Blog 5 Kurt’s Fundraiser


My friend Kurt is off to France to perform a show he was in for the Fringe. It’s a real honour to be asked to go and the performers need to fund their own travel. Kurt is quite the entrepreneur at times and he organized a group of friends to fly at a discounted price to raise funds for the trip. We ended up today with a class of eleven people and they were a lot of fun.

The weather was a touch cold and I think I need to investigate buying some work hoodies. The rain and the wind stayed off though and it looked like everyone had a ball.

Alli’s son came and while she worked he just kept himself amused he is such a trooper. I wanted to have a workplace where people could bring their children because I’ve seen a lot of women stop training when they have children because they can’t find anyone to mind them or child care costs too much. Oliver went from adult to adult with everyone being charmed by him. At one point Nick was watching the knee hangs and he just stood there holding Oliver’s hand and Oliver was happy just to stand there with him, it was lovely.

Oliver showed me what he can do on the practice bar and I kid you not this two year old can hang from the bar. I was spotting him so he was completely safe but he just did it over and over. I couldn’t believe his strength. He’s going to be a circus performer when he’s older I’ll put money on it. He even helped pack up at the end of the day. I’m going to have to put him on salary. At the very least I should get him a shirt.

It was such a lovely day. Our 26th of June spot has filled up but if you would like to come and fly please contact us and we can organise a session for you.

I mentioned last week that we’re going to run our first school holiday program. This program is a modified one from the general public one and is designed for children. We will run it on Tuesday the 12th of July. Spaces are starting to fill so if you’re interested please get in contact. If you would like to come along and learn how to fly please contact us via our face book page, or our mobile number 0456738826 or our email



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