2016 Blog 4 Improv!


The most amazing coincidences keep happening at Circobats. Now I am the most dyed in the wool hippy you’re ever going to meet so maybe these coincidences are nothing special to you but they are blowing my mind. They show me that whatever is going on at the moment I’m on the right track, I’m doing what the Universe wants me to do or maybe the Universe is happy to help me do what I want to do, I shall ponder that one on the next dog walk.

It started with the fact that I am a major bat fan, love bats of all shapes, sizes, kinds, you name it. Dracula – yes, vampires – yes, fruit bats ah ha. Little bitty tiny bats at twilight – yes please keep em coming. Bat Fink – complete legend my hero cannot get enough of Bat Fink. I’m looking for a trapeze class and Circobats have a giant upside down bat on their wall and it’s their logo, mm I thought Universe are you sending me a message?

Then on one of my trips in to class I say to the Universe I want to learn a routine how can we make this happen? I get to class, Tazi is taking the class, she says hey girls I want to teach you a routine. The very day I put the request out to the Universe. Unbloodybelievable.

Now it’s happened again. I’m on my way to class I say to the Universe, Universe I would like to learn drops and stagger me if Alex doesn’t give us a lesson today on drops. It’s freaky I tell you.

Anyhoo before I begin talking about the drops Circobats are doing a show in the school holidays so if you’re going to be in Adelaide in the second week of the school holidays I would recommend you give it a look, it’s called Spaced Out and you can get tickets through the Circobats web site. We’re also going to get the opportunity to see Alex and Persia’s show in Adelaide during November so stay tuned for news on that one.

I normally play Hit Ball on Saturday mornings before trapeze class and today it was cancelled. I decided well I’ve got all of this time I’m going to go for a run and walk the dogs and on the way home from walking the dogs I gave sanctuary to an evacuating race horse and his three carers, (we have floods in Adelaide right now). This was all fine and good but it meant that by the time I arrived for my trapeze class I was pooped and the class hadn’t even started. I decided that I would soldier on because I had already missed my Friday training because of these pesky floods.

We started with some strength work and while we were doing this Chantelle was doing crazy dancing and I said I was a fan of interpretive dance, I mean who isn’t? Chantelle mentioned how nice it was that some of my kids were willing to get up and make up a dance (I’m a school teacher and I had posted on facebook about a cool dance two students made up for Grace’s version of You Don’t Own Me) and she said she had students who hated improv and that was so sad. Improv was a chance to do what you wanted to do. Now file that conversation away for a moment because I’m pretty sure Alex wasn’t with us when Chantelle said it.

So Alex produced these cards which are very cool and show trapeze tricks and I looked at the ones she was looking at and I thought no Alex we’ve done them what are you looking at them for? Fortunately I have learned to hush up and listen up before I put my foot in my mouth which used to be and still is one of my best tricks. Alex says today I’m going to show you drops. Drops I thought, did I hear drops? I’m pretty sure I heard drops.

Alex ups and shows us a trick that she says is the first step to a drop but it’s a little ‘catchy’. Oh Chantelle and I chuckled at that one, ‘catchy’ in Alex speak means it’s probably excruciating, but she had me at drop. I did the move, it hurt like hell, I didn’t care we were doing drops. This move, I’ve totally forgotten what is was called, looks very cool so when we get the next bit I think it’s going to be quite specky.

Then we did a drop from Birds Nest and that was just lovely. You keep your hands on the bar so it’s just a soft drop but it still looks cool. We did drop to Mermaid and I was rubbish at that one, just need some practice I guess.

Have you ever wanted your trainer to get the hell off the bar because you wanted a shot? That’s how the drop to Birds Nest felt. Alex demonstrated it and I thought yep that’s for me I’ll have a little of that please.  One of my legs kept falling off during the drop to Mermaid and Alex said it’s cool turn it into drop to Angel and I thought Static Trapeze is AWESOME.

I could have done drops forever but we finally stopped and looked at transitioning from Rain Drop to Bat Split. That led us into a conversation about transitioning and putting moves together and how we should be looking at how to do that and then colour me freaked and cue the freaky music , Alex says it’s time to do some improv. Unbelievable!

So putting that freakiness to one side she says come up with at least five moves and put them together, on the spot people! (that was my words not hers). We were now totally out of my comfort zone. Chantelle leapt to it and I thought about my options, I could freak out and say I DON”T DO IMPROV!!!!! I could fake a stomach ache or I could do it. The clock ticked, I gave weight to each option, I thought about Mark Twain sailing away from his safe harbour. I thought about Chantelle and her saying how sad that some of her girls don’t like improv. I also thought about ‘move away from the person you are to become the person you want to be”. So I thought sod it, give it a burl. Alex and Chantelle have created a learning environment where you are willing to give things a go. If it doesn’t work the world won’t stop turning and I wanted to be Improv girl, I’ve never been Improv girl.

So today I improvved. I just put some moves together. Alex read them out to me as I did them, she tweaked the sequence and it was done. This means I am on the way to creating my own routine, whoa! That would be beyond cool.

It’s a great class have I mentioned that?

Thank you Alex and thank you Chantelle for magical Saturday afternoons.


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