Blog 26 Stretch Class


Sky High Pole and Fitness (Shameless plug) run a couple of stretch classes and I go to the Saturday one. At the moment Adelaide is a furnace so it’s a bit of a big deal for me to haul my weary tush into the class when it’s 37 degrees outside and you haven’t had much sleep.

However, it is the sort of class that you don’t want to miss if you can possibly help it. Giang runs the class and it’s a really good class.

Part of the magic of this class is that you get tons of time for each stretch. I’ve done sessions in other places where you get maybe ten or fifteen seconds on a stretch. It’s not bad but we go forever in our stretches. I mean governments change, seasons change, days, weeks, months go by, before we come out of a stretch. I’m exaggerating just a tiny bit but yesterday when I really honestly thought is Giang ever going to say come out of this stretch I felt myself go deeper in the stretch. It was like one minute, tight, tighter, excruciating, then oh I’ve just moved down a couple of millimetres it was amazing.

While I was doing this stretch that lasted a thousand years, I had a lot of time for reflection. Normally I sleep in the stretches. I’m so tired from doing Crossfit or Giang’s pole class before her stretch class that I shut my eyes and power nap whenever I get the chance. However today I had only come out of my air conditioned cave for the stretch class so compared to how I was normally, I was pretty awake.

We were in this stretch and it was uncomfortable. I had twisted my knee the previous week helping to unload hay, that was flat out embarrassing, picture me saying I’ll help you unload, to my lovely hay man and then after two bales, ooh no I won’t. So I’m in this stretch and it hurts but it isn’t stabby. Giang says try and stay in the stretch if you can but if it’s painful come out. So I’m in this stretch and just for once I’m actually awake and I’m thinking it would be so easy just to move my leg out, just get up and stop, just change position and stop the stretch. This was after I had been to my happy place a couple of times and been back. I thought yes I could do that but at some point you have to decide do you really trust the person taking the class. Do you think she means for you to be in this stretch for this long and if you do and you trust her then you stay put. So I stayed put and I stayed awake and I felt my body go tight tighter excruciating and then relief, lower, it was kind of amazing.

I had made a joke earlier that we could do the class via a television in the studio and we could all stay home and follow along but there is no way I would have stayed in the stretch for that long. Also Giang was coming around readjusting people, getting them straight and you can’t get that from a video.

I need stretch for Pole but I also do stretch because I believe it strengthens your body. I know a lot of people say oh you can be strong or you can be flexible but you can’t have both but I disagree. I think flexibility makes your joints supple rather than stiff and it means you will bend before you break. I can’t prove this but I’ve seen some elderly folk who are very flexible and they look like their bodies are treating them very well. I’ve seen other people very hunched up and stiff so I would like to join the first group please.

I also think stretching is cool just for the shapes you can make and what your body can do. It’s also amazingly relaxing. I come out of stretch class and all my joints feel stretched out and limber. I feel like I’ve just had a yoga class in the sense of how relaxed I feel and it’s helping me with my pole. I also don’t get very sore with exercise and I wonder if the stretch class is helping with that too.

I think the pole stretch class is a little undiscovered gem at my studio. I think it has all of these benefits, only one of which is helping with pole.

It’s an amazing class. If you find a teacher that you’re really happy with you will move heaven and earth to get to their classes.

Thanks for reading

Thank you Universe for Sky High Pole and Fitness, it’s a wonderful place.


Blog 25 