Blog 1 We’re Bringing a Flying Trapeze to South Australia

Whenever you say blog 1 it’s always kind of exciting, it’s also a little tricky to figure out where to start. So I’ll begin by repeating the title, we’re bringing a flying trapeze to South Australia.

Can you believe that South Australia doesn’t have a permanently set up rig? Well I and a trusty band of trapeze enthusiasts are working very hard to fix that situation.

So where did it all start? I’m a dyed in the wool hippy and I know the Universe wants me to do this. So everything that has happened to me and everyone I’ve met has been part of a big cosmic jig saw puzzle to bring me right here. I remember being blown away by the film Trapeze when I was a kid. I didn’t care so much about the love triangle it was the flying and the catching and to me it was like those people were a different species.

Many years later I did a ‘go’ on trapeze at the Adelaide Fringe. I remember my mood was terrible before I did it. I remember being scared stiff and then I remember being on such a high afterwards. It never occurred to me as an adult that I could pursue it and even though I went back into the city to watch them train I never thought this was something I could do but it never totally left me either.

Quit the smokes, joined gym, did crossfit, needed balance and handstands and joined circus. Whole new world opens up. I have a go on the trapeze bar but I can’t do anything and I think oh well there’s lots of other things to try.

I do recall this trapeze trio coming to training and they were buff and I thought I wanna be buff.

New guy comes to training and starts getting the trapeze out and I watch for a couple of weeks but I’ve been crook (like heaps crook) and it’s changed me now I’m willing to pipe up and ask. So I finally say to him when you’re not using the bar may I have a go? He says you can have a go now and I realise he’s going to stay there. So I climb up on the bar and I feel like Leonardo and Kate on the ship, I’m the King of the world. The new guy is Nick and from that moment on he starts to teach me static trapeze.

First I can only do five minutes but each week I get stronger and stronger and the sessions go longer.

As a treat for finishing treatment I take myself on a trip to Melbourne to do the flying trapeze because I’ve never quite forgotten about it. I have to get up at two in the morning to get there and I’m only going for the day because I have animals that I don’t want to leave overnight and I don’t want to miss out on training at home.

I get to the airport, they pinch all my scissors that I thought I had taken out of my bag, I get taxis to get to the trapeze place and then I’m there. My tush is sitting on the bench and I’m thinking it’s awfully high are you sure you want to do this? The first time I’m terrified but even while terrified I’m thinking this is fantastic. Still scared the second time. Starting to get cross at people who are delaying things by the third time, by the fourth time I have never felt more at home in the air. I’ve booked another session for the afternoon and I get to progress what I did in the morning and it’s not enough. I have to leave to get my taxi and I’m thinking it doesn’t feel right to leave.

So I go home to my property and my animals and I’m thinking bloody hell the other states always get the good stuff and then I start thinking. The rig I went on would fit in my front paddock. So the next morning I put a post on Circus Garage sale will anybody sell me a second hand trapeze rig? Two people say yes and Thunderbirds are Go!

I thought it would take me longer to amass the money but this is where the hippy convergence stuff comes in. Everything just seemed to come together. I had some shares, I took out a loan I borrowed off the house and wallah!. It helped being crook. I remember sitting in this chair waiting for my op, not knowing if I was going to wake up or not and I thought quite sadly have you been happy with all of your choices Trishy? And I thought nup I’m really not, may I have another chance Universe? I got my other chance and I hit the ground running.

So with regards to waiting for the trapeze we’re in the preparation stage at the moment. We’re going to install it in my front paddock and this has entailed moving a stable, demolishing another, calling a plumber and a stump grinder and a man who is going to level the ground comes Thursday.

Just those jobs have set me on a merry go round of tradies who are colourful fascinating people. One man who found a new home for the stables I called the scrap metal fairy because of all that he did for us. The scrap metal fairy has a dog called Dexter who has absolutely no facial expression except when he saw my horse and then he actually looked happy. Dexter is a Shar Pei who had had a broken nose and he has the expressive range of Sylvester Stallone. Dexter, Charity the horse and me watched the scrap metal fairy demolish the stable with a lot of interest. Charity took off when things got loud but then came back when she realised that no-one was chasing her. The scrap metal fairy has tattoos across his throat and he offered to bury any neighbours who complained about the trapeze. I was pretty sure he was kidding but that was the last time I invited the scrap metal fairy here when I was on my own.

I loved the stump grinder man. He was my hero. He called when he was running late, my goodness a tradie with a real sense of time, unheard of! When he rocked up, riding in the back of his ute looking like a swash buckling pirate (even though she had a safety harness on) was this teeny tiny silky terrier. He stops the ute and gets out and I said well you don’t see that sort of dog in the back of a ute very often. Turns out he found her as a pup in a box with two siblings. Found homes for the other two but he kept her and I thought here is a man who doesn’t have his masculinity defined by his dog. He called her Boxy (groan) and she goes to work with him and fishing and they are inseparable. It made me realise I needed to keep some nice treats for when these dogs come round.

Here’s a pic of my front paddock this is where all the magic is going to happen.


Ok that better do me for this first blog. Thank you for reading I’ll catch you next week. South Aussie readers you need to start thinking about whether you’re going to come out and play with us, we’re at Lewiston yup circus is spreading out to the North.


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