Blog 4 OMG Zigzag Circus are going to hold another showcase!!!!!

Blog 4 OMG ZigZag Circus are going to hold another Showcase

I came home humming the tune to the Sugar Plum Fairies in Fantasia after Monday nights’ training. I found out Monday night that ZigZag are going to hold another showcase and if I can screw up enough courage to participate in the showcase I can use that as my music. It would be awesome. I’ve already talked to Renee at circus about my costume, just in case I do it I want to be ready. By the way if you need a costume maker Renee is a very talented person and I recommend her.  My costume is going to be gorgeous and let’s face it everyone needs some gorgeous!

However the showcase is not the only news so I think I should use this blog as a bit of a newsletter because there’s quite a lot going on.

On the 28th of March, Earth Hour Day, stilt walkers, acrobats and people willing to help are meeting at the Glengowrie YMCA at 3.00pm for a stilt and acrobat walkabout to promote the ZigZag circus. Wear the TShirts, give out flyers, that sort of thing. Anybody coming should check the weather, this will be an outside activity so if it’s wet or windy I would suggest we cancel.

There’s a unicycle workshop coming up we’re just waiting for dates and costs and then I can say more about that.

There’s a stilt workshop trying to get off the ground, (did you see what I did there?) off the ground? Stilts? OK at the moment we’re looking at Point A,  March 22nd and 29th Sundays at 5.00. Should be an uplifting experience.

Showcase is coming!!!!!!!! July 25th. I’m a little excited. I’m dreaming of a stilt dance number. I just need stilt walkers, a song (I’m hoping for Freaks) and a choreographer, but I have ideas I’m just not sure if they would work or not. So if anyone is interested please let me know.

I also haven’t given up on the idea of a fire spinning workshop but that one is not quite taking shape yet.

So at Monday night training with no Pete we had Julie doing Pete jokes I’d like to thank her for filling in there.

I was struggling with a cold and was having major trouble doing anything speccy with trapeze. However have a look at this picture of me and Nick doing a trapeze thing.


Apart from the fact that I want to show off my back muscles, yes I am that shallow! I want to show you this because we are doing this exercise because I wasn’t able to do what Nick had originally thought of, I didn’t have the physical capability, So he didn’t say wrack off I’ll find a student who can, he came up with an alternative activity that I could do and would build up my strength for the first activity later on. All the ZigZag trainers do this. They make the most of what they have and they tailor the training to your needs, that’s pretty cool.

Right at the end of the night Nick did something super scary for the first time that he had seen in a fringe show and while I was watching him I was mentally thinking where are my car keys and where is the nearest hospital? It makes you realise that the trainers are challenging themselves too with new things. I like seeing tricks for the first time it makes me feel like I’m there at the start of something.

Amanda was showing some great trapeze work, she’s already booked her spot for trapeze class.

Julie had a go at trapeze and continued to do more on the slack line.


This picture should be captioned, “Look ma no hands”

Julie and Alessandro were doing a very speccy lie down and then jump up thing while she was on the slack line. She also had a go at teaching me how to ‘steal’ in juggling. Julie is not afraid of a challenge.

The acrobats were doing ridiculous stuff and honestly I’ll need a photo to prove what they did. I mean honestly.

11046740_10205403614110330_8074360177943666727_n 11046745_10205403613510315_4204668502451638096_n 11046840_10205403614910350_2811504440606803682_n

I don’t know how the acrobats do what they do I just like being in the audience.

Thursday night we had all the usual gang, Alli, Amanda, Ryan, Andrew and Liam all faithfully guided by Alessandro. We did our juggling, then warm up chasey, stretches, handstand practice, more stretches and tumbling.

For free choice, Amanda and I did trapeze tusseling with that tricky gazelle move as well as front balance. Amanda has been my circus buddy for some time now and she has a lovely patient energy about her. I can think about the gazelle and what leg goes where and how the arms work and not feel rushed. It’s a great quality in a circus buddy.

Liam had some fun on the handstand canes he’s also the current holder of the “I can do a 1000 push ups in a day” title, it’s very cool. I did some handspring practice and a little bit of back flip practice.

One last thing to share. One of my youngest students who is 5 years old and is very serious and I rarely see her smile has a habit of getting kids from the playground, bringing them to me, says to me, “Miss Morton can you breathe fire?” (Her Mum found out in the staff room) I say yes (put in a name here for the student) I can breathe fire. She smiles, hisses to the student behind her, See I told you so!, and off she goes. I think the kids are waiting for the day that fire is going to come out of my mouth at school. Circus can do a lot for your cred in the playground.


OK thank you for reading please come and join us if you’d like to.

you’ll have a lot of fun.


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