Blog 15 Our First Practice Session With Clients


Blog 15 Our First Practice Session with Clients

So it’s done. We’ve had our first practice session yesterday with pretend clients and it went well.

The instructors got there early and set up. Nick gave us a briefing about how the session would run and he told people what jobs they would have. Then the clients started to arrive and the next two hours just flew by.

I greeted people, collected waivers and let them know where drinks were and the toilets were. Once everyone had arrived Nick welcomed them all and Liam ran them through a stretch session. Emily and I took them off to the practise bar to demonstrate the knee hang and then each person had a go at the knee hang on the practice bar.

In our pool of pretend clients we had trapeze people, fit people and people who were not as active as the others. We also had The Remarkable Ryan and he became our first child who had a go on our beautiful trapeze called Venus.

Once everyone had had a go at the knee hang on the practise bar they were packed off to the ladder to have a go for real.

It all went very smoothly. We worked out the order. Everyone had a go then two goes, then we talked about how to do a front sault and then, drum roll please, we started on catches. Some people did this and some people didn’t. I was very clear from the outset that this wasn’t going to be a stress operation. If you wanted to do it we would show you how if you didn’t then you didn’t. That aspect of our business is really important to me.

Nick did 12 catches I can’t believe how fit he is. Liam and Alli did brilliant on the lines. Jess and Emily did great on the board and I floated between the jobs. Before I knew it the two hours were over and we had finished our first practice session. I had an amazing feeling of relief and I now feel like our open day is not so daunting. I still need to stream line some stuff but it’s doable.

When the session was finished Nick said the instructors could have a play so for the next half hour we were diving off that board doing all kinds of stuff. Our pretend clients waited very patiently for us to have our fun and then we all had drinks and nibbles to celebrate the day. Next week we will debrief and talk about what we learned from the session so a big big big thank you to our pretend clients who came and helped us.

And then….more drum rolls please. We did another session the following morning and that my friends is the first time we’ve done a two day session and it was brilliant. We didn’t have to set up much because Venus was still set up from the previous day. We had locked up the ladder and taken away the bars just so no-one from the public could access the trapeze without supervision so it didn’t take us long to set up those things and off we went.

The frustrating thing was that I was really tired from getting so worked up the previous day as I was really nervous about the practice session. So here I had my beautiful Venus all up and waiting for me and my body was saying no way. I seriously thought about listening to my body and saying no this is too much I’ll sit out and that thought lasted maybe five seconds. I told my body to suck it up we can rest later and off I went. I love trapeze.

I’ve said this to them but I’m going to say it again. I know, great, wonderful and brilliant people that help me run this operation. They are fun and cheeky and knowledgeable and kind and I love working with them. They did great on the practice session and they should be proud of themselves. How cool is it that Nick took people who had never done trapeze from two months ago and now we can run a session and we only train once a week. Woo hoo. I’m so proud of how friendly the TSAST team were to the clients and how well they looked after them. These are good people.

Allrighty before long we will be up and running for business. I will soon buy a business phone and we can start thinking about our open day and bookings for next year. We will be open for business from the 9th of January that’s our opening day when we are going to introduce Venus to some of the South Australian movement community.

Thank you for reading if you want to see more pop over to our TSAST face book page just look up The South Australian School of Trapeze. These photos are thanks to Mel who was one of our practice clients.









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