Blog 3 Laura from the Bunyip came to visit



We didn’t get to fly today because of the stoopid rain but we had a reporter come to visit from The Bunyip and that was a lot of fun. Laura from the Bunyip was a lovely person and she is obviously in the right job because she asked questions that just made me want to talk and talk about Venus and her history and the people involved with her and our future plans.

Nick very kindly came along to help out with the interview and he managed to get a few words in while I took a breath. Listening to him talk to Laura reminded me of his accomplishment. He has managed to train a team of flying trapeze instructors from scratch. I wonder if anyone has done that before. Normally you would come into a school with trained staff and have one new person to train up but he trained all the instructors at the same time many of whom had no flying trapeze experience before. That’s pretty impressive.

When I could talk no more we went outside to take some photos and at least the rain held off for us to do that. This part was a lot of fun too because Nick came up with some fun camera poses. We did some cheesy stuff and then we went on the board for some photos and that is the first time I’ve been up there without a net. I didn’t want to show Laura that I was terrified but I will be most interested to see what my smile looks like in the photos because the smile felt pretty tense. I was so careful not to take a wrong step and not to bump into Nick either. So thank you Laura you were great to work with.

In other news I’m hoping to get our first school holiday program going. I’ve had a good response from people who follow the TSAST face book page so fingers crossed it works out. If you’re in Adelaide over the next school holidays we will be running this on Tuesday the 12th of July. Contact me on the page if you are interested.

We are still running regular sessions when the rain doesn’t get in the way. Our next session is on the 19th of June so please get in touch with us if you would like to come along. You can do this via our face book page, or our mobile number 0456738826 or our email

Thanks for reading and I’ll catch you next blog.


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