Blog 15 Way Way Way Out of My Comfort Zone

Bog 15 Way Way Way Out of My Comfort Zone

Thursday night took me so far out of my comfort zone that I needed a map, a compass and a passport to get back into it. However let’s talk about Monday first. Monday night at circus was a lot of fun. We did a bit of strength work in the first half of training and I always enjoy that. We worked on the rings for ten seconds at a time and you wouldn’t believe how long ten seconds can feel when you’re trying to hold your own weight. First we had to hold ourselves above the rings and if anyone could they could start to move their arms outwards. I used up my whole ten seconds just trying to stay up there. Then we had to hold our weight underneath the rings in false grip and if we could, lower yourself down and then up again. I spent my time just hanging on. You really needed at least one go to get to grips with the move (and yes I meant that pun) and then the next two shots were a little less tricky. Part of these moves are strength and part are balance. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a man doing the Iron Cross on rings but it’s gorgeous to look at. I love the rings. I don’t know if I could ever get an Iron Cross but this is one of the exercises that I would just enjoy just doing the progression towards. Nick showed a very black sense of humour about last week’s crash and you may recall that I was seriously considering taking up knitting rather than go back to trapeze. I did think though that I would like to have another go because otherwise I would always be thinking what other tricks could Nick have shown me. We tackled what I was nervous about first and we did the hold Nick trick. We decided before we started that if I got into trouble I would yell out down and Nick would get off. We’ve discussed this before but I just needed to hear it again to get my confidence up. So I got into catcher’s hold, I took hold of Nick, he went into pike and everything was sweet. Nick reckons that last week I was tired from the flying trapeze adventure and now everything was back to normal. Just imagine I could have left and not come back, brr it gives me chills to think about it. My reward from the Universe for doing this was to do a really speccy partner thing with Nick that I don’t think I could even describe. I’ll try. We started in the Escher then I climbed up onto Nick and then sat in front of him then slid down him and then my feet were behind me and that’s where I get lost. We did it twice. I have no idea what happened but it was a lot of fun. But wait there’s more. Nick snuck my old nemesis in, the Crucifix. At this point I thought he’s not going to let it go just go through the motions he’ll know you tried and you can move on. So I went through the motions completely expecting to slide through like I have every time and then suddenly I was there. I had the Crucifix, HUZZAH! I was so happy I did a happy dance and bought myself and ate a whole box of malteasers on the way home. 11375183_385244735007993_1867105999_n[1] The Crucifix had arrived and no-one was more surprised than myself. But that’s not all. We finished off a very successful trapeze session with improvements in my knee hangs so I left a very happy camper. Thursday night the place was ridiculously packed. We had to keep moving to make room for each group’s activity and that was a challenge. By the time we had moved three times during our juggling session we had an on the spot warm up because there was nowhere we could play a game. It’s surprising how warm you can get just by jumping up and down, running on the spot and doing jumping jacks. You can even get your poor brain completely overhauled when your trainer keeps calling out alternate arms while you’re jumping with your legs. I left my comfort zone when Alessandro decided we should all do acro balance. Ryan Alli and Amanda were like bloody mountain goats leaping on one another and keeping their balance. I on the other hand am more like a Clydesdale and Clydesdales should not be climbing onto other people. Don’t get me wrong I love watching acro stuff, they do this table top thing which I thought was brilliant and I joined in on the staircase thing, but acro balance is not for me. At least now I have an idea of what is involved with acro balance and that does increase my enjoyment of watching it, however the next time someone even says acro balance in front of me I’ll be heading for the hills. 11116984_630719163729976_99767955_n[1] The Staircase. Allrighty it’s over to rest of the pictures. Please come and join us if you’d like to. Zig Zag circus has classes Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday at Point A and Glengowrie YMCA. May I present amazing aerialists! 11311988_1590948204501303_400525372_n[1] The equally amazing Nick! 11348193_994170627259792_1078245767_n[1] A 1000 likes for the ZigZag facebook page that was cool. 11356855_759981230767380_1450305781_n[1] Acrobatic Madness 11351193_509705249183184_2690971255297462030_n And finally I give you Lyra at Point A Da Dah!!! 11287817_1431005383875433_1439615739_n[1] 11357000_641814482624980_1480632515_n[1]


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