Blog 7 Instructing the Instructors


Blog 7 Instructing the Instructors

Today we had our second session in teaching us how to be instructors. Little by little more and more of the Flying Trapeze process is making sense. I’m understanding how to set the net up better but I still need a crash course in knots. I wish I’d been a better student when I was with the scouts.

Last week working the board freaked me right out because there was just so much going on, hook this, grab that, clip this, it made my head spin. Today I had one go at pulling lines and all of a sudden working the board was looking good. I don’t know if I will ever be able to do the lines and talk to the client at the same time but I never thought I’d be able to work the board either.

After I had my adventure with the lines I volunteered to ‘work the board’ for a bit and just doing it over and over again really cements the process and lets you get your head around the procedure. I felt so confident (well confidentish) working the board and last week I had no idea. Spare a thought for poor Nick the instructor’s instructor as I am not a quick study. I don’t know how many times he had to say stuff but it was quite a few before it stayed in my head.

Emily and Liam powered through, they are naturals at this stuff and I don’t think being a flying trapeze instructor is going to be difficult for either of them. Both of them got to the stage of working the lines and talking to the client who was played by Nick so it was pretty darned impressive.

I was on board duty while Nick was playing a new client and after a couple of turns with my ‘newbie’ client I became very specific with my language. Step around the riser, don’t try for the bar grab the bar, put your toes over the edge not your feet. It was pretty funny with him pretending to be a new client and I became very stream lined with what I was doing. When I didn’t get distracted which might have been one in three times because I love watching people fly (who wouldn’t?) I was really starting to get organized. The person has left so grab the bar and hook it up, now get ready for the safety lines deal with them and then park the noodle or moodle I’m not sure which it’s a big plastic hook thing. I felt like I was in control and that’s a lovely feeling. I’m still nervous about being up there without a safety line but I’m getting more confident each time.

I think these guys work too hard. I’d be taking more breaks if I was them and in truth I did take more breaks than them but I guess as I get fitter I may need less breaks. I learned from today’s session not to push people off the board and that if I face plant into the net I won’t die, both things are good to know.

OK I’ll hand it over to the pictures now there are pictures and video on our TSAST facebook page so please pop over there if you’d like to have a look.


Our very patient instructor


She’s flying!!


Excellent board work by Emily


Blog 6 A Thank You Session


Blog 6 A Thank You Session

Today was all about saying thank you to the people who helped get The South Australian School of Trapeze off the ground. We didn’t have everyone who helped but I’m hoping those that didn’t come today can get their complimentary session in the near future.

For today we had Nick, James, Meslissa, Alli, Jessica and me and we had a hoot. I am very tired and very sore writing this up but a happy tired and sore like I’ve had the best day of my life and I’m about to get a whole lot more of them.

So what made it the best day of my life? The company was good. These people are lovely to work with, they don’t yell or criticize it’s just laid back and fun. The activity was fantastic. I wanted to make sure that everyone got a turn because no-one like a trapeze hog but my goodness I got a lot of air time today. I got my back somersault which I hadn’t been able to do before. I got to fly and got caught by Nick, I have done that before with another catcher but it never gets old. I got to climb to the catcher’s bar and muck around on that and then fall to the net without lines it was amazing.

Alli and Melissa learned how to work the board and they did a fantastic job. I got shown how to demonstrate a back knee hang on the practice bar and I think I’ll need to practise that. I had a go at climbing the pole and got absolutely nowhere so that’s another thing I’ll need to practise.

We held a blessing for the rig. I’m struggling to come up with a name for what we did. I was going to use christening but I’m a pagan so that didn’t seem right. Alli said we could call it a name day celebration but we haven’t named her yet even though I’ve figured out that she’s a she so I’m going to go with a blessing that seems right as when I do wiccan stuff we often use the term blessed be. I love that rig I really do.

At one point four of us lay in the net talking shit, having a drink and I felt like the richest person in the world it was an awesome day. Tomorrow we start training new instructors and I’m certainly looking forward to that.

