Blog 11 Attempting A Ripley


Blog 11 Attempting Ripley

I will explain this picture n just a sec.

The net went up in record time today. Each person took a corner and the time was halved from previous weeks. That was a nice start to the training session.

The sun was out and while I was covering up like a cooked vampire my training companions seemed to be showing as much skin as was humanly possible. I need to find out whether I’m allowed to enforce a sun safe policy when we start working for real. If it’s up to me we’re all going to be doing slip slop slap. I have one person who doesn’t like sun cream but long sleeves and a hat should be a fair compromise.

We’re starting to become a little polished with our jobs so Nick reckons when we meet again we’re going to run the session as if we were doing it for real.

Jess did this really speccy knee hang thing which looked gorgeous, it was a different version of the knee hang to what other people did and it looked great.

Nick demonstrated this fly out turn around and land on the platform and my goodness I want to do that like yesterday.

Alli had missed the last two sessions but she didn’t miss a beat with training and now she can jump off the platform with one hand on the bar and then catch the bar once she has jumped.

I had a terrible case of the wuses and I didn’t want to do the lines at all but my turn came up and it’s bad form not to do your bit. I was nervous because I didn’t have anyone standing next to me and inside my head a voice was yelling “You’re not ready run away!!!” but I didn’t I stood there and then of course just doing the lines wasn’t enough Nick says call it. We had this conversation last week I said no and this time I held my ground I was not going to call it. Nick says we’re not going anywhere until you call it. You could almost hear the spaghetti western music in the back ground. I did some muttering which Emily thought was pretty funny but I called the trick. To do it I channelled someone but it wasn’t me. I had this big strong voice and I was talking and I was doing the lines and I thought well bloody hell Trish who knew you could do that.

And now for an explanation of the title of this week’s blog. I still have some unfinished goals with this flying trapeze and one of them is to jump off the platform into the net. In my head it was going to be just like Ripley from Aliens 3 I even got out the film and watched the scene a couple of times before training started. It took me the whole session to get enough courage up and at the very end of the session we had Emily and I on the platform contemplating ways in which we could get down. Emily considered climbing down the pole and that’s on my list but not for the moment. She decided against it and opted for sitting on the platform and jumping. She did it, there was a consequence for the action that required an ice pack and I got to watch from the platform. Now you might think well if it didn’t go as planned for Emily that might put me off but nope. Now that Emily had done it I had to do it. So I jumped and I pretty much did the exact thing Emily did (I think I did it’s a bit of a blur as to what actually happened) and I scored an ice pack too. However I know I’ve said this before but when you do something that you are scared of the feeling afterwards is like nothing on earth. You feel like you could take on anything so I’m thinking that pole and I have a date before too much time is over.

Nick is away for next week so we’re all taking a break, We wish him a great holiday and I hope he knows how much we appreciate his training us.

Thank you for reading if you want to see more pop over to our TSAST face book page. I will leave you with a beautiful photo or one of our younger recruits. He just needs to grow a little more to get to the bar.



Blog 10 So Much Frickin Fun

Blog 10 So Much Frickin Fun

Training started today with me getting a step by step account on how to set up the net. Nick managed to break it down into a seven step process and pretty much wrote my first procedure statement for me, huzzah!

The next activity took me back to my days in the scouts where I could not tie knots for love nor money. Nick not being afraid of a challenge decided he was going to teach me how to tie a bow line knot which completely stumped me until he started speaking Primary School talk, ie the rabbit goes in the hole and then around the tree… then I started to get it. I also got shown how to do a trucker’s knot and for me to keep this information in my head I’m going to need to practice these during the week. It’s pretty cool learning this stuff and any would be instructors for TSAST are going to need to know how to do this too.

For training we had Emily and Liam and then when James and Mel arrived I thought we might get to do catching today as the weather was perfect. It turns out that we did get to do catching so I was a very happy camper.

I had some goals going into this training session and one goal was that I was going to work the lines for several people in a row so I could get this in my head as the first time completely terrified me. I had a fly and I was just about to scuttle up that ladder again and I thought no you set a goal, do it. Give it a half an hour. So I put on the gloves and I asked to have a go and my goodness my whole neck was sore because I was concentrating so hard. You really need to have several goes in a row though because you do it and Nick or James will tweak what you did and then you improve and you do it again and eventually it starts making sense. Nick was a complete bugger and said try calling one. No I said I just want to do the lines this week I’ll call next week. Call it he says, no I says, we often have these discussions and then while I was mid no I thought well why not. You have James right here to make sure nothing goes wrong why not try it. So I did. I made a complete hash of it but I did it and the next time was a little better and then James demonstrated again and he was so bloody smooth. Can you imagine how proud you can be of yourself if you’re nervous about doing something and then you do it? You feel like you’re on top of the world.

