Blog 14 Getting Ready for Trial Day


Blog 14 Getting Ready for Trial Day

So next Saturday is Halloween and that’s the day we picked to invite people over and pretend to be clients for our fledgling business. Each of us will have jobs and we will run our clients through the practise bar, operate the board and do the safety lines. We have nine people coming some of them have no fitness experience some are trapeze friends and some are somewhere in between.

I spent all week practising my spiel for the lines. I went out to the paddock and visualised the person jumping off the board and when I say what I say. I practised in the car and I practised while walking the dogs. I was going to get this.

Training started and my stomach was doing flip flops. I didn’t have butterflies in my stomach I had big frogs hopping around.

My first job was ‘working the board’ and I was determined not to throw anyone off like I did last week. I did a few and no-one died, that was nice and then I got to teach the job to someone else and that concretes your learning. So that was cool. Special mention to Sarah here who learned the job and did really well and had a lovely manner with today’s pretend clients. I must give a special mention to Alli and Jess for their board spiels. You would have thought those girls had done the board forever. They rattled off their spiels and they gave you a sense of complete confidence. Hand on the bar, what will you be doing today, feet shoulder width apart and so on. It was really impressive.

I knew the lines job was waiting for me and Nick decided that we should all do a thirty minute stint on each job. It was my turn for the lines and off I went. Those lines were mine. Have you heard the expression fake it till you make it? I put on my gloves I grabbed that line, I had this.

I made a complete balls up of the first job and I told myself you are here for thirty minutes, you will not run away, you will do this. I had the spiel but I still had to work on when you said each thing and I had to work on the pulling and then releasing bit. Because I had the words now and I wasn’t fumbling for the right expression it took one variable out of the equation and I could concentrate on the other two, timing and quality of pulling that dam line. Nick is a very good trainer, he doesn’t just say pull harder, which he was saying a lot today, he will also watch what you do figure out what’s going wrong show you the correction and then away you go. So I thought I was pulling with all my heart and I have a bit of upper body strength I’d like to think but he showed me how to put my whole body into the pull and it made all the difference in the world. You don’t just use your arms you squat down and use your body and your legs as well.

I don’t have it down pat but it makes a lot more sense than it did. With the timing I had to call them to release the bar at the end of their swing not the middle so if I can just remember that for next week it’s going to help a lot.

Danielle joined us today and she brought her young daughter with her who I think is maybe two or around there. Her little girl just giggled and laughed while she watched her mum swinging through the air and I thought what brilliant role models Sarah, Jessica, Alli and Danielle are being to their children. There’s no DNB’s at The South Australian School of Trapeze.

We got some seriously cute pictures of the younger members of the TSAST team now known as TSASTlings and we’re thinking it would be cool to get them little tops like the instructors are going to wear, maybe they could have L’s on theirs.

Peter had a go on the lines and I was flying while he did them and when you come down you barely drop. He’s so strong that he pretty much just lowers you down it’s an unreal feeling.

Since Peter tried the Planche I had to try the Planche and yes I am that immature. I had some success the first time but after that I managed to do a skin the cat in mid air which was interesting but not the Planche that I wanted. A little later on I did an amazingly bad jump off and afterwards when the subsequent trick was mangled to hell Nick said you should probably just bail if it starts that badly. I am an optimist though I was hoping I could turn that baby around. It was not to be however.

When the work was over we got a little time just for some fun, Nick set up the catcher’s bar and it was on for young and old. I really worked on my jumping off and had a lot more success than last time we got out the catcher’s bar. Alli, Sarah and Emily did some lovely catches with Nick.  Emily also did the lines while we tried some catching and did a really good job of it.

Peter and I also got to have a little fun on the catcher’s bar. It’s a pity I finished my time with another crash but hey you get that sometimes.

After training we packed up, broke bread together, discussed the trial day and watched the little tsastlings fight off sleep. There was plenty to eat, plenty to drink and plenty to talk about. It was another perfect day in Paradise.

Thank you for reading if you want to see more pop over to our TSAST face book page, just look up The South Australian School of Trapeze. here’s a few pics of the day. Sarah’s first catch is on the facebook page.




Blog 13 A Perfect Day


Blog 13 A Perfect Day

There are days when I feel like the luckiest person in the world. I truly completely absolutely without doubt love trapeze. I have never felt more at ease, more at home or had more fun than flying through the air on my beautiful Venus.

Today we had Alli and her son, Jessica and her son, Liam, myself and Nick. The weather was hot but not so bad it would put you off flying.

We set the net up in good time and we were working to a purpose. In two weeks time we will be running our first practise session to see how we will perform as instructors and I am as nervous as hell.

I started with the lines and made a complete dog’s breakfast of it so I’m going to practise visualising it in the week to see if I can get it that way. Unfortunately my run of poor performance continued onto the platform where at one point I pretty much threw poor Alli off the platform. Thank goodness for the safety lines and the net and Alli’s reflexes. Oh well it’s all learning and I’m sure we’ll be all right on the night.

