Blog 3 Pole Photo shoot

I have always fancied having a professional photo done of me. I always meant to do it and never got around to it. I’m now 51 and figure what the hell if you get the opportunity I say take it.

I had the photo shoot last night and it was a fantastic experience. If you want to feel good about yourself I would really recommend this. Financially speaking it’s the sort of thing that you can invest a lot in or a little in.

So do you buy a new outfit, get a fake tan, get your hair done, make up done and so on. I pretty much did the works but I managed to save a little by hunting down a cheaper outfit I was happy with. Since I now think that I will do this once a year if I get the chance I will probably start looking for next year’s outfit now. These photos can be a way to show how I have progressed at pole.

I got my first fake tan for this experience, yowza that was amazing. Do you have any idea how many people are naked for their fake tans? I was amazed. I didn’t go naked I wasn’t that comfortable with the experience. I got a pedicure and for that part I got to sit in a wonderful massage chair that was close to orgasmic. Sitting in a massage chair was another first.

I had my make up done and my hair done and the lady who did it, Kim, was just lovely. I have some regret that I didn’t go out afterwards to show off the hair and makeup. My shoot was in the evening and it was a wet windy Sunday night so I went home when we were finished but next time I might have the shoot done mid day and go out to lunch or something when we are done.

I was as nervous as hell but I had wanted this done for so long. I was a little sad that the make up didn’t transform me. You know how you see some people without make up and then with and you can barely recognize them? You could recognize me. My before make up shot was a little terrifying and then my after one was still me but better groomed. She did a beautiful job on my hair I just loved that and then I wore false eyelashes for the first time and my goodness that was fun. Getting your hair and make up done makes you feel incredibly special and looked after so I went into the shoot feeling quite prepared and excited for it.

Now I had some positions organized but my beautiful studio owner Scarlett, stayed for the shoot and directed me through it. The photographer was great and he pretty much talked to Scarlet who interpreted for me. When he said be parallel to me and I was scratching my head for how I could make that happen Scarlett would jump up and say foot there, head there, look that way, point that toe and off we went. She and the photographer had been there since 7.30 in the morning and this was 7.00 at night and both of them were still lovely and patient and friendly. I was amazed, I would have been exhausted.

While the shoot is happening and it took thirty minutes you feel like you are the centre of attention, it is the most wonderful feeling. Afterwards I went and sat with Scarlet’s mum and we chatted and looked at the photos so I could pick some out and it was great. Everything was so relaxed. What it has made me think is that I will now consider doing competitions. If I can handle all of that hub bub and enjoy myself I reckon I could do competitions, so there’s something to think about for the future.


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