I have known Liam for a while now and we have long been fitness buddies. He knows exactly what to say to make me happy so when he arrived at training and he had got himself a coffee and some sun cream and he was good to go he comes up to me and compliments me on how well the paddock has been mowed it’s been manicured and pedicured he says and then he spies Charity my horse and he says something like Charity is looking so beautiful today and that’s it. It’s like saying a magic password to making me happy. Your horse is beautiful and I see you’ve mown the paddock. Liam is brilliant.

Emily wore a T Shirt that could well have our first team motto on it. The shirt says Don’t Be a DNB and it’s a Rhonda Rousey shirt. So of course I ask what does DNB stand for and Emily says it’s an expression from Rhonda Rousey and she says Don’t Be a Do Nothing Bitch. I love that I’m just not sure if I would have to ask permission from Rhonda Rousey if we were to use it as our team motto.

Now while I was learning all sorts of things from my training partners Nick also had some wisdom to impart. Nick is always early to training and he catches me out because I like to set up the stuff before everyone arrives. I said to him at he start of training Nick you’re always early. He says if you’re on time you’re late. I waited for the clarification and it came. If you’re due to start work at 10.30 and you arrive at 10.30 he says you’re late for your shift because you need to put your bag down and get yourself organized so he makes sure he always arrives before start time so he can start right on the buzzer. I thought that was a very useful tip.

Regular readers of my blog know that I do circus training as well playing on a flying trapeze. In circus training part of what we do is train in strength conditioning. This is inspired by Ido Portal’s training involving bullet proofing of the body. I have had many falls and I don’t seem to be getting injured these days using these techniques. Now I’m not trying to tempt fate here but during flying trapeze training on Saturday I came off the net and missed the mat and landed really heavily on my feet. I was trying to do a speccy net dismount. It hurt like crap and I’m pretty sure people in China heard me wailing about it. I went and soaked my feet in a bucket of water for a half an hour thinking they’re broken, how can I train, do I need feet for trapeze? My team mates (apart from Liam who is a very kind soul) were not remotely interested because I fall on a pretty regular basis and I thought yeah whose going to feel bad if these feet end up being broken but after half an hour they were fine again. I was up I was trapezing. Because I was so nervous about a photo shoot I was doing at the end of the day I fell again in the horse enclosure and again nothing broken nothing sprained, this morning I’m barely sore. I have two cute little bruises on my feet and that’s it. Now you think about the risk of older people falling over and not getting up again I reckon everyone should be using Ido’s methods. If you get a chance go to one of his sessions or find a trainer who will use his methods they’re awesome.

Do you know what was freaky about the photo shoot? I wanted to do that photo shoot to teach me to be happier in my own skin. I broke it down into steps, get the outfit, get the photographer, be willing to wear the outfit in front of people and be willing to get your picture taken then maybe publicly show the photo. I never expected to enjoy the task and as I got changed and Nick put on my makeup and Emily wrestled with my hair I realised I was enjoying myself. It was great to be made a fuss of and Sasha Pazeski the photographer had such a wonderful energy that I wasn’t nervous at all I felt like I had known him forever so thank you Bianca Newton for connecting me to him. A big thank you also to Nick Armstrong and Emily Frank Surnette, my very own makeup/hair/coaching/spotting and support team. What I learned out of the experience is that bodies come in all shapes and sizes and they’re all beautiful. Size does not dictate worth, beauty or function, size is just size. Revelationary stuff! The photo I have included is a shot Nick took if I get something speckier from Sasha I’ll be sure to share.


Thank you for reading we have some very cool new videos on the TSAST face book page just look up The South Australian School of Trapeze.

Blog 9 It’s Ridiculous


Blog 9 It’s Ridiculous

I woke up this morning and I thought IT’S TRAPEZE DAY that was my first thought. I’m a grown woman for goodness sake and I could not get out of bed fast enough. I dreamed that people had arrived early and I wasn’t ready it’s just ridiculous. I hope you have something in your life that makes you leap out of bed and have nightmares about at the same time and if you don’t come and do trapeze. It’s flying guys can anything be better than that?

I’m also doing my fear goals today and I’m looking forward to how I’ll feel when I’m on the other side of them otherwise this can be my eulogy.

So now it’s night time and I didn’t die and I met two out of three of my fear goals and the last one I traded for something else, however first things first.

