Blog 10 It’s Getting a Little Chilly

I’ve always thought it would be very cool to go to Russia and train in circus over there. Now that these autumn nights are getting colder I wonder how the heck do people in colder climates train? You would have to rug up like arctic bears just to get to training and then how the heck do you ever get warm enough before you work on your act? I’m finding it hard enough to come out of an evening in an Adelaide autumn. I am in awe of circus folk who train in colder conditions than what we have here at the moment. In awe!

I kind of see one of the girls at Circus as my partner in crime. If there’s mischief to be had I can kind of count on this girl to be a part of it.  I think this is because she has an almost permanent I’m up for just about anything going attitude I really do like it.

She landed me in it Monday night though and I told her this is going in the blog so here goes.  I had her as my partner and Alessandro wanted us to do an exercise that  I hadn’t tried before and couldn’t even imagine myself doing. My partner announced that she had an injury and couldn’t do it. Score for Trishy I thought because I need to keep her company right? I can’t just go off doing crazy exercises without my partner so I settled myself in beside her feeling like a dutiful friend and congratulating myself on an honourable escape from a tricky exercise. Alessandro rocks up, looks at me, I’m sorry my partner is injured. Oh that’s ok Trish you go on without me she says. Yep that’s what she said. She may as well have pushed me into piranha infested water, thanks Hon, I appreciated that one.

It must have been challenge night Monday night and no-one told me because our horse stance got bumped up to two minutes and now I’m doing it seven steps out, booyah! We have a saying with some of these exercises hold it until the shakes arrive. That’s not the exact expression but I’m not sure that the exact expression is politically correct so I’m going to stay with this version. I didn’t do two minutes but I wasn’t too far off of it so I can have fun working on that one.

The challenges kept coming this night. The handstand part of the night got bumped up a notch, we were leaving the wall. Long ago we used to do our handstands just in the middle of the room and have a person to spot but for a long time now we’ve been doing them against the wall. Now tonight, no prep, no announcement just get on with it, handstand middle of the floor, use your partner as a spot. Do you know I was scared stiff but I really want my handstand so I thought I’ll chance landing flat on my face for a go at this. So I did it and it was ok it felt really good actually so I’m hoping this will be a regular thing.

The acrobats were doing a very cool thing tonight. There were three of them, Alex was the base, one of them called ‘ Up’ and Laura jumped and balanced on Peter who jumped at the same time and balanced on Alex. I watched it and I was amazed.

The Crucifix move in trapeze is really turning out to be my cross to bear. I can’t even imagine myself being able to do it and my lovely trainer keeps coming back to it. I thought I had outfoxed him Monday night. I said I can’t do the Crucifix it upsets my spiritual beliefs. It doesn’t but I’m getting desperate for finding ways out of doing that thing. He barely blinked,  no probs we’ll call it the iron cross and wallah the Crucifix by another name is back on the trapeze table, oh joy.

I managed to base Nick again tonight and that was so cool, it means last week wasn’t a fluke. Now we’re talking about me basing Nick in the showcase and him doing a trick while I’m doing the basing. Goodness that would be nice.

We also started to work on a one arm hang. Now there was a time when I would have thought don’t even bother it’s not physically possible for me but I never thought I’d juggle I’m juggling. I never thought I’d be able to perform in public I’ve done that, I certainly never thought I’d be able to breathe fire and I did that too so even if the one arm hang looks impossible I don’t actually know what’s possible and what’s not anymore.

Nick has shown me this roll around trick that I have wanted to do since I saw it on you tube and Monday night he also showed me this grab the ropes, hold yourself up and pedal in the air trick and I’ve wanted to do that since I saw him do it in the last showcase. Mine isn’t very pretty yet but with a little polish it will get there. It was a great night for trapeze.

When I started running I wanted to do marathons and I never even told anyone because it seemed too far out of my reach. Now I’ve run four marathons and an ultramarathon and this makes me think there is no limit to what you can do until you actually try it and see. So Nick has this speccy trick which is like doing a marathon in running, in my eyes anyway. At the moment it seems far out of my reach but I can actually see myself doing it someday and hopefully living at the end of it. The trick is him flying off the trapeze bar and landing on his feet arms in the air to finish his act and I love that move. I love it, I want it, I covet it, if I can just side step past the Crucifix to get to it I would be very happy. So one of these days I’m going to do that move.

Now on a equally important track Amanda brought cake or baked custard to training to share with her chums and it would have put Balfour’s out of business if she sold it. Amanda has a real talent for baking and I have a real talent for eating. We were always destined to be friends.

