Blog 16 Jessica’s Birthday

Jessica’s birthday fell on a training day and so we celebrated our first birthday with the TSAST team. Anyone who knows Jessica knows she is the best dressed most stylish person ever so it seemed fitting that the Queen of Costumes should have a costume day as her birthday theme. It was a lot of fun to see everyone dressed up but my goodness flying on a trapeze in costume in really hot weather is not for the faint hearted.

Alli made an amazing cake for Jessica and there were balloons and presents and all up it was a lovely day with Venus. Nick brought a friend of his, Merryn who is an experienced trapeze artist and she was great fun.

We had time to debrief about last week’s practice session and a big thank you to Peter Johns who gave us some valuable feedback that we will take on board.

I’ll hand over to the photos because I can barely keep my eyes open after today’s session and please remember we will be open for business after the 9th of January 2016.






Thank you for reading if you want to see more pop over to our TSAST face book page just look up The South Australian School of Trapeze.


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