Blog 11 Attempting A Ripley


Blog 11 Attempting Ripley

I will explain this picture n just a sec.

The net went up in record time today. Each person took a corner and the time was halved from previous weeks. That was a nice start to the training session.

The sun was out and while I was covering up like a cooked vampire my training companions seemed to be showing as much skin as was humanly possible. I need to find out whether I’m allowed to enforce a sun safe policy when we start working for real. If it’s up to me we’re all going to be doing slip slop slap. I have one person who doesn’t like sun cream but long sleeves and a hat should be a fair compromise.

We’re starting to become a little polished with our jobs so Nick reckons when we meet again we’re going to run the session as if we were doing it for real.

Jess did this really speccy knee hang thing which looked gorgeous, it was a different version of the knee hang to what other people did and it looked great.

Nick demonstrated this fly out turn around and land on the platform and my goodness I want to do that like yesterday.

Alli had missed the last two sessions but she didn’t miss a beat with training and now she can jump off the platform with one hand on the bar and then catch the bar once she has jumped.

I had a terrible case of the wuses and I didn’t want to do the lines at all but my turn came up and it’s bad form not to do your bit. I was nervous because I didn’t have anyone standing next to me and inside my head a voice was yelling “You’re not ready run away!!!” but I didn’t I stood there and then of course just doing the lines wasn’t enough Nick says call it. We had this conversation last week I said no and this time I held my ground I was not going to call it. Nick says we’re not going anywhere until you call it. You could almost hear the spaghetti western music in the back ground. I did some muttering which Emily thought was pretty funny but I called the trick. To do it I channelled someone but it wasn’t me. I had this big strong voice and I was talking and I was doing the lines and I thought well bloody hell Trish who knew you could do that.

And now for an explanation of the title of this week’s blog. I still have some unfinished goals with this flying trapeze and one of them is to jump off the platform into the net. In my head it was going to be just like Ripley from Aliens 3 I even got out the film and watched the scene a couple of times before training started. It took me the whole session to get enough courage up and at the very end of the session we had Emily and I on the platform contemplating ways in which we could get down. Emily considered climbing down the pole and that’s on my list but not for the moment. She decided against it and opted for sitting on the platform and jumping. She did it, there was a consequence for the action that required an ice pack and I got to watch from the platform. Now you might think well if it didn’t go as planned for Emily that might put me off but nope. Now that Emily had done it I had to do it. So I jumped and I pretty much did the exact thing Emily did (I think I did it’s a bit of a blur as to what actually happened) and I scored an ice pack too. However I know I’ve said this before but when you do something that you are scared of the feeling afterwards is like nothing on earth. You feel like you could take on anything so I’m thinking that pole and I have a date before too much time is over.

Nick is away for next week so we’re all taking a break, We wish him a great holiday and I hope he knows how much we appreciate his training us.

Thank you for reading if you want to see more pop over to our TSAST face book page. I will leave you with a beautiful photo or one of our younger recruits. He just needs to grow a little more to get to the bar.



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