Blog 6 We Put Smiles on People’s Faces


If you had a job or you owned a business that put smiles on people’s faces you’d be pretty happy wouldn’t you? Our Flying Trapeze business puts smiles on people’s faces it’s very cool.

On Sunday when we were running a session I watched people as they finished their first swing and then went back to tell their friends about it who were waiting in line for their go and these people had enormous smiles on their faces. I thought I have put something in South Australia that has made people happy and that makes me happy.

We have a new instructor in training so a big congratulations go out to Andrew. He has a rock climbing back ground and is monkey strong so I think he’ll fit in well.

I need to send an apology out to poor Liam who brought a bun for us all to eat after the session and I just about ate it all. I have it on my list to buy the bun for the next time I see him. It was one of those pull apart super soft things with icing and it was more than this little camper could resist.

Jessica has made us a web site and it’s great. I love the way she’s laid things out and the colours and the fonts. It’s got a carny feel to it and it’s brilliant. Go check it out at Thanks Jessica.

The school holiday day is going great guns. I have about three spaces left. So if you’re interested please get in contact.

I’m also starting to look at how I can run a weekly class for people who want to come along, get fit and be shown how to do flying trapeze. They would learn everything from flying, the board, doing the lines and eventually catching. If you would be interested in a weekly class please get in touch via the contact details below. At this stage I’m thinking of running a class 11.00 oclock Fridays weather permitting.

If you would like to come along and learn how to fly either as a class or a two hour introduction session please contact us via our face book page, or our mobile number 0456738826 or our email

Thanks for reading and I’ll catch you next blog.


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