Thank you for reading and I’ll catch you next week.

Blog 5 A Magical Weekend


Blog 5 A Magical Weekend!

I’m going to let the pictures tell the tale for the most part in this blog. Thank you to Jessica, Alli and Nick for all the pictures they took.

This weekend the trapeze was delivered and like kids with a giant meccano set we have spent the entire weekend bolting it together and setting it up.

We started our days at 8 o’clock in the morning on the first day and seven o’clock on the second and we worked until it was dark.

Alli did the food and she was like a catering company with all that she provided as well as helping out in construction. Nick, James and Steen bought their expertise to putting the darn thing together and Jessica, Grant, Lily and me were part of the construction crew. I am so grateful to all of these people because they worked tirelessly.

Saturday I took a little time out to have a birthday and got a cool hat which says Boss Cocky I then spent the rest of the weekend trying not to get the hat dirty. You have to admit to spend your birthday getting a Flying Trapeze installed is pretty cool.

Sunday most of us got to fly on the rig and the ones who had to go home before it was ready will be trying it out next weekend. I can tell you that when I got up there to have my first go it was magical. The trapeze is like a giant swing set and I never wanted to come down.

Thank you to everyone who has been involved so far. South Australia now has a Flying Trapeze. Watch this space for when you can come and have a play. Alli is going to create a face book page for TSAST The South Australian School of Trapeze and an instagram account.

Ok it’s over to the pictures we go.


Just an empty paddock on a nice frosty morning before the magic begins.


Here we are removing umpteen bars and assorted equipment from Steen’s Tardis like trailer.



It’s starting to take shape! The cranes going up reminded me of a barn raising.


There was cake and presents and I felt incredibly looked after for my birthday. My hat says Boss Cocky it was a toss up between that and Grand PooBah.


If I get sick of trapeze I’m going to become a football umpire. Please note matching hat and gum boots, level of awesomeness in this – master class.


This ladder tried to defeat us but the crack TSAST team were having none of it.



Isn’t she beautiful?


I just love her and now we have to call her a name. Next week I may have some more construction pictures and perhaps some of us flying!

Thank you for reading and I’ll catch you next week.

Blog 4 Friday is the Day


Blog 4 Friday is the Day!!!!!

So Steen made all my dreams come true when he rang Wednesday and said Trish I can bring the rig next Friday. Thank you Steen I said that will be lovely. There may well have been a few woo hoos and yays in there too.

It’s show time, we have an installation day and we’re ready to go. I have never waited for anything as long as this Flying Trapeze rig but installation day is finally approaching. I have gone into overdrive getting ready for it even though I’ve had weeks to do this a date being set tends to motivate you to go a little bit faster.

Alli is doing the food, people are staying over, I feel like Christmas is coming. This is going to be a really short blog but I wanted to mark the arrival of the rig because the next blog will be all about setting it up.

It’s kind of like history is being made, a tiny South Australian bit. I could be wrong but as far as I know this rig will be the first permanent South Australian Flying Trapeze rig and that’s all kinds of cool. Now if you’re reading this and I’m totally wrong please get in touch and tell me.

If you’re interested in coming to play on the rig then please keep reading the blog as I will let you know when we’re ready to have people try it. I aim to start a facebook page too so hopefully you’ll be able to get a hold of me under the name of The South Australian School of Trapeze also known as TSAST. I’m way too much of a dinosaur to start a web page but I’ll work on getting a dedicated phone and an email address, failing all else send us a pigeon.

Ok so this is the world’s shortest blog but never mind I’m thinking the next one will be longer. Thank you to Steen for making this happen. Thank you to Alessandro and Jasmin from Skylark sports who helped me with some logistical problems. Thank you to Alli for catering and saving everyone from my cooking. Thank you to me for filling out a buzillion bloody forms to make this happen.

Oh and by the way I bagsy first go on this thing

All righty thank you for reading and I’ll catch you next week.