2016 Blog 3 We’re gettin’ a Triple!


There was a lot happening in our little world of static trapeze today. Firstly Chantelle brought in some swatches for fabric for our outfits for the Christmas show and my goodness the pattern we have picked is to die for. Think velvet and the galaxy and there’s sparkle in there too. Gorgeous simply gorgeous. Thank you Chantelle’s mum for making our costumes.

We had Tazi teaching us today because Alex is off being wonderful interstate with Persia. They are doing a show called Mortal Sins if you are reading this and you live in Melbourne I would recommend getting down to see it. I watched them practice and like – Wow!

Tazi is an incredibly kind and patient person and she gave us a wonderful lesson today. It was pretty much a clean up of what you know. How can you make your tricks and your routine nicer, cleaner , where are the tweaks. I got so much out of the session and I took heaps of notes so I didn’t forget by the time I got home. Chantelle and I got to watch each other perform and watching Chantelle was an eye opener. The smallest moves are beautiful when done correctly. Watching her just going up to the ropes from a knee hang she made it look so graceful and elegant.

We did some tissu stuff. Chantelle treats it like fun, I treat it like I’m tackling a boa constrictor. How did this art form ever take off? I do want Chantelle to show me how to get down like a Bond girl though I do fancy that.

Now the big news. The bigger than Ben Hur news. The biggest bestest most fabulous news is that Circobats are moving their triple trapeze from Scotch College to Sir Donald Bradman Drive which is where we train now. To say I’m a little excited would be an understatement. OMG!!!!!!! The things we will be able to do on that baby. I have already googled triple trapeze images and I have plans for the next year of classes and I’m thinking Christmas Show!!!!!! Could we do something for that! Goodness I’m doing a lot of breathing exercises to stay calm and cool but I have to say this news has made Trishy a very happy camper.

Thank you Chantelle and thank you Tazi for making my Saturday afternoon fantastic.


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