Blog 14 More Trapeze Please

I would like to give a little bit of space in this blog to another circus company this week. Normally I just rave about how wonderful the Zigzag circus is, (training at Glengowrie YMCA and Point A Adelaide Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) but I crossed the border on Sunday and I want to share.

I went to the Fly Factory at Blackburn in Victoria. They run a flying trapeze experience and because I had come so far just to do the flying trapeze I thought I’ll do the morning and afternoon sessions. I am now resolved to the fact that South Australia needs it’s own flying trapeze. My goodness I can’t remember when I have felt so alive. Ok I’ll start at the start.

If you do the experience they have heaps of safety precautions and I mean heaps and I think that was part of why I was so happy to leap off that platform each time, well not the first time. The first time I was flat out terrified. The second time I was quite terrified. The third time nervous but ok. The fourth time I’m moving to Victoria.

The experience lasts for two hours and you feel like it lasts for five minutes. The instructors have a comedy routine that entertains you as well as teaches you and I cannot believe their program. I thought tops I would get a swing and I would have gone home happy but noooo you get much much much more than that. Did I say much much?

You swing, you get your feet up on the bar you release the bar are you saying omg yet? You do a backward somersault and now I hope you’re sitting down when you read this, a raw raw raw beginner first time gets to be caught. I couldn’t believe it. I thought they were joking. But they teach you the moves and you do it and I am now a complete absolute trapeze addict.

For the second session I was absolutely prepared to just do the same stuff again and maybe not be so terrified this time but they bumped me up. I got to try some new stuff because I had done the first session how cool is that? I felt very spesh. If you go to Melbourne you would be insane not to try this. Fly Factory you are awesome. Wow. Watch this space South Aus is getting a flying trapeze.

So for Monday night training I was all flying trapeze this and flying trapeze that and everyone very kindly listened to me and watched my phone video of getting caught. I must have watched it a 100 times. This prompted Alessandro to share a very funny story about his time at the Moscow Circus school, and it involved a circus swing which he had to operate in a double story facility. Since he did the actions too it was a pretty funny story and I could really visualise him swinging past people trying to get to the upper level of this building.

Peter showed me a different way to backward roll but I still don’t care for them. Lily did a beautiful handstand completely unassisted and nup I’m not jealous at all. Alessandro played with knives and there’s a very cool video of him on the ZigZag facebook page. He’s swinging knives and the music from the Black Keys, Chop and Change is perfect for it, Liam said after watching the video this is why we never argue with Alessandro and Bianca said he looked hard core. Then it was time for trapeze.

I knew I was tired after my big weekend and that’s why I wanted to lift Nick before I did anything else because I figured I would have more energy than if we did it later. I’m trying to hold him for ten seconds so he can do a trick while I’m holding him. It will look awesome if we can do it. I knew maybe four seconds in I was in trouble. I jumbled my words, I think because I may have panicked a little, and I was trying to get out of this hold as quickly as possible. I must have shut my eyes because everything felt slow and when I opened them Nick and I were on the mat, the acrobats and the aerialists who had been working one mat over had come round and formed a circle around us and Alessandro was there too. I was most impressed by the speed of the response. People asked me if I was all right and I thought you’d be better off asking Nick as I nearly killed him again. Nick explained what the heck just happened.

He said you let go of me but I didn’t let go of you. I lowered you down and moved you to the side so all you hit was my hip. Now you’d have to say that’s pretty cool. He was in the middle of a move and he’s got enough mental wherewithal to save himself and save me. I think that’s impressive. I have some very speccy bruises now and I wish I could post a picture of them because I’m wearing them like a badge of honour but I don’t think my pins are camera friendly. Nick said now that you’ve fallen you can see it’s not a big deal. He’s right but I found it very disconcerting to be up there on the swing one moment and down there on the mat the next. I didn’t care for falling off the trapeze or dropping Nick much and I was tempted to go home and take up knitting but I thought finish the evening and then go home and have a think about it.

I told Nick that I did his cool flip off thing on the flying trapeze and he said you can do it here. I hung upside down on the trapeze, he held my hands and said legs off and wallah I did the cool flip off thing. That made me happy. We also did foot hangs and elbow hangs and I love that stuff but I do find it pretty ouchy.

I’m four pages in and I haven’t even done photos yet so I’m just going to say Thursday night training was brilliant. I really enjoyed this back flip land on your feet thing we did. I didn’t achieve the move but at least I can practise it now.

Allrighty it’s over to the pictures. Please come and join us if you’d like to. Zig Zag circus has classes Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday at Glenelg and in the city.

At Glengowrie YMCA and Point A in the city those acrobats are unstoppable.

10313395_10205904306707332_7990665985174252033_n        11329971_10205904307067341_2118813994573285816_n


These are some very rare pictures of an air mermaid, you won’t see these anywhere else!

11167701_818452204898247_3574363253837167131_n[1] 11260836_818452081564926_5380794038894998410_n[1]  11041684_818448891565245_4227471140208039948_n[1]

Finally the apparently (thank goodness) unkillable Nick!



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