Blog 13 Trish Got her Chin Up

Bog 13 Trish Got Her Chin Up


Circus Monday night was fantastic and I learned a lot, my chin up happened on Thursday night but let’s do Monday night first.

Lily did a beautiful handstand Monday night, her shape was lovely and you could see how this sort of stuff is just nice to watch. She looked like she could have stayed up there forever.

For tumbling we had to roll in the opposite direction that we normally roll in and I was fine rolling forwards in another direction but trying to roll backwards in another direction messed with my head something terrible.

Alessandro demonstrated more I’ve got eyes in the back of my head skills when he said cartwheels for those who’ve done backward rolls. Lily looks straight at me whispering do you think he means you? I laughed it off, with the amount of people at training Monday night there was no way he could have noticed my excellent backward roll avoidance plan and in the next breath he says Trish do a backward roll. I don’t know how he does it. I’m thinking of starting a People Who Don’t Like Backward Rolls support group we could be the PWDLBR, there that rolls off the tongue!

Bianca came to play with us on trapeze Monday night and my goodness did that step things up a notch. Bianca is a dancer and possibly a little bit of a ninja. She has the ability to listen to a few directions, ask a few questions and then off she goes and she can do these really complex things with Nick. I was amazed and it looked beautiful. So he was up on the bar, she got up and wrapped her knees over the bar. Then he put his legs through her knees and with his feet on her chest and her crunching and then throwing herself up he sent her back up to the bar. My description isn’t quite doing it justice. When she was up on the bar she slid down Nick while doing the splits and then turned in some way so that she was hanging off his feet and I reckon she finished by going back up to the bar and then just lightly stepping down. It was beautiful, it was amazing and it looked fantastic. So when Nick said Trish do you want a go I thought yes I really really do. I didn’t do it right but I didn’t damage Nick and that was my main concern as well as staying alive myself and I have to tell you it was a wild wild ride. It was like being on a roller coaster. One minute you’re upside down and I was trying to figure out in my head which way I needed to go and then he’s calling hep and you’re just about flying through the air until you make contact with the ropes and then you still have to do the second part of the move and I was still catching my breath from the first part. I tell you this stuff makes the rides on the Royal Show nothing by comparison. It was fantastic.

I also got to lift Bianca Monday night and now I’ve started holding people in catcher’s hold and lifting them up and down as a rep. I did three reps and that’s the first time I’ve been able to do that. Woo Hoo.

We also did some cool elbow hanging (put an ish in there for mine) and I’m improving on hanging from one leg. Slowly but it’s getting there. I also had a go at hanging from my feet but yowch that’s a painful one.

I learnt a bit about spotting in trapeze too last night which was really interesting and now I can be of help to another person whose bigger than me. That’s cool.

The thing with trapeze is that the stronger you get the more cool things you can do so it really motivates you to get your strength going. Wouldn’t it be nice to just buy a pound of strength at the shops and not have to work for it all?

I told you at the start that I learned a lot tonight well another thing I learned is that what happens in Circus is not quite like the way things happen in the outside world. Nick, Bianca and I had a conversation about weight while we were doing stuff on the trapeze. I said you never talk about a person’s weight it’s just not done. Alessandro rocks up and says maybe it’s not done in the outside world but within these walls you need to work out who is going to be a good partner for who and you can’t decide just because you want to be smaller or bigger than someone else. Nick said it was no different to working out who was stronger or more flexible. I found this whole conversation kind of revelationary and freeing. Your weight is what your weight is and there’s no judgement on the number it’s just a piece of information necessary to match you up with a partner. Mmm I went home thinking about that one.

Chris said he could see I had arm muscles and that was the nicest thing anyone could have ever said to me. Alessandro has very kindly given me a chin up progression program and these days I’m sporting guns!

Thursday was great fun. We had Alli, Amanda, the Remarkable Ryan and Paula. The place was packed and we had barely room to swing an acrobat. There was the General Circus Class, the Contortionists and the Aerial classes and we were all sorting out how to fit on the one mat.

General Circus Class started with juggling and Alessandro gave me some new tricks to wow my students with back at school. Paula and I made sure we witnessed Alli’s improving juggling skills because she says no-one watches when she does it really well.

Warm up was chasey and then we stretched. We did some hanging and then some tumbling and before I knew it, it was time for free skills. I had some trapeze homework so I went and did that. Ryan is working on his flips and they’re looking good. Paula was doing some great work with handstands and tumbling. Alli did some beautiful work with her aerial stuff. I was supposed to be filming that but I mucked it up. I’m sure someone else had another go though so footage could be floating around somewhere. She looked really good doing it.

I went back to having a play at aerial somersaults. I have the grace of a Clydesdale in mud but I just really enjoy doing them. They make me happy. Paula gave me some tips and then did some speccy stuff on the mat.

For a break I mosied over to Alli and Alessandro and joined them for some ab work and that was awesome. Three sets of fifteen reps each, yowza. We had the beginner and advanced version or the abvanced version? Yes did you see what I did there? Alli did the advanced I stuck to the beginner version.

Then people were starting to remember that they had homes to go to and Alli Alessandro and I were doing some front lever work and I asked for clarification on my last set of exercises in my chin up program. and that’s when the night took a whole new turn for Trishy.

Alessandro said I’ll demonstrate and he did and he said you should have one in you by now. I was feeling like everyone in the world had a chin up except me and I shook my head and I said nup no I don’t. Show me he says. I show him a chin up from a standing position and I explain it’s not a real chin up because I’m not starting from the hanging position. He says you just need to be pumped up. He runs through this breathing exercise with me after he tells me to shake my arms out, breathe in breathe out breathe in again now go for it. I went for it and all of a sudden my arms just kept going and I went up and up and up until I had done the chin up and got down again. It didn’t feel awful it felt controlled. I had the biggest smile you can imagine. I had wanted this for so long. Circus training and Alessandro training is pretty cool hey?

There’s not too much in the way of pictures this week. there’s a lot of videos though over on iconosquare so pop over there if you’d like to see what people are getting up to. Please come and join us if you’d like to. Zig Zag circus has classes Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday at Glenelg and in the city.


A rare pic from those acrobats working over at Point A.


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