Blog 5 A Magical Weekend


Blog 5 A Magical Weekend!

I’m going to let the pictures tell the tale for the most part in this blog. Thank you to Jessica, Alli and Nick for all the pictures they took.

This weekend the trapeze was delivered and like kids with a giant meccano set we have spent the entire weekend bolting it together and setting it up.

We started our days at 8 o’clock in the morning on the first day and seven o’clock on the second and we worked until it was dark.

Alli did the food and she was like a catering company with all that she provided as well as helping out in construction. Nick, James and Steen bought their expertise to putting the darn thing together and Jessica, Grant, Lily and me were part of the construction crew. I am so grateful to all of these people because they worked tirelessly.

Saturday I took a little time out to have a birthday and got a cool hat which says Boss Cocky I then spent the rest of the weekend trying not to get the hat dirty. You have to admit to spend your birthday getting a Flying Trapeze installed is pretty cool.

Sunday most of us got to fly on the rig and the ones who had to go home before it was ready will be trying it out next weekend. I can tell you that when I got up there to have my first go it was magical. The trapeze is like a giant swing set and I never wanted to come down.

Thank you to everyone who has been involved so far. South Australia now has a Flying Trapeze. Watch this space for when you can come and have a play. Alli is going to create a face book page for TSAST The South Australian School of Trapeze and an instagram account.

Ok it’s over to the pictures we go.


Just an empty paddock on a nice frosty morning before the magic begins.


Here we are removing umpteen bars and assorted equipment from Steen’s Tardis like trailer.



It’s starting to take shape! The cranes going up reminded me of a barn raising.


There was cake and presents and I felt incredibly looked after for my birthday. My hat says Boss Cocky it was a toss up between that and Grand PooBah.


If I get sick of trapeze I’m going to become a football umpire. Please note matching hat and gum boots, level of awesomeness in this – master class.


This ladder tried to defeat us but the crack TSAST team were having none of it.



Isn’t she beautiful?


I just love her and now we have to call her a name. Next week I may have some more construction pictures and perhaps some of us flying!

Thank you for reading and I’ll catch you next week.


2 thoughts on “Blog 5 A Magical Weekend

  1. Can you please add me to an email list about when and where I can come and try trapeze in South Australia .

    1. Dave we are not ready yet we’re looking at about four months but quite possibly sooner I don’t have an email list for this are you able to just tune into the blog?

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