Blog 18 Pace Yourself

Blog 18 Pace Yourself

After last week’s disappointing effort on the trapeze I went into training a little smarter this week. First I made sure I had my Nana nap before training, this is crucial for the chronologically challenged. Then I made sure I ate tea before going. I run out of time sometimes and I thought not tonight baby I need every bit of energy I can muster.

Then I positively bludged my way through the first hour of training and for a person that is as competitive as I am that’s actually quite a hard thing to do. Mm can I make being non competitive, competitive? I bludged more than the next person? I am the most successful bludger? You see I can compete at just about anything.

I’d like to send congratulations to Nick for doing full fin push ups I think that makes him and Alessandro the only two at the moment who can do that. Alex and Laura had some good success with the shrimp squat. Pete is becoming super bendy with his diagonal stretch.

Then trapeze time arrived and Nick said Trish do you want to do trapeze and I thought yes, I am pumped, psyched and ready to go. A sleep, some tea and a bludge makes all the difference in the world. I was positively hyper for our lesson. Didn’t make me any more proficient but at least I could keep up.

I love our new high trapezes. I tell you, you get up there and you just see the world although I do find doing some of our moves a little more scary now. I got to take the Nick elevator to the trapeze. People would pay for that trip. Just for a moment you have left Nick and haven’t arrived at the trapeze yet and for that moment you’re flying. It’s awesome.

Bianca did a very good impersonation of a crocodile when she demonstrated a foot lock to me and by golly when that girl locks she locks.I got to practice my no arm stuff and I really wanted to do that. It was an absolute rush even though I just did a little bubby one.

Nick showed me this crazy carousel move and since Jess put that idea into our heads I’ll be having words with her when we next meet up. I can’t say I enjoyed that one at all.

I discovered that I am absolutely rubbish at getting the trapeze to stop swinging so I guess that’s something to work on.

Thursday night I was stressed to the max. I contemplated not going to circus training and I thought whenever you have not gone to training you’ve regretted it. Get in the car, rock up and even if you sit out for the first bit of it while you get your shit together maybe you’ll get a good second half of training. So I rocked up and I practised my deep breaths all the way in so that by the time I got to training my stomach wasn’t raging such a protest. I nearly always feel stress in my stomach or my head. So I was able to do and enjoy all of the training and I forgot all about my stress for a couple of hours. Thank you Circus!

Highlights from Thursday, Alli can juggle really well now. Amanda has conquered the one hand juggle. Ryan did a two minute handstand OMG. Trish wanted to do a two minute handstand omg small case.

This is going to be my last blog for ZigZag because I am starting a new adventure with a flying trapeze rig and I want to blog about that. I’m already blogging for Hit Ball Australia and I just can’t do three. So thanks for reading and my next blog will be about The South Australian School of Trapeze also known as TSAST, pretty cool huh?

Allrighty that’s it for this week I’ll finish off with the pictures and please come and join us if you’d like to. Zig Zag Circus has classes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday at Glenelg and in the city.


Mel looking pretty awesome


Bianca and Nick doing trapeze acrobatics?




I love this one


Just look at the concentration on some of their faces


I think this is Chantelle, very cool


You have to admit this is a happy picture





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