Blog 6 Juggling Can Be hypnotising

Blog 6 Juggling can be hypnotising!.

I was going to make this a blog with videos this week but I’m too much of a dinosaur  to figure out how to do it.

I can suggest you go and visit our instagram page or iconsquare thingy, site or whatever  the heck it is. Here’s the link and let’s all say well done Trishy for figuring out how to put a link in!

I wanted to show you Amanda and Bianca’s aerial stuff and the Remarkable Ryan juggling clubs on top of a globe it was all pretty cool. Ah well the life of a dinosaur is not an easy one.

Monday night training was an exercise in ‘do you train when your motivation has gone on holiday for the night and doesn’t look like it’s coming back anytime soon?’ It was an interesting exercise because long distance running teaches you that you train regardless of mood, weather, motivation etc but running doesn’t involve being off the ground or working with other people. I like to train unless I am incapable of getting to training but after Monday’s performance I may be more mindful of how I am feeling and try and compensate for it more.

Thursday night training was really useful this week. I got a couple of tips on my juggling with clubs which has moved me up to the next stage of learning how to do it. I also really enjoyed watching Alessandro and Ryan juggle together, it’s entertaining and I guess that’s a lot of what it’s all about. They were stealing each other’s juggling balls and I could have watched them for hours. Alessandro then juggled with these big contact juggling balls and that bordered on the hypnotising. All up it was a great juggling session.

You would think that learning how to do circus stuff would lessen the impact of other people doing circus tricks, a bit like knowing how a magician does his tricks, but it doesn’t. Training in circus gives you an appreciation of the difficulty of what the performers are doing. I watched Alessandro and Ryan and I knew how tricky I find juggling and it made the show more impressive.

Ryan and I have this quiet little competitive thing going. When we do handstands against the wall or push up holds neither of us wants to finish before the other, so Alessandro is calling time and we are just staying up for a few more seconds each just seeing how far we can go. It’s a lot of fun.

I should call one part of Thursday night training,”What has Trish seen on You Tube and can we do it?”  Thursday night’s episode was these really cool push up things I’d seen. You lay flat with your arms stretched out in front of you and then you push up from that position. I couldn’t do it but Alessandro could, it was great to watch.  He’s shown me a way I can work up to it so I can add that to the homework I guess.

OK thank you for reading please come and join us if you’d like to,you’ll have a lot of fun.

The picture below gives you an idea of what a training session looks like.



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