My TSAST team though did so well and I am so proud of them I have no doubt that they are going to be excellent instructors. Now onto the fun stuff.

Liam totally rocked my pink hat which he used to keep himself safe in the sun. He looks better in that hat than I do. Jessica and Alli looked so beautiful flying through the air I kept getting distracted from my platform duties watching them. Nick is so patient with his training and we all feel like we’re improving.

Nick gave me a great big present today. Last week I flew through the air without lines and I thought that was pretty darn cool. Last week we also learned how to catch the bar by ourselves and launch by ourselves and I thought that was pretty cool. Today right at the end of training he said do you want to turn around on the bar or words to that effect. I can’t remember exactly what he said because I freaked. I have wanted to turn around and change direction on the bar forever. FOREVER!!!!! Now he didn’t give me any warning that he was going to offer this so I had no mental prep time and I knew people were getting tired and would want to go home. So he says do you want to and I seized the day. I carpe diemed that offer right there right then. No flies on Trishy. Yes Nick I said I really really do. So he set me up and off I flew out into the wide blue yonder and because he’d set up the safety lines I just turned and then readjusted my grip and then I was heading back to the platform!!! OMG can you believe it?? It was so wonderful, so fantastic, so much fun. I could have swung up there forever. I was meant to do trapeze. I got two goes at it then we packed up. I doubt I’ll get any sleep tonight I’m just floating on air.

I am so grateful to all the wonderful people who made this happen. Trapeze is fantastic, it’s flying, blog readers out there you simply must try it.

Thank you for reading if you want to see more pop over to our TSAST face book page just look up The South Australian School of Trapeze.

Blog 12 So Much Going On



Blog 12 So Much Going On

A friend of mine asked me how was training on Sunday and I said wait for the blog. I thought there’s too much going on and I didn’t want her to miss anything so here goes. I’m pretty much just going to list everything because otherwise this blog will end up being a novel.

Of very great importance to me is that we have finally named the trapeze. Her name is Venus and Nick came up with that because of the Venus Fly trap which is kind of perfect but I like the name too because Venus is the Goddess of Love and Beauty and I love Venus and I think she’s beautiful. Henceforth I shall pounce upon anyone who calls her an ‘it’. We also now have a perfect team song with Bananarama’s “Venus’ I was bopping along to that all day Sunday.

We have decided on the shirts, OMG and there was no blood letting or arm wrestling involved. I haven’t shown the shirts to the team yet but I’m hopeful they will like them. We were looked after very well by EmbroidMe on Grenfell street so cheers Kate, you’re a patient woman.

Now onto Sunday training. I set up the fly bar and I was dangerously full of myself after that job unfortunately I managed to run over and chip one of our stakes so that brought my ego down to mortal proportions.

We had a guest star on Sunday from Circus Oz and I thought that was a bit spesh. Pip was so nice and by golly she was in good shape. I haven’t envied a physique that much since we had a workshop from a Cirque du Soleil woman who had lats to die for. Pip showed us some beautiful swings and this cool twirly thing and we all oohed and aahed.

Liam cut his hand and still managed to pull lines and call the trick at the same time, that was very impressive.

Lynley kicked ass doing lines, the board and some tricks.

Emily showed all round prowess giving everything a go and even minding children, feeding a horse and showing the kids a blue tongue. Definitely an all round performer that one.

Pete and Sarah were back for round two of trapeze training. You could see how much Sarah was improving every time she swung it was amazing.

Pete set up the catch trap and that’s not an easy thing. He and I were also given the opportunity to learn how to leave the platform without any assistance. That was exponentially cool because you throw the bar for yourself and then off you go and I thought yes I like this very much indeed. For my first time I didn’t quite understand the instructions and went flying off the platform when I was just supposed to grab the bar but what a rush.

Peter certainly proved his value because I have a habit of leaping before I look and he pointed out a couple of times you’re hooked on some lines you need to untangle first.

I also got to have a chance at flying without lines and my goodness did I enjoy that! A big thank you to Nick for saying ok to that. I never wanted training to finish.

Nick did some catching and I could have done that all day. I need to remember to keep some water up on the platform because I was as thirsty as hell but I didn’t want to lose any time getting a drink while catching was going on. Do you remember when you were a kid at the pool and you were diving off the platform into the water and then you’d scramble up the ladder to have another go? Well this is exactly like that and it’s the same feeling.

This reminds me I made a very important discovery. Valuable trapeze minutes were being lost by me needing breaks so this week I took snacks and coffee out there and I didn’t need any breaks at all – huzzah!

After training we had a meeting to discuss how we were going to open the business. What I really appreciated here was that everyone got a say, people didn’t talk over other people and nobody rubbished other people’s ideas. It was a good vibe and Pip said it best when she said you have a good bunch of people here and I thought you’re right there Pip.

Up coming events include a training session where we get to dress up, our first go at running a trial session with pretend customers, Halloween and a Christmas session. I’m so pumped for all of this.

Thank you for reading if you want to see more pop over to our TSAST face book page just look up The South Australian School of Trapeze.