Blog 8 Our First Meeting


Blog 8 Our First Meeting

Now I am well aware that this is potentially the most boring blog title ever but I was a bit chuffed about having our first ever meeting. This happened during our third session of training.

I had a list of things I wanted to cover and since we had our meeting during our lunch break there was plenty of yummy things to eat while we talked about such riveting things as waivers and police checks and who has their first aid training and if you don’t can you please get it before we start in December. Thank you to the people who brought food to share I’ll try to left my game and bring something next week, All up it was a humble mild meeting that was as pleasant as all of our training has been so far. What I like the most about the people attending is that if someone has an idea or a piece of knowledge to contribute they do so and I really appreciate having a work environment where people feel they can do that.

I was late to the session because I play Hit Ball on Saturdays (we have a facebook page if you’re interested Hit Ball Australia) but after the meeting I got to have a little go on the trapeze (who I still haven’t named yet but I’m seriously considering Amelie after the French film). The team got taught a new move while I was hit balling and I had a go at it but I wasn’t wildly successful. I did get to help Nick do some measuring which is quite terrifying on a trapeze and thank you Emily for hanging onto me while I did this. Nick also managed to fix our ladder locking system so all up it was a very useful session.

I’ve started setting myself some goals for what I want to accomplish. The trick this week involved letting go of the bar and falling into the net front first instead of back first and for some reason that gave me some terrible qualms. I’m quite surprised how scared I still am of doing some of the tricks we do so I’ll be spending this week working on visualising me doing them. Hopefully that will help.

OK I’ll hand it over to the pictures now, there are also pictures and video on our “The South Australian School of Trapeze” (TSAST) facebook page so please pop over there if you’d like to have a look.


Liam can work the board and still smile at the camera at the same time.


Ready to launch


You want me to do what now?


These are impressive splits Liam


We are totally having our next meeting in the net. The net is a happy happy place.


Awesome tights and whoever mowed that front paddock? Goodness someone should thank that person.


“And then when you’re up there and I say so – let go” sure no probs.


And here’s a preview of next week’s work! (Mega LOL)

Thanks for reading and I’ll catch you next week which now I’ve written it is a bit of a trapeze pun. That makes me happy.


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