Blog 17 This Must Be What It feels Like To Be Rich


Blog 17 This Must Be What it feels Like to be Rich

For a time in today’s training it was just Liam and me getting a lesson from Nick. At one point I stopped and thought we are pretty much getting a private flying trapeze lesson here and it was heaven. It was indulgent and lovely and we got all of this time and all of these turns and we could work on our tricks until we had really honed them. I thought if I was rich I would have private flying trapeze classes and here I was having one Huzzah! Have you ever found yourself in a perfect place and wondered how the hell did I get here well that’s how I felt Sunday morning.

Before this epiphany early in the morning and before that bitey sun came out I had a go at setting out the equipment before everyone arrived. I learned from doing this how much I knew about setting up and how much I still needed to learn. An absolute bugger was that because I stuffed one thing up we lost about a half hour on set up, ah well I’m only going to do that once I can tell you.

For the start of our lesson it was just Liam and me with Nick training us. I set the fly bar up and if I say so myself I did an awesome job on that. I got a big treat after my magnificent performance on installing the fly bar by getting to fly down without the lines and that really is a treat.

We decided last week that we were going to work on a check list of skills to master certain tricks which would enable us to fly without the lines. Number one on our check list is to respect directions and cues and respond to instructions. Getting an initial on this check list reminded me of earning badges in scouts and I went about this with all of my previous scouting fervour. I don’t think I’ve ever been so polite or so attentive to what Nick was saying. Everytime I felt like saying ‘but I wanna..’ I thought zip it Morton you’re not going to get your tick that way. I tell you wanting to get your list ticked off really hones your listening skills.

Now you might be thinking poor Nick here he is trying to teach a whole team of people trapeze that have no previous experience of it and here she is needing a list to be ticked off to listen to him but let me tell you how he works off a little training tension. Trapeze humour is what it’s called apparently and I didn’t find it funny at all.

It all began with me trying to get my confidence up with doing the lines. The morning session had been fantastic and Liam and I just played and played. Then we had a break and some food and Lynley arrived and kindly agreed to be a client with Nick while Liam and I worked on lines. I watched Liam over and over again and worked out in my head when you say something when you pull the lines when you let go of the lines. I finally got brave enough to call it while he pulled the lines and then I did both jobs while he stood right next to me.

So I called the first trick and I was a little early with some stuff because I was so nervous.  I just wanted to get the words spoken before I had missed the spot where you say them but I knew where I had gone wrong and I could work on it before when I’ve done the lines it’s just been I have no idea what I’m doing. So Nick fronts up as the next customer and I say to myself I have this. My voice is all shrill like it gets when I’m nervous but I have this. I call the first part he swings back and hits his head on the board!. My mouth drops open, my heart plummets from my chest to my stomach and in my head are the words “I’ve killed him. I’ve killed Nick” I stop calling the trick and he’s still hanging on to the bar and I can’t see any blood from his head and I finally call three and he gets down and I come up and look at him and he has a big smile on his face. I said “What did you do?” He said something about humour. I said something about not finding that very funny at all and then he went back up and did it again and I had another heart attack but this one was a little shorter than the first one. When they had all gone home I remembered that the Melbourne Trapeze people The Fly factory had played the same joke twice ie pretending to hit your head on the board and I had been freaked out twice when they had done it. I do not appreciate trapeze humour.

By the end of the day Liam, Lynly and I had done some birds nests and some hocks off. I had worked on doing the lines. I had a little play flying without lines and Liam did his first land in the net on his belly. I also got to do the turn around thingy and I just love that. It was a great day. I work with good funny people. I tell you with the plans we have for Venus the Flying Trapeze 2016 is shaping up to be an exciting year.

Thank you for reading if you want to see more pop over to our TSAST face book page just look up The South Australian School of Trapeze and remember from January next year we’re going to be open for business. .


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