Blog 9 It’s Ridiculous


Blog 9 It’s Ridiculous

I woke up this morning and I thought IT’S TRAPEZE DAY that was my first thought. I’m a grown woman for goodness sake and I could not get out of bed fast enough. I dreamed that people had arrived early and I wasn’t ready it’s just ridiculous. I hope you have something in your life that makes you leap out of bed and have nightmares about at the same time and if you don’t come and do trapeze. It’s flying guys can anything be better than that?

I’m also doing my fear goals today and I’m looking forward to how I’ll feel when I’m on the other side of them otherwise this can be my eulogy.

So now it’s night time and I didn’t die and I met two out of three of my fear goals and the last one I traded for something else, however first things first.

To begin with we had a couple of new people come and try out and they did brilliantly. Peter and Sarah came I know them from Zig Zag Circus and Lynley who was a friend of Nick’s and now I can call her my friend too came and she was great fun.

Once we had set up we spent a couple of hours flying and working the board. Having some new people meant I got to practice my spiel on the practice bar and this means I feel like I can contribute when we go commercial and that’s a nice feeling.

So my fear goals were to tackle the fat pole, let go of the bar for the splits and jump to the net from the platform. It’s an amazing feeling to do something you’re frightened of. The fat pole won this round and it wasn’t for a lack of trying. I just tried from the net down and I found it so difficult. Peter damn him climbed down the pole from the very top and sauntered down like he’d done it all his life. I was green with envy. Nick has given me a tip to help me next week so hopefully I will see some improvement.

I did the splits and release and I was fully chuffed by that. The first time I chickened out then I got back on and tried again and did it and I was rapt. Then for the next couple of times I kept stuffing up the timing and wasn’t able to get in the right position but I released the bar and that was the goal. Thank you Emily for some practice bar coaching on that move. I felt like such a wuse when I wasn’t willing to release the bar last week but now I think it’s occasionally good for me to be afraid of stuff because I can empathise better with people trying trapeze for the first time.

I got to do this cool net dismount thing or at least part of it so next week I’ll try doing the whole thing.

It came time to do my jump off the board and into the net thing and I was a little perturbed by Nick saying it’s an awful springy net I wonder how far you’ll bounce. Fortunately Peter saved the day by coming up with an alternative challenge. I was clipping him into the safety lines and he said I want to go without your help. So I brought the bar to him and then left him to it and off he flew. Now Peter and I have long had a bit of a competition going with our training. He wins on strength and I can take him on flexibility so as soon as I saw what he did then I wanted to do it too.

I had to hold the bar with one hand, hold the riser with the other hand then jump off and grab the bar with the hand that was holding the riser. I had no idea if I could do it or not but I knew Nick had the safety lines and there was a bloody big net so I thought what the hell and off I went. As soon as I grabbed that bar I totally forgot about anything else I was supposed to be doing up there because I was just so glad to be alive. It was a fantastic feeling.

We didn’t take any pictures today but we’ll try and make up for it next week. If you like what you’ve read please pop over to our The South Australian School of Trapeze facebook page. Thank you for reading and I’ll catch you next week.


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