Blog 5 Let the Pictures Tell the Story

I read a great blog today about Turin that pretty much posted a selection of pictures and talked about them. Either the blogger didn’t like writing or he or she figured more people would read a blog that had less to read. It occurred to me that this would be a really quick blog to write and might get the message across, ie circus is fab, more clearly. So I’m going to give this idea a burl. Here goes.

11061178_908032559217129_2542467317472748889_nhere’s Helena, uber strong and making the move look uber graceful.


I love this one of Mel, how the heck those girls bend like that is beyond me.


Bianca showing amazing flexibility and strength.


It’s pretty amazing that they can do these acrobatic bendy things so high up in the air and suspended by just that fabric. This person is Tess and she’s showing some amazing flexibility up there.10995209_950928488259986_1642747353_n

This bendy person is Laura. I do love a good back bend.

10537952_1557144097890992_577692048_nIt wouldn’t be a circus blog without the acrobats.

10724996_1545325009062143_561571895_nLast but not least Nick on the trapeze! I love trapeze.

I wish I had a picture of my Thursday class all doing a diagonal stretch together in a circle. I thought at the time this looks really cool. You would have seen people of all stages of fitness, all different ages, all bending and twisting like pretzels. We also found out Thursday that a person can mime so effectively that they can dislocate a clavicle climbing an invisible wall. True story!

So circus in pictures. Thanks for viewing and I’ll catch you next week.


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