2016 Blog 5 Spaced Out is Out of this World



So that’s a yes to I’m doing a review of the Circobat show Spaced Out and that’s a yes to the fact that I’ll be milking this review for every planet, universe and space pun I can think of.

I was cheeky enough to ask if I could come and watch the Circobat final dress rehearsal before the show opens tomorrow. I’m currently doing two weeks of training and that means I can’t make it to see any of their actual performances this week. Nevertheless coming to the rehearsal meant that I saw a little of the enormous task that putting on a show like this entails. It is predominantly a young cast and it made me think that their director Alex Charman was amazingly patient and on point as it seemed like a million things had to be co-ordinated. She was assisted by Zoe Franklin Charman and Tazi Jeffries who kept peeling off to complete a job and then seamlessly reappearing each time to keep on rehearsing. It was amazing to watch the pre checks, how they manage the costume changes and from what side of the curtain do you come on stage and where do you leave by. I found all of that fascinating.

I was astounded by how that amount of young people in the Circobat troupe with all of the distractions of lights and costumes and props sat there and listened to their director before the start of the show. I have often said that how you talk to children is how they will talk back to you. Their director was respectful to them and they were respectful back. It was impressive and let’s be straight here – there was no space for error- yeah space you get that one? I didn’t even planet. Stop me please!

Ok so the show began and I had a great position for viewing. The atmosphere was electric! Hmmm? I have to be careful here as I go through each act as I don’t want to give away the exciting things that happen in the show but I do want to tell you how wonderful it all is and that you’d be crazy to miss it. Wish me luck as I apply the correct gravity to describing each act.

As I watched the first act I thought I’m going to need to consult a thesaurus otherwise I’m going to call everything exciting and that’s tough because everything was exciting.

The show starts with a silks act, the boys had cool tops and the girls had these beautiful glittery dresses. While I watched this act I thought I want to take up silks. Now anyone who knows me knows that I’m no friend to the fabric but this act made me go ooh and aah as they did stuff and I thought I want to do that. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that any act could make me want to do silks but there you are the first act did. The act was so clever in how everything was co-ordinated. Four silks, four performers and you don’t know where to look as they all do dazzling stuff. This probably means you should go and see the show a couple of times to make sure you don’t miss anything. Fortunately tickets won’t cost the Earth so you will be able to afford to go several of times. Yes that was a shameless plug, how on Earth did I get away with it.

Next was an acrobatic routine that changed the pace and the music. All of a sudden these boys were flying through the air and it was almost hard to keep up with everything they were doing. The act was slick and polished and I was out of puff at the finish. I think I must have been holding my breath during some of it.

Hoops were next and there were three girls in the act. I could see the two younger performers, who seriously were as cute as buttons, looking to the middle girl for guidance and it was lovely. It was like a display of co-operation to create this wonderful act. I loved this act. I should really see if Circobats are going to do a DVD of this show. I’d watch it again.

A change of pace and music and an exhilarating tumbling act followed hoops. I looked at these performers and I thought where are you going to be when you are adults.  Am I watching people that are going to be stars in the future, ooh I didn’t even mean that pun. I thought this act was almost Cirque Soleish. I know you probably think I’m exaggerating but it was like the act was inspired by Cirque. The performers had so much presence and confidence you could almost think that they were from outer space. I’d be careful Circobats if Cirque Solei haven’t done a space themed show they may get some ideas from your show. If nothing else you have to see this amazing back bend girl, oh my goodness, she is outstanding.

Another tick for this show was that each performer seemed to get an opportunity to have centre stage either for an act or a trick. It gave them the chance to showcase their talents and shine. I loved that.

Persia apparently is doing a hoop act. She wasn’t there while I was there but if it’s Persia you know that’s going to be good.

Duo Acrobatics was next, boy was that clever. First it’s spectacular what they do and then they do it co-ordinated with each other and it knocks your socks off. Very impressive.

Tazi Jeffries does a hat routine and we’re talking art now people. It was like her character had never seen a hat before so she explored it and played with it and then once she put the hat on her head the manipulation she did with that hat and then hats was phenomenal. Yowza!

Rolla Bolla was next, thrilling breath taking stuff all accompanied by music that suits the act perfectly. Zoe had a chance to shine with rolla bolla. She has incredible stage presence and her rolla bolla performance is amazing.

A juggling, poi and tumbling sequence came next, you honestly didn’t know where to look there was so much going on but it was all choreographed so beautifully. This is a showcase for some extraordinary talent.

An all troupe tumbling act comes next. I can only describe this as mind blowing with all of these people doing all of these things in such a tiny area without crashing and without pausing. Yowza!

You’ve barely got your breath back and there’s a triple act in full swing, yes I meant that pun. This was gorgeous. You’d have to see it to appreciate it.

There was some all troupe acrobatics and I’m so sorry I don’t know the names of things but oh my goodness and wow. I know one was a wall and there was pyramids and towers and tiny little people walking on other people to get to the top of people made structures and your mind is just blown.

I actually think that the music and the pace of the show were like separate performers. Kudos to the music and kudos to the pace of the show. The music changes for each act and it draws you in and the pace kept changing. So you actually feel almost breathless in some acts and then in some others you take a breath and think oh this is a quiet bit.

I loved this show so much. I really salute everyone involved in it you should be so proud of yourselves. This show is a good way to demonstrate to people that there is more to fitness and fun than established competitive sport. Circus lets you dress up, it keeps you fit and it requires you to work together.

Spaced Out is running this Monday, Wednesday and Friday, morning sessions at 10.00 and afternoon sessions at 1.00. The show runs for approximately 45 minutes. It is astronomically good. Brighter than the sun, cooler than the moon there is no reason on Earth you would want to miss it. I predict a meteoric rise to fame for these performers.



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