Blog 12 So Much Going On



Blog 12 So Much Going On

A friend of mine asked me how was training on Sunday and I said wait for the blog. I thought there’s too much going on and I didn’t want her to miss anything so here goes. I’m pretty much just going to list everything because otherwise this blog will end up being a novel.

Of very great importance to me is that we have finally named the trapeze. Her name is Venus and Nick came up with that because of the Venus Fly trap which is kind of perfect but I like the name too because Venus is the Goddess of Love and Beauty and I love Venus and I think she’s beautiful. Henceforth I shall pounce upon anyone who calls her an ‘it’. We also now have a perfect team song with Bananarama’s “Venus’ I was bopping along to that all day Sunday.

We have decided on the shirts, OMG and there was no blood letting or arm wrestling involved. I haven’t shown the shirts to the team yet but I’m hopeful they will like them. We were looked after very well by EmbroidMe on Grenfell street so cheers Kate, you’re a patient woman.

Now onto Sunday training. I set up the fly bar and I was dangerously full of myself after that job unfortunately I managed to run over and chip one of our stakes so that brought my ego down to mortal proportions.

We had a guest star on Sunday from Circus Oz and I thought that was a bit spesh. Pip was so nice and by golly she was in good shape. I haven’t envied a physique that much since we had a workshop from a Cirque du Soleil woman who had lats to die for. Pip showed us some beautiful swings and this cool twirly thing and we all oohed and aahed.

Liam cut his hand and still managed to pull lines and call the trick at the same time, that was very impressive.

Lynley kicked ass doing lines, the board and some tricks.

Emily showed all round prowess giving everything a go and even minding children, feeding a horse and showing the kids a blue tongue. Definitely an all round performer that one.

Pete and Sarah were back for round two of trapeze training. You could see how much Sarah was improving every time she swung it was amazing.

Pete set up the catch trap and that’s not an easy thing. He and I were also given the opportunity to learn how to leave the platform without any assistance. That was exponentially cool because you throw the bar for yourself and then off you go and I thought yes I like this very much indeed. For my first time I didn’t quite understand the instructions and went flying off the platform when I was just supposed to grab the bar but what a rush.

Peter certainly proved his value because I have a habit of leaping before I look and he pointed out a couple of times you’re hooked on some lines you need to untangle first.

I also got to have a chance at flying without lines and my goodness did I enjoy that! A big thank you to Nick for saying ok to that. I never wanted training to finish.

Nick did some catching and I could have done that all day. I need to remember to keep some water up on the platform because I was as thirsty as hell but I didn’t want to lose any time getting a drink while catching was going on. Do you remember when you were a kid at the pool and you were diving off the platform into the water and then you’d scramble up the ladder to have another go? Well this is exactly like that and it’s the same feeling.

This reminds me I made a very important discovery. Valuable trapeze minutes were being lost by me needing breaks so this week I took snacks and coffee out there and I didn’t need any breaks at all – huzzah!

After training we had a meeting to discuss how we were going to open the business. What I really appreciated here was that everyone got a say, people didn’t talk over other people and nobody rubbished other people’s ideas. It was a good vibe and Pip said it best when she said you have a good bunch of people here and I thought you’re right there Pip.

Up coming events include a training session where we get to dress up, our first go at running a trial session with pretend customers, Halloween and a Christmas session. I’m so pumped for all of this.

Thank you for reading if you want to see more pop over to our TSAST face book page just look up The South Australian School of Trapeze.


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