Blog 6 Stretch Class



Blog 6 Pole Stretch Class

I’m into my second week of inters it’s definitely a growing experience but I would like to save that for another blog. I have the feeling that inters may take up a few blogs, that’s if I survive it.

For this week I would like to talk about stretch class. I never used to stretch then I started doing a little with circus class and Hit Ball. I backed this up with doing more in my own time but I had never been to a weekly stretch class until now. I have a pole mentor and she said if you want to be able to do the pretty moves you have to be able to bend, so off Trishy toddled to pole stretch. Let me tell you pole stretch takes stretching to a whole new level.

You do stretching of course in the beginning and the end of your regular pole class and that gives you a taster for their stretches but yowza the dedicated stretch lessons are amazing.

On Thursday night the class starts at 8.30 and that’s pretty much time for jim jams and cocoa but I thought suck it up Trishy you want to be able to bend. Tina takes Thursday night and she’s a stretch guru. She gives you a stretch that you’ve known for years and then she tweeks it and says just go a little further or just turn a little that way or just try this position. I can’t work out if it’s exhilarating or torture and I suspect it’s somewhere in between but at the end of the class you feel long and lean and flexy, it’s amazing. After these classes my joints feel less stiff, it’s like a stretch work out. If you live in Adelaide I would recommend you come to our studio and try it. Tina is uber bendy, so she’s walking the talk, she is an actual example of what people can aspire to in the world of stretching, very cool stuff.

Giang takes the Saturday stretch class and this Saturday we did backs. My goodness I felt like I had been on a rack and someone had just stretched my back right out. We used yoga blocks and we bent one way then the other and it was Heaven. I’ve never had great flexibility bending backwards and she gave us some exercises that would work on that as well as strengthen your back.

These two instructors have reignited my love of stretching. I’m going to be really interested to see what my body is capable of. There is this lovely stretch which is a variation on the pigeon pose. Ella in our class does it beautifully and I want this so I’m already practising that one at home. This is what I’m talking about.


I’m also starting to wonder about the positive effects of stretching rather than just learning a cool move. I know strength is good as we grow older but I’m wondering now about stretch. I know I feel better after I stretch but I’m wondering if this is another way to get into old age more mobile, with less pain from joints and so on. I’m very interested in fitness being a life long activity rather than just do it until you can do it no more. There are some extremely senior yoga people out there that are pretty darn flexy.

I wanted to mention one more thing before I go. It’s trust again which seems to be a recurring theme in my blogs. If you don’t trust your instructor, if you don’t trust the person you are partner stretching with, the experience is miserable. Even if it takes you a couple of classes to make up your mind about your instructor or who in your class is good to partner up with it’s worth it to take the extra time. I need to trust the people who are saying do this and bend that. I need to know that they can do what they are asking me to do and that they care how I am progressing rather than just “Away you go, go give that a burl”. A lovely aspect of the Sky High Pole and Fitness studio is that all of the instructors engender that trust.

Allrighty thank you for reading and I’ll talk to you next week.

: Please note I don’t own these images. I found them on the internet, liked them and that’s why I’m using them. If you know who I need to give credit to for them please let me know.



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