Blog 3 Patience is a Beautiful Thing


At least I’ve heard patience is a beautiful thing I’ve never had it to know. However the Universe is giving my patience ability a very good work out because the trapeze will not be coming for another three weeks or so. There is a problem getting some parts from overseas and the man who is organizing this for me is working overtime on the job and I really appreciate his efforts. Who knew it was so tricky to install a Flying Trapeze in your front paddock?

A lovely and amazingly patient friend of mine said that this will give me more time to look forward to the trapeze and I was thinking ok we can try that. I’m not totally convinced but honestly whatever works.

I saw a facebook post today about a lady Phyllis Sues who is 92 and took up trapeze at the age of 80 and I thought yes I can have a long long time playing on this trapeze.

In all fairness I still have a bit to do to get ready for it. I’ve found a good mat for the practise bar and I need to pick up another mat for when people roll off the trapeze.

I have a sixty page risk assessment booklet that I have to write to satisfy the insurance people. I’ll just pause for laughter when sixty pages is considered a booklet and not a book! If I could outsource that job I’d be doing it.

I want to paint the outside sheds so the place looks a little less ramshackle and all of this is going to keep me occupied while I wait. I’m sure in future years I’ll be saying do you remember that long long drought when we had no trapeze. Tomorrow will make eight weeks since I was last on a flying trapeze, eight long long long weeks. Patience is character building, it must be, it’s a really hard thing so it must be character building.

So let’s talk about what we’re going to be doing on this beautiful contraption when it gets here. I told you last week about how we would run Flying Trapeze experiences and weekly lessons. I also wanted to do intensives like they do in Victoria. Steen from Victoria very kindly offered for me to come over and do one of their intensives and I didn’t take him up on his offer. I probably wouldn’t be hanging out for a trapeze fix quite so much if I had. An intensive is when you come every day for five days and it lets you really work on your skills in a way that a once a week visit would do much slower. Now the problem with an intensive is that you have to take time off work. Fortunately I work with a rather clever chap by the name of Nick who suggested we could do mini intensives on long weekends. Then people don’t have to take time off work and you’d get three days or even four if you wanted to do Easter or maybe Christmas and let’s be honest here people I’m hanging out for this so much that Christmas is not out of the question even if I’m swinging up there by myself. I love the idea of the long weekends though. People could stay over if they wanted or go home each night. Depending on the season we could have a fire up here and just yack about the day each evening. To me this sounds like paradise.

I’m thinking of the logistics of getting school groups out here and I’m thinking of working with other circus groups to run activities on my property as well as the Flying Trapeze. This way one group would do an activity like rola bolla or juggling, another group would be doing Flying Trapeze and then maybe you’d have one more activity and then you’d rotate the groups so no-one was waiting forever for a go on anything. Then say if someone was scared to go on the Flying Trapeze (yes this does happen even though it’s hard to comprehend I know) that person could do the other activities while they watch other kids use the trapeze and then when it’s their turn they have the choice of going on or just doing the other activities. I really want this to be a no stress happy activity I don’t want peer pressure making kids go on it. I’m a school teacher have I mentioned that? The idea of running three activities at once and rotating the groups through was Alessandro’s idea and he is another rather clever chap I know.

Jessica from Firefly if you are reading this blog you are the one I am hoping to work with on this I just haven’t had a chance to sit down with you and work it all out. Jessica runs a fantastic circus and dance school near me called Firefly Performing Arts Circus School. You can get her on 0401 861 567 and she has a facebook page and a web page. She’s in the Barossa Valley and if you’re in the Northern part of Adelaide she may be more accessible than the other circus schools available.

Ok I shall go and walk my dogs which is what I do when I’m trying to practise patience. It will be worth it when this baby gets here.

All righty thank you for reading and I’ll catch you next week.


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