Blog 19 Life Lessons


Pole was providing some interesting life lessons this week. I’d had a rough week and only managed to get into Pole for the first time on Friday. Forehead slap for this, if I want to be half way decent for Friday, I need to get my tush into pole at least Monday and Wednesday. Well I didn’t and it showed because I was truly abominable at everything I tried. Fortunately abominable is one of my favourite words so at least I get to use that.

Here’s how Friday went and lets all just think a little kind thought for poor bloody Sarah who was running that class. It kind of went like this;

Sarah – Trish try this move.

Trish – (Pretty much Goofy Disney voice) Awww ok. Gave it a burl, not much happened.

Trish try this move.

Same outcome.

And on and on it went. My god I should have tried a spin around the pole to make sure I could still do that.

I did do a Tammy and I was happy with that but I did wonder how Sarah felt at the end of the session, some lessons must be a hard slog for her if she thinks some of the students aren’t progressing. I hope she knows I love her to bits and enjoy her classes. There were three other girls who were going along great guns so that may have been enough to show her that her training was not in vain and to be honest I figure if I show up it’s better than on Facebook all night.

Sarah asked me at the end, was this session too hard for you? Yes I answered cheerfully. I had found it bloody difficult but as I said to Sarah if I don’t go to the hard sessions I will be bleating about, where’s my Iron X? Why hasn’t it arrived yet? At some point I need to get out of my comfort zone. Sarah said she practised her Iron X every time she was on the pole so I need to do that. Get your act together Trishy. Sarah can do ten Iron X push ups, have I told you that?

Saturday rolled along and in a truly exhausted state I huffed and puffed my way into pole stretch. I had missed the last two Saturdays because of work and that marathon and I wasn’t going to miss another. So far that morning, I had been to gym, I had run a mile and then walked a mile up a hill and back down because I am doing a ‘run/walk’ 100 miles in November challenge. Stretch was excellent, I was pretty warm going in and it just felt so relaxing this week.

The next lesson was Inters 1 and 2 and I was lucky enough to do this with Stephanie and Megan. Those girls are great to do a class with. They are lovely and supportive. They put so much effort into their own moves. They are willing to take risks, they don’t mind experimenting, they don’t play it safe, they don’t mind not succeeding in front of others and they will just keep trying until they get it. I have a lot of respect for these two and again in life lessons I have learnt a lot from them. Stephanie did this move over and over again until she got it, I found this pretty inspiring. Both of these girls are going to perform eventually and I reckon they are going to wow people.

So I seemed ready to continue my pole history of – don’t know nuffin, can’t do nuffin, but to give Giang her due she wasn’t going to give up. Neither did Sarah last night, is this part of the instructor training manual? Find that student who is not moving and get her to move.

We started doing combinations and I was thinking nup, nup and nup. A couple of things was getting in the way of what I was trying to achieve. Giang showed us the Iguana and I really liked that but I wasn’t able to get into it. Giang said I’ll help you. Now I am a big Clydesdale type of person. I am a crossfitter, I am tallish, I’m just big and gangly and unco-ordinated. I looked at Giang and thought I’ll kill her if I land on her. So I told her I was nervous about hurting her and could she just watch rather than spot but I couldn’t get it by myself. Now just file that one away for the time being.

Next Giang showed us the layback. I had seen the layback right back when I started and I remember thinking you will never get that. I have done or have had done some terrible things to my back and she now protests vigorously if I try to bend her backwards. So with reluctance but with admittedly only the tiniest attempts at this move I said to Giang I can’t go backwards. Try she says.

So I tried and Giang came to spot me and I realised that with the top I was wearing if I went upside down Giang was going to see my scars that my top normally hides. So I got up, explained the situation, promised to wear a different top for next week and that was all done and dusted.

So I’m standing there watching Megan and Steph do amazing thing after amazing thing and there’s me with my non bending back and my incorrect top and I’m thinking have you really examined all the options. You can bend backwards on the gyms GHD machine and you can change your top right now you don’t have to wait until next week. So I changed my top and I said to Giang I would like to have a go please.

So off we trotted, I got up, I got in my seat and I put my brittle, scary, causing me humungus pain back in the hands of Giang. I figured if she dropped me there was a mat but regardless I wanted to know if I could do this.

So to do this move you sit in a seat on the pole. You go backwards and you have to let go to go backwards – scary! Giang had explained before that you don’t have the right leg grip until you start to drop because your leg will move into the right position. So you have to lower yourself without the right grip at first. Scary! Giang is very good at explaining the mechanics of a move. She did it when I was scared of the Dive, she said your hands are doing nothing in this position it’s all legs, let your hands go. I trusted her for the Dive I was going to trust her for this.

You know how the motivational people say do something that scares you every day? This friggin terrified me. I have had wonderful instructors that I have trusted and I have had crap instructors that I trusted. So as I started to lower myself I was putting my total trust in Giang and I realised that Pole is a ballsy game. We do scary stuff. I know this wouldn’t bother other people at all but I found it terrifying.

So I was sitting on the pole, my leg was not in the right position yet. I let my hand go and my leg starts to drop and I start to head for the floor. I have to let the other hand go and for a moment it’s just legs on the pole, hands heading for the floor and my back went backwards. My back that hurt me solidly for five weeks once. My back, that I had to take pills to go to bed and pills to get up because it was so painful. The same back was sitting up and then bending backwards and stagger me if she didn’t let me get back up and regrab the pole. My God people, I got off the pole and I did aeroplanes all over the studio floor.

I wondered going into Pole, if because I had started so much later would I not be able to get some moves and now I am starting to wonder if I can have all of the moves if I am willing to put the time in and if I am brave enough. I never thought I would get the Dive, the Dive came. I never thought I would get the Superman, the Superman arrived and now this layback business. My God, my mind is blown. I am a very happy camper.

My last piece of news is, that at the very end of the class, I had another go at the Iguana. Giang came out of nowhere and said Trish can I help you? I was half up half down at this point. I said ok. These hands lifted me into the air and all of a sudden I was Iguaning all over the place. God I wish I had got a picture of that. It’s such a cool move and I did it, even with a little bit of help. I was stoked. I love Pole.

Thank you Universe for Pole and Instructors and cool moves and not being a wuse.