Blog 12 I love Circus

I Love Circus

Circus Monday night was fantastic. There was no part of it that I didn’t enjoy. I am so grateful to have this place where I can exercise, have fun, muck around with people and then try new things. It’s awesome and I appreciate it.

I even enjoyed the animal walks Monday night and normally I pray that Alessandro will forget some of them because they are murder to do. Julie did this really funny disabled sloth movement on the way back from one of the walks and declared since she was recovering from a big workout the day before that it was the animal movement form that took the least amount of energy. Come to think of it Lily was doing a really  good sloth imitation before training started so I guess the sloth was our animal of the night. It’s amazing what you learn at circus because I was also being informed about gastropods from Lily and how they eat with their feet and that they have lots and lots of teeth, who knew?

So a girl on facebook posted this picture of two people doing splits on the static trapeze and in my eyes it’s one of the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen. I’ve printed it, laminated it, I have it in my car and I’ve dreamt of doing it. I brought it to training to show Nick and it was on. Now here’s the picture so you know what I’m going on about. I don’t have anyone’s permission to use it so if the owner asks me to take it down I’ll do that.


We had Julie and Kurt coming for a play on trapeze and then Alessandro arrived too and all of us were working out how to make this picture a reality and we did it. I can’t tell you how cool it is to see a picture think how beautiful and then make it happen. It’s better than the lottery. I am grateful that I am strong enough to do it and flexible enough and that Kurt was willing to come over and play too because I needed him to do the bloke part of the splits. I appreciate how patient everyone was and how they explain things so you know exactly what your job is. Doing that takes all the fear out of something and you get to just enjoy it. Goodness I love Circus, I really really do. Like really.

Here’s the results of our work.


As you can see I’m doing the bloke’s job and at some stage I want to be the pretty one.

You know what else? Nick said I was advanced at trapeze. I don’t know if he was saying it to make me happy but my head nearly exploded. I was chuffed, seriously chuffed. What a night, a great great night.

Thursday night we were joined by the contortionist people because their trainer had to cancel and they were a lot of fun. Every now and then they would bust a move and you would think – ouch. Christian did this shoulder thing and I thought I don’t think the joints are supposed to move that way. The girl I worked with, Jessica I think was her name, was so complimentary for handstand practice that I loved her. She said I was a board and then she said I don’t think that’s being complimentary but I said nope I’m very happy to hear that. We also had Kurt and he is up for any challenge so they made a very fun night.

Now add to the mix the Remarkable Ryan, Liam, Andrew and Alli and it was an extremely funny night. Jessica called Ryan a little superstar I should mention that to him when I see him next.

So for training Thursday night we juggled, all manner of things in all manner of ways. We played chasey to warm up and then we stretched. We did handstand practise and then some more stretches and then we tumbled. We had free skills next and I broke out the trapeze because a couple of people fancied a go on it.

The Remarkable Ryan had gone off to be remarkable somewhere and I have to say the conversation was getting a little adult around the trapeze area. There have been times when I have found circus training to be quite educational. It all started because we were going to have another go at that picture I am obsessed with. We were trying to work out who should be on top of the trapeze and who should be below. Since in my picture the woman is on the top I’m hoping to be the one on the top for one of these attempts, so far I keep getting the man’s role. I want to be the pretty one and so far it’s been Kurt and Alli doing that.

Liam, Alessandro, Kurt and Andrew were doing some really fun stuff on the balance bars and I wished I’d got a picture. It was ninja type stuff. Jumping up from the ground and landing on a high balance bar and then play fighting still on the bar. They warmed up by jumping on this cylinder thing and even that looked cool to try.

I love circus. I was thinking back to when I used to go to the gym and I’m not knocking that now but I used to play on the pull up bars and I would try and get a couple of people to play with me. Then there were people so serious sweating and cursing and looking hot and bothered and there were other people crying on pieces of equipment wishing they hadn’t eaten a packet of Tim Tams and I thought this isn’t fun. Circus is fun. I do cool things, I am only limited by what my body can and can’t do and everyone comes there to play.

Allrighty I’ll finish with two speccy pictures from the acrobats. Please come and join us if you’d like to. Zig Zag circus has classes Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday at Glenelg and in the city.





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