Blog 4 Dance Class


Blog 4 Pole Dance Class

Every Wednesday night at 8.30 I have dance class and I wait all week for it. This is a chance for us to use the moves we’ve been learning and string them together to a song and something magical happens.

Emily is our instructor for this and what she does is quite incredible. In one hour she teaches us a dance. She breaks it down so that we can get each move. She goes over anything that we haven’t understood but how the heck she does this every time in just an hour I’ll never know.  She hasn’t made the dances so easy that you barely need to concentrate and she hasn’t made them so hard that you think what the hell am I doing here. I guess it all comes down to secret instructor business and they know what a beginner can probably do and what they can’t. Now the magic doesn’t stop here though.

I had not had a great day on Wednesday, it was a very low energy day, it’s Winter here, so by 8.30 it was rainy, dark and cold and I hadn’t taken the news of a female Doctor Who well at all. I was feeling battered by people and seriously considered staying home and watching telly with the dogs.

Dance class and the promise of magic each Wednesday night got me out of the house, into the car and off to the studio. I think sometimes just the physical effort of getting up, getting ready and going out will lift your mood. I went to gym first, I went for a walk next and then it was time for dance class.

There is a transformative effect about these classes. I switch off from who I am, what is happening in my life and in the world and for one hour I put my burdens down and I dance and for me it’s better than therapy. Emily chooses moves that take me out of my comfort zone, give me a challenge and makes me concentrate on what we are doing. The hour goes so quickly and she manages to do all of this while giving us a laugh and still supporting everyone.

I’ve been told that a way to deal with being down is to put on a funny you tube clip or something like that but that doesn’t work for me. The combination of going out, meeting lovely class mates, having a laugh, doing things that you would not normally do just lifts you out of yourself. When I get home my only difficulty is to stop buzzing enough to be able to go to sleep but even this morning as I write this I can feel my mood is so much better.
Each week in dance class I’m improving and my current goal is to learn the little things like the head flicks and having some flair with the moves. Dance class has shown me that it’s a real shame to just concentrate on technique I think a large part of dance is freedom and expression and we get that in Emily’s class as well as plain old fun. Sometimes I’m so into what I’m doing I forget all about the timing and last night I ended up turning round and facing poor Stephanie when I should have had my back to her and she didn’t say one word bless her. She laughed, I laughed and we kept going. So chalk up another magical aspect to the class, Emily has created a class where people support each other and have fun they don’t tear each other down. Emily really is a bit magical.
Thank you Universe for providing this studio, these instructors and my fellow students who I love to bits.


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