2016 Blog 2 Flat Out Happy


At the end of my class on Saturday when we were absolutely exhausted I said to my long suffering training partner Chantelle I’m pooped. She said so am I. I said you know what that means? She said ‘Home time?” I said it’s time to train more on tired muscles. She said it’s time like this I forget why I like you.

I jumped up on the trapeze and did some eccentric pull ups (that was a little eccentric of me dontcha think?) and Chantelle joined me and I realised that nothing made me happier than this. I have had an hour fifteen of great exercise, lots of laughs, I had trained until I was exhausted and then I had trained some more and that my friends makes me happy so so happy. I like strength, I like fitness, I love trapeze and I love jokes and I get it all in my Saturday afternoon class. I just remember thinking as I jumped up to do some more exercises it wasn’t oh yuck I don’t want to do anymore it was pure happiness and you know how sometimes you go through crap and you think you’ll never be happy again and then voila happiness comes back. It’s very cool.

It was another brilliant lesson but before the lesson was Friday night open training and we got to see Alex and Persia’s routine and wow it’s amazing. I’ve seen bits and pieces before but this was just about the whole thing and my goodness it’s a knock out. Persia does this amazing hoop routine, then Alex wows them on the trapeze, then they both do this amazing acro routine and then they do a tissu routine and it’s like the music takes you from one apparatus to the next. I would dearly love to go to Melbourne to see the whole thing but it was pretty cool seeing what we saw Friday night.

Now onto our lesson. I told you last week we are doing more ballsy moves well our Saturday class is becoming no place for the faint hearted. Fortunately a very smart chap once told me don’t go into any moves that you don’t know the way out of as long as I can get out of a move I’ll pretty much give most things a try. There’s been a few moves that I have run away and said oh that’s a bit dose of nope.

We looked at our pull overs, I’m working on an argyle design – yes? Turns out Chantelle and I may have been doing them a little bit the hard way and it may well be now that we’ve learnt an easier way to do them they may arrive a little sooner than I was expecting. So that’s nice.

Then it was on to the chips move and the star fish move. We pretty much ran a comedy skit working out what the chips move was and what the star fish was and it didn’t help with me thinking that the star fish was called sun flower and my goodness I thought we were going to have to start using sign language to get ourselves understood. Alex fixed the problem by saying there is no sunflower move so lets just do chips and star fish and then we’ll all know what we’re talking about.

So Chantelle goes first and does a beautiful chips and oh my goodness do you know what I’ve just realised we did star fish and chips, fish and chips and I didn’t pick it up at the time – argh! Ok so she did chips and it looked gorgeous. When I did mine I kind of felt like a half dead fish in a net. Alex said I looked ok I’m not sure I bought it. Then we did my sunflower, Chantelle’s chips and the actual star fish. Chantelle goes into this move so effortlessly and a big dose of nope was standing right next to me. Regardless me and nope got up to do the move and I have to say nope was yelling when I did it, man that move hurts. Yes it looks pretty but the pain factor is a little high. I couldn’t do it all the first time I tried it so it’s pretty cool I got it this time. Nope didn’t make an appearance for the next move though – dun dun duhhh!.

So I have a friend called Jessica who is a bit of a whiz at trapeze and because she doesn’t realise how good she is she thinks everyone can do what she does. So she has this move called the Carousel and for as long as I’ve known her she’s been saying Trish do the Carousel, you’ll love the Carousel. So I’ve watched her do it on video and pretty much put it in the nope category. I watched her do it in person and thought yeah like it but still nope but this Saturday for some scary psychic reason Alex says hey let’s learn the Carousel. If I find out that Jess has been chatting to Alex look out Missy.

So Alex demonstrates and I’m thinking no bloody way and Chantelle is looking like she’s thinking the same thing and Alex says you’ll be fine which is Alex speak for I’ll catch you if you fall. Anyhoo I found out the escape path, Alex demonstrated it a couple more times and then it was our turn. I did it and pretty much buggered it up, that my friends is my gift to the world. I make other people feel better by buggering things up first. Chantelle gets up and does the whole thing perfectly and I thought – right it’s on. Have I ever mentioned that I am almost pathologically competitive? Who am I kidding there is no almost in that description. So I get up and bugger it up only slightly less than previously but I’m a little happy that I’m still alive and I have to say it’s a really cool move so Jess is right.

We did our routine and now Alex has put something quite spesh in it. We’re going to change trapezes and do a cartwheel to get to each other’s trapeze and wow colour me impressed. I now have to practice on the trapeze Chantelle uses otherwise I’m going to be falling off the perch all over again. I had an option to the cartwheel I could have done a fan roll. I’ve never heard of them but Jeeze they’re pretty. I should probably learn them they would be handy to have in your repertoire.

I love these lessons I go back to my property afterwards and I muck animals out and slosh about in gumboots and think about being up in the air doing pretty stuff, it’s awesome. I didn’t have to run away to join the circus I just drive into the big smoke, get my fix and come home again.


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