Circus was brutal Thursday night. For some reason I got it into my head to call challenge night and Alli took me up on the challenge. This meant that any exercise you got you tried to make it harder. You could hold the position for longer or do more repetitions. So my arms pretty much stopped working by the end of the evening and I nearly had to stop the car on the way home and have a nap I was so tired. It was cool though going as hard as you can go and then just tweek it that little bit further. I’m sure my arms will stop screaming in pain any minute now I am finding typing a challenge this morning.

I discovered a lump in my arm while hanging Thursday night and freaked out until Alessandro said it was a muscle. Who knew? What important piece of information did I get out of this exchange? I’m getting muscles!!!!!! I’m a bit happy about that I’ve always been a bit of a pune.

You may find this an impossible concept to grasp but I have been known to dodge the occasional exercise. My absolute least fave is the backward roll so if tumbling gets busy and that exercise gets pushed to the side I’m certainly not complaining. Tumbling got busy and nobody did the backward roll and I thought quick quick move on to the next move but I paused and Alessandro looked up from where he was helping someone else and says have you guys done the backward roll? I tell you it was uncanny. There is no way he could have watched us and the student he had in front of him. I just don’t know how he does it. I might add we all ended up doing the backward roll.

Mel very kindly produced a picture to show Kenneth’s heel hang from last week so here it is. If I was Kenneth I’d be framing this.


I also found this speccy one of Kenneth on Iconosquare and I want to share it.


I also have a beautiful shot of Mel doing her thing.


Natalie looks like she’s flying in this shot


And then we have one from those crazy acrobats.


A little bit of lyra. Remember all this is available with Zig Zag Circus, we’re on facebook.


OK thank you for reading please come and join us if you’d like to, you’ll have a lot of fun.


Blog 9 Everybody Needs a Thing

Blog 9 Everybody Needs a Thing

Monday night at Circus was ridiculous for the things that went on. I was as tired as hell and really wondered about whether I should go or not and thank goodness I did.

For our class we had Lilly, Grant, Pearl, Kate, Nick and me. Grant did this amazing hand push up which had to be seen to be believed and no it’s not the one on You Tube, this one is fingers flat then just the palm of your hand raised and then lowered and he did it from the prone position, whoa!  It was unreal. Lilly and I just watched and when he saw us watching he said, it’s my thing. Everybody needs a thing right?

I based Nick while I was on trapeze and that was a big goal of mine and yes I have a picture to prove it. I’m so happy about this.


I also did this speccy  jump on the trapeze thing which I did not think I’d be able to do so woo hoo when I did it. It was that sort of night. I also learnt a new trick so I was pretty darn glad I went that night. My next goal is to work on getting a pull up, I seem to be a complete pune which is such a shame.

Monday night was also Kenneth’s last night before he goes off on his adventures so he was trying just about everything and anything. So here he is hanging from his feet.


And here he is doing some speccy aerial stuff.


He also hung by his heels but we didn’t get a picture of that. It was a bit spesh.

Nick decided he better not get left out of the specciness.


Nick’s another person who can hang by his heels and those tights are rapidly getting a fan base all on their own. I had a go at hanging by my feet but lord it’s a painful thing to do. I’ll put that one on the back burner.

You can see in the background that the acrobats were having fun that night too so here’s a few pics from them.




And then of course we have those aerial folk. I love this one she looks like she’s having a lot of fun.


Will you check out that split?


This one is amazing.


Thursday night training took me right out of my comfort zone. Alessandro again offered to show me stealing in juggling and I very kindly declined the offer saying that he would be much too busy with all of the new students. Now that’s one version of the events.

The other version might be when he offered my response was, nooooo it messes with my head, I don’t wanna do it etc etc. Andrew who unfortunately was standing right next to me when this version happened said I don’t often see this side of you Trish.

Now here’s the thing. Alessandro said I thought you liked a challenge which is a red rag to a bull for me.  I like physical challenges but I don’t often do mental ones and when I do I do them slowly and easily and in a very non challenging way.

Alessandro said when you started circus you said juggling messed with your head and now you can juggle and it reminded me of the difference between circus training and going to the gym.

When I went to the gym I switched off my mind and exercised and I used to get quite cross when I had to switch back on to count reps or something. When I started circus training I was thrown by the amount of mental exercise in juggling and other circus stuff.  So I attempted the stealing trick even though I really didn’t want to because I thought how often do you exercise your brain like give it a really good work out? I do memory exercises every now and again but until that stealing exercise I’ve never really thought about giving my poor old brain a good work out. See circus can send you off onto all sorts of tangents.

