Blog 5 Horses and Unicorns


It was a huge week for me in Pole. We had a really fun class in Friday night beginners and I was still pursuing my strategy of displaying strength moves whenever possible to see if that would get me graduated from beginners to intermediate. I figured even if it didn’t, I would still be increasing my strength and practising cool moves. At the end of the lesson Sarah comes up and says can you dive? I said no. She said have you tried? I said no. She said want to? I said yes and then all of a sudden it was put a leg here and squeeze your knees tight and let go of your hands and all of a sudden I was in the middle of a dive. Then Sarah looked straight at me and said “you’re in the intermediate class”. Approximately 8.15pm on July 23rd 2017 I got what I had been hoping for, I had graduated from beginners to intermediate classes. A whole new world was about to open up for me.

Saturday then meant I cancelled my beginner class and enrolled for my first inters class because that’s what we in intermediate call them you know, Inters. My first job was to not go into a total panic for being in a new class, my second job was to remind myself I didn’t have to prove myself to anybody, Sarah had said I could do intermediate and Sarah is the bomb. If she says it, I believe it. I also had Emily instructing and Emily would totally tell me to rack off if she didn’t think I was up to snuff. Emily is one of those gorgeous creatures who is also totally down to earth it’s a really funny combination.

My third job on entering inters was to buy myself a new top from the clothes rack out the front because as we all know if you can’t do something at least look the part.

There were two people in the class. One was superwoman and one was me, I was not deterred. The good thing about two people in a class is that you get lots of attention. The bad thing about two people in a class is that you get lots of attention. I was so tired at the end of the lesson that I drove out of the car park, found a quiet street turned the car off, locked the doors and maybe I slept maybe I passed out. When I woke up I had one of those where am I who am I experiences so it was a deep deep sleep.

Emily is an awesome instructor, my God. It was all Trish come try this, Trish come and look at this. It was so much fun and I realised that pole has got a great, big, long, interesting road ahead of amazing things to learn.

I felt a little sad that I hadn’t started this earlier like in my twenties. I wouldn’t have had the courage to wear a two piece outfit in my twenties and that’s because of allowing myself to have my wings clipped by people around me. This is the whole unicorns and horses thing.

There is a running joke in the pole community about unicorns and horses. Unicorns fly, horses are beasts of burden. I’m not knocking horses, it’s an allegory. If you are not careful about who you have around you, if you allow down trodden beasts of burden to say to you, don’t wear that, don’t stand up, don’t shout out, don’t colour your hair, conform, fit in, get the job, get the house and you follow all of these rules and then you see they are still not happy and neither are you. Unicorns fly, they sparkle, they have colour, they do pole, they express themselves, and they are free. They do not care if they are big or small or have scars, they don’t care if they are good at something or bad at something as long as they are enjoying themselves, unicorns just have a ball.

Saturdays class and graduating Friday has shown me that the world is out there for me I just have to pick what I want. It’s a very cool place to be in. Emily is going to show me a heap of cool moves. Sarah is going to show me handsprings. Wow people just wow!

Thank you Universe for providing this studio, these instructors and my fellow students who I love to bits.


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