Blog 4 Friday is the Day


Blog 4 Friday is the Day!!!!!

So Steen made all my dreams come true when he rang Wednesday and said Trish I can bring the rig next Friday. Thank you Steen I said that will be lovely. There may well have been a few woo hoos and yays in there too.

It’s show time, we have an installation day and we’re ready to go. I have never waited for anything as long as this Flying Trapeze rig but installation day is finally approaching. I have gone into overdrive getting ready for it even though I’ve had weeks to do this a date being set tends to motivate you to go a little bit faster.

Alli is doing the food, people are staying over, I feel like Christmas is coming. This is going to be a really short blog but I wanted to mark the arrival of the rig because the next blog will be all about setting it up.

It’s kind of like history is being made, a tiny South Australian bit. I could be wrong but as far as I know this rig will be the first permanent South Australian Flying Trapeze rig and that’s all kinds of cool. Now if you’re reading this and I’m totally wrong please get in touch and tell me.

If you’re interested in coming to play on the rig then please keep reading the blog as I will let you know when we’re ready to have people try it. I aim to start a facebook page too so hopefully you’ll be able to get a hold of me under the name of The South Australian School of Trapeze also known as TSAST. I’m way too much of a dinosaur to start a web page but I’ll work on getting a dedicated phone and an email address, failing all else send us a pigeon.

Ok so this is the world’s shortest blog but never mind I’m thinking the next one will be longer. Thank you to Steen for making this happen. Thank you to Alessandro and Jasmin from Skylark sports who helped me with some logistical problems. Thank you to Alli for catering and saving everyone from my cooking. Thank you to me for filling out a buzillion bloody forms to make this happen.

Oh and by the way I bagsy first go on this thing

All righty thank you for reading and I’ll catch you next week.


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