OK thank you for reading please come and join us if you’d like to, you’ll have a lot of fun.

Blog 8 Picture Time Again

Thanks to our wonderful photographer we have enough pictures to run another picture blog so here goes.

Zigzag Circus run classes at Glengowrie YMCA and Point A in Adelaide. Here’s some Point A shots of the acrobats.




And when they’re not at Point A they’re doing this craziness at Glengowrie.



So there are people doing crazy stuff on the ground and there are people doing crazy stuff in the sky, bring on the aerialists.





At ZigZag Circus we don’t turn anyone away. If you have the drive we will train you.



And last but not least here’s a pic of our general class doing some stretches.


All righty thank you for viewing, see you next week.

Blog 7 Kenneth Got his Muscle Up

One of the really lovely things about writing this blog is that I get to share the news I care about. So as you can tell from the title I am excited that Kenneth got his muscle up on the rings and that I was there to witness it. I also got to witness his happy dance afterwards and he does a really good happy dance by the way.

First a little preamble to this exciting event. One of my favourite things in circus training is to work on the rings. Sometimes we have me, Alessandro, Nick from trapeze, Kenneth from aerial and Liam representing the gym world, all taking turns on the rings.  Liam by the way works at Inception a much friendlier, kinder and more effective gym experience.  Excuse the quick plug there and it’s back to circus. I always used to look at those ring sessions as if each person was representing their chosen field. I knew Kenneth wanted his muscle up and Alessandro had given him some tweeks to get it to where he needed it to be. Last night Kenneth decided he wanted to have a go and Alessandro and I just stood quietly to one side and watched. Kenneth got up onto the rings and I held my breath. Then he did the second bit and then he got up and it was awesome. I’m muttering under my breath, get down slowly, don’t rip every muscle you have now by getting down too quick but I need not have worried. He got down as elegantly as he got up and I had witnessed my friend do his first muscle up on rings. I was so proud of him. It’s also pretty cool to see someone do something for the first time, anyone into their fitness knows that’s it’s fantastic when you finally master a move you’ve been working towards.  Well done Kenneth!

We also did the Tunnel of Death Thursday night and I just love that. I learned about the Tunnel of Death from Andrew at Point A and I think Alessandro was sick of me talking about it because he said ‘fine we’ll do the Tunnel of Death”, and off we all trooped to go do the Tunnel of Death.  For those of you who don’t know,  the Tunnel of Death is cartwheeling between mats and it helps straighten you up but it freaks you out cartwheeling in such an enclosed space. I completely suck at the Tunnel of Death but it doesn’t stop me enjoying it and when I go first it relaxes everyone else because they figure I can’t be as bad as Trish is. One of my circus buddies was very funny about the Tunnel of Death, she wanted every safety angle imaginable and I said you’re missing the point of the Tunnel of Death. She would have had the Tunnel of A Bit of A Risk. I’m making fun and she should slap me when she next sees me especially as she does fantastic aerial stuff that heaps scarier than the Tunnel of Death. It really does freak you out trying to go through the tunnel. Alessandro lined himself up along the edge of the tunnel too which freaked me out a bit because I was scared of hitting him. He said we had to look at the end of the tunnel instead of worrying about hitting the mats or him and at least when I did that I didn’t crash quite so badly.

Ryan did some very speccy poi stuff Thursday night and it was great to watch it. He apparently has also started watching You Tube clips of stuff he can try and tries it out in class.

That all happened on Thursday night. Alli also baked a really nice cake for Alessandro’s birthday which meant there was much feasting after training, so thank you Alli, it was delish.

Monday night training was good fun but goodness knows where the time goes. Grant and Lilly were there and they’re always good fun. Pete was there and I love trying to compete strength and flexibility with him.  Grant precipitated an avalanche of hugging when he announced that he and Lilly were going camping and would miss next week’s training. Pearl came and joined us and she’s a very bendy girl I know. It was fun to show her what we do and I’m hoping she’ll come back when Nick our trapeze guy is here (he’s off on holiday lucky thing) because she likes trapeze and it would be great to do a session with her.

I did some wrist push ups which I’m a bit proud of. I’m not sure if I’m doing them exactly right so I shall have to ask Alessandro when I see him next. There’s some good photos this week so I’ll hand it over to the photos to finish off the blog. Acrobats first.




And then the aerialists. I actually looked at this picture and thought whoa!


OK thank you for reading please come and join us if you’d like to,you’ll have a lot of fun.