner as it looked really good.

After tumbling we had free choice skills. Nick and I picked trapeze, other people went off to do acrobatics and Julie set up the slack line. There was so much going on that night. The aerial people were doing their stuff, Lily looked like she was doing a 50s dance routine with Peter. You know that dance where they throw the girl around it was amazing to watch. Julie was on the slack line without anything to help her balance, it was just Julie up there I was very impressed. Then we had some aerial girls right next to the trapeze and what they were doing gave Nick some ideas about what we could be doing.





Nick began our trapeze session with, do you feel like doing some partner stuff tonight? Sure I said. So we started doing these trapeze partner things. First Nick would explain the move and then he would say ok put a hand here and then a foot there and then turn this way and all of a sudden you were in some super tricky position and you had no idea how you had got there. It was a lot of fun and we ended up with some speccy photos. I showed them on facebook and for Tuesday recess I was the talk of the staffroom.



I loved this one. It made me think of Escher.

Nick is hopefully going to be running trapeze sessions so if you have ever fancied doing trapeze work I recommend him.

Mark spoke about possibly running a fire spinning workshop and I really fancy that. I’m putting it in the blog so he can’t forget.

The Thursday night class was every bit as busy. Alli showed us how bendy she was. The Remarkable Ryan saw a juggling article and figured it was a challenge to come up with new juggling tricks. Amanda got introduced to our new space for practising handstands. I discovered an answer to a stretch question that unfortunately I’d already been told back in December, ah well I was straight out of Tough Mudder at the time and I suspect I still had mud in my ears. The horse dance made a very welcome reappearance as well as the horse stance and we discussed the possibility of my horse taking up belly dancing. It was getting to the end of the evening for this conversation.

OK thank you for reading please come and join us if you’d like to, you’ll have a lot of fun.


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