To begin with we had a couple of new people come and try out and they did brilliantly. Peter and Sarah came I know them from Zig Zag Circus and Lynley who was a friend of Nick’s and now I can call her my friend too came and she was great fun.

Once we had set up we spent a couple of hours flying and working the board. Having some new people meant I got to practice my spiel on the practice bar and this means I feel like I can contribute when we go commercial and that’s a nice feeling.

So my fear goals were to tackle the fat pole, let go of the bar for the splits and jump to the net from the platform. It’s an amazing feeling to do something you’re frightened of. The fat pole won this round and it wasn’t for a lack of trying. I just tried from the net down and I found it so difficult. Peter damn him climbed down the pole from the very top and sauntered down like he’d done it all his life. I was green with envy. Nick has given me a tip to help me next week so hopefully I will see some improvement.

I did the splits and release and I was fully chuffed by that. The first time I chickened out then I got back on and tried again and did it and I was rapt. Then for the next couple of times I kept stuffing up the timing and wasn’t able to get in the right position but I released the bar and that was the goal. Thank you Emily for some practice bar coaching on that move. I felt like such a wuse when I wasn’t willing to release the bar last week but now I think it’s occasionally good for me to be afraid of stuff because I can empathise better with people trying trapeze for the first time.

I got to do this cool net dismount thing or at least part of it so next week I’ll try doing the whole thing.

It came time to do my jump off the board and into the net thing and I was a little perturbed by Nick saying it’s an awful springy net I wonder how far you’ll bounce. Fortunately Peter saved the day by coming up with an alternative challenge. I was clipping him into the safety lines and he said I want to go without your help. So I brought the bar to him and then left him to it and off he flew. Now Peter and I have long had a bit of a competition going with our training. He wins on strength and I can take him on flexibility so as soon as I saw what he did then I wanted to do it too.

I had to hold the bar with one hand, hold the riser with the other hand then jump off and grab the bar with the hand that was holding the riser. I had no idea if I could do it or not but I knew Nick had the safety lines and there was a bloody big net so I thought what the hell and off I went. As soon as I grabbed that bar I totally forgot about anything else I was supposed to be doing up there because I was just so glad to be alive. It was a fantastic feeling.

We didn’t take any pictures today but we’ll try and make up for it next week. If you like what you’ve read please pop over to our The South Australian School of Trapeze facebook page. Thank you for reading and I’ll catch you next week.

Blog 8 Our First Meeting


Blog 8 Our First Meeting

Now I am well aware that this is potentially the most boring blog title ever but I was a bit chuffed about having our first ever meeting. This happened during our third session of training.

I had a list of things I wanted to cover and since we had our meeting during our lunch break there was plenty of yummy things to eat while we talked about such riveting things as waivers and police checks and who has their first aid training and if you don’t can you please get it before we start in December. Thank you to the people who brought food to share I’ll try to left my game and bring something next week, All up it was a humble mild meeting that was as pleasant as all of our training has been so far. What I like the most about the people attending is that if someone has an idea or a piece of knowledge to contribute they do so and I really appreciate having a work environment where people feel they can do that.

I was late to the session because I play Hit Ball on Saturdays (we have a facebook page if you’re interested Hit Ball Australia) but after the meeting I got to have a little go on the trapeze (who I still haven’t named yet but I’m seriously considering Amelie after the French film). The team got taught a new move while I was hit balling and I had a go at it but I wasn’t wildly successful. I did get to help Nick do some measuring which is quite terrifying on a trapeze and thank you Emily for hanging onto me while I did this. Nick also managed to fix our ladder locking system so all up it was a very useful session.

I’ve started setting myself some goals for what I want to accomplish. The trick this week involved letting go of the bar and falling into the net front first instead of back first and for some reason that gave me some terrible qualms. I’m quite surprised how scared I still am of doing some of the tricks we do so I’ll be spending this week working on visualising me doing them. Hopefully that will help.

OK I’ll hand it over to the pictures now, there are also pictures and video on our “The South Australian School of Trapeze” (TSAST) facebook page so please pop over there if you’d like to have a look.


Liam can work the board and still smile at the camera at the same time.


Ready to launch


You want me to do what now?


These are impressive splits Liam


We are totally having our next meeting in the net. The net is a happy happy place.


Awesome tights and whoever mowed that front paddock? Goodness someone should thank that person.


“And then when you’re up there and I say so – let go” sure no probs.


And here’s a preview of next week’s work! (Mega LOL)

Thanks for reading and I’ll catch you next week which now I’ve written it is a bit of a trapeze pun. That makes me happy.