Blog 7 Instructing the Instructors


Blog 7 Instructing the Instructors

Today we had our second session in teaching us how to be instructors. Little by little more and more of the Flying Trapeze process is making sense. I’m understanding how to set the net up better but I still need a crash course in knots. I wish I’d been a better student when I was with the scouts.

Last week working the board freaked me right out because there was just so much going on, hook this, grab that, clip this, it made my head spin. Today I had one go at pulling lines and all of a sudden working the board was looking good. I don’t know if I will ever be able to do the lines and talk to the client at the same time but I never thought I’d be able to work the board either.

After I had my adventure with the lines I volunteered to ‘work the board’ for a bit and just doing it over and over again really cements the process and lets you get your head around the procedure. I felt so confident (well confidentish) working the board and last week I had no idea. Spare a thought for poor Nick the instructor’s instructor as I am not a quick study. I don’t know how many times he had to say stuff but it was quite a few before it stayed in my head.

Emily and Liam powered through, they are naturals at this stuff and I don’t think being a flying trapeze instructor is going to be difficult for either of them. Both of them got to the stage of working the lines and talking to the client who was played by Nick so it was pretty darned impressive.

I was on board duty while Nick was playing a new client and after a couple of turns with my ‘newbie’ client I became very specific with my language. Step around the riser, don’t try for the bar grab the bar, put your toes over the edge not your feet. It was pretty funny with him pretending to be a new client and I became very stream lined with what I was doing. When I didn’t get distracted which might have been one in three times because I love watching people fly (who wouldn’t?) I was really starting to get organized. The person has left so grab the bar and hook it up, now get ready for the safety lines deal with them and then park the noodle or moodle I’m not sure which it’s a big plastic hook thing. I felt like I was in control and that’s a lovely feeling. I’m still nervous about being up there without a safety line but I’m getting more confident each time.

I think these guys work too hard. I’d be taking more breaks if I was them and in truth I did take more breaks than them but I guess as I get fitter I may need less breaks. I learned from today’s session not to push people off the board and that if I face plant into the net I won’t die, both things are good to know.

OK I’ll hand it over to the pictures now there are pictures and video on our TSAST facebook page so please pop over there if you’d like to have a look.


Our very patient instructor


She’s flying!!


Excellent board work by Emily


2 thoughts on “Blog 7 Instructing the Instructors

  1. Don’t worry about the talking and pulling at the same time. None of us could do that at the start. Get Nick (Hi Nick!) to call the trick for you while you pull lines. That way you can concentrate on just pulling. Then swap over and you call while the instructor pulls. This will give you the opportunity to focus on one thing at the time and the instructor can give you immediate feedback on your timing and pulling. Cheers! Ryen
    Circus Arts Sydney

    1. Thanks Ryan Nick was doing that and I still found it terrifying to be responsible for someone else’s safety. I liked your comments has this taken you back to when you learned how to work a rig?

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