Blog 9 Everybody Needs a Thing

Blog 9 Everybody Needs a Thing

Monday night at Circus was ridiculous for the things that went on. I was as tired as hell and really wondered about whether I should go or not and thank goodness I did.

For our class we had Lilly, Grant, Pearl, Kate, Nick and me. Grant did this amazing hand push up which had to be seen to be believed and no it’s not the one on You Tube, this one is fingers flat then just the palm of your hand raised and then lowered and he did it from the prone position, whoa!  It was unreal. Lilly and I just watched and when he saw us watching he said, it’s my thing. Everybody needs a thing right?

I based Nick while I was on trapeze and that was a big goal of mine and yes I have a picture to prove it. I’m so happy about this.


I also did this speccy  jump on the trapeze thing which I did not think I’d be able to do so woo hoo when I did it. It was that sort of night. I also learnt a new trick so I was pretty darn glad I went that night. My next goal is to work on getting a pull up, I seem to be a complete pune which is such a shame.

Monday night was also Kenneth’s last night before he goes off on his adventures so he was trying just about everything and anything. So here he is hanging from his feet.


And here he is doing some speccy aerial stuff.


He also hung by his heels but we didn’t get a picture of that. It was a bit spesh.

Nick decided he better not get left out of the specciness.


Nick’s another person who can hang by his heels and those tights are rapidly getting a fan base all on their own. I had a go at hanging by my feet but lord it’s a painful thing to do. I’ll put that one on the back burner.

You can see in the background that the acrobats were having fun that night too so here’s a few pics from them.




And then of course we have those aerial folk. I love this one she looks like she’s having a lot of fun.


Will you check out that split?


This one is amazing.


Thursday night training took me right out of my comfort zone. Alessandro again offered to show me stealing in juggling and I very kindly declined the offer saying that he would be much too busy with all of the new students. Now that’s one version of the events.

The other version might be when he offered my response was, nooooo it messes with my head, I don’t wanna do it etc etc. Andrew who unfortunately was standing right next to me when this version happened said I don’t often see this side of you Trish.

Now here’s the thing. Alessandro said I thought you liked a challenge which is a red rag to a bull for me.  I like physical challenges but I don’t often do mental ones and when I do I do them slowly and easily and in a very non challenging way.

Alessandro said when you started circus you said juggling messed with your head and now you can juggle and it reminded me of the difference between circus training and going to the gym.

When I went to the gym I switched off my mind and exercised and I used to get quite cross when I had to switch back on to count reps or something. When I started circus training I was thrown by the amount of mental exercise in juggling and other circus stuff.  So I attempted the stealing trick even though I really didn’t want to because I thought how often do you exercise your brain like give it a really good work out? I do memory exercises every now and again but until that stealing exercise I’ve never really thought about giving my poor old brain a good work out. See circus can send you off onto all sorts of tangents.

OK thank you for reading please come and join us if you’d like to, you’ll have a lot of fun.


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