Blog 1 What Do You Do When You Can’t Use Your Trapeze

I haven’t written a blog in a long long time and that’s because various forces of darkness have worked hard to remove much of what I enjoy. However I have prevailed. Circus has gone and for the moment so has trapeze but I have found a couple of things to keep me happy while I wait for at least trapeze to come back and who knows about circus, never say never.

Two things I have discovered have saved my sanity and they are Crossfit and Pole. Today’s blog will be about Pole.

To begin with I have found a pole studio that is close to home. This is an incredible luxury, no more one hour trips there and back for me. It’s a brand new studio and it’s clean and lovely with this great colour décor and beautiful lights. I’m a sucker for fairy lights they just make me happy.

The prices are great and the instructors are wonderful. I joined because I wanted to learn the flag and I wanted to be more comfortable in my own skin but I am getting so much more out of this experience.

I go to Sky High Pole and Fitness and it is my happy place.  I have met many fantastic, interesting, funny kind people, people that I would never have met otherwise.

There is an atmosphere in this place that is safe, encouraging, friendly and funny. The owner can regularly be seen in a lamb onesie and when I saw her in that the first time I thought, these are my people and it just got better. My Monday and Friday instructor is pretty much an amazon and I want to grow up and be just like her. My Wednesday instructor is teaching me moves that I never dreamed I could do and she breaks it down bit by bit. I don’t get all of it but it doesn’t matter I know I will get it in time and I know that every class I go to will progress my ability in the move.

In this blog I would like to talk about my Saturday instructor, I suspect I have known her in many previous lives. She is a female soul mate.  She starts her lessons by saying, “think about your intention for the lesson”. I love this idea so much that I use it for just about everything I do now. She has unicorn coloured hair which changes colour every time her head moves and she’s so kind it’s ridiculous. What possibly some trainers forget is that if you do not get your students to trust you or feel comfortable with you they won’t perform or succeed as well as they could. They have figured this out in Sky High Pole and Fitness, Stacey sets the scene in her classes. She spends time getting to know everyone and she makes sure everyone gets value out of the class. I’ve seen the other instructors do it too. They are really skilled at getting around to everyone in the class, having a laugh, having a joke, it’s really impressive.

Stacey does a very good Voloceraptor and before pole I hadn’t seen anyone do a Voloceraptor. The lamb Onesie got involved too and I remember thinking who else could be in a room with a Voloceraptor and a Lamb Onesie, there can’t be that many.

Apart from some near monkey strength, what Pole has given me is some confidence that I did not have before. I’ve never worn the outfits that I have worn in pole before and nobody cares, nobody looks, it’s awesome.  The first time I showed my stomach, it was a huge deal for me and I looked around and nobody in the class even looked in my direction. I remember thinking well here I am my stomach is out and nobody cares, it blew my mind.

Now this Saturday just gone I had woken up in the night with chest pains that were dreadful. I finally went back to sleep I got up Saturday and was greeted with the mother of all anxiety attacks. I know how to deal with them and I dealt with it, then I was exhausted because it’s like going on a rollercoaster. I skipped gym thinking you’re not safe to drive and then the roller coaster went up and I had nearly manic energy. I thought stay home Morton you are not fit for the outdoors but then I remembered Saturday means Pole for the Soul.

I curbed my mania I got in my car and I headed for the studio. Lack of sleep and still riding the rollercoaster meant that I achieved very little in class but again I knew that I was progressing each move even if I was just toughening up the skin and then at the end of the lesson it was time for Pole For the Soul.

Stacey says we need time to just dance and move to one song so she makes time at the end of the lesson to do this. She calls it Pole for the Soul and she warms you up for it. She explains that no-one is watching, she gives you some simple moves you can do and she says she will dance as well so there really is no-one watching. I’ve never been able to do anything unscripted until we started these sessions and I love it. I’m not doing much but it’s like a moving meditation and afterwards I feel the same as if I had had an hour of yoga, I am so grateful for these classes and I am so grateful this studio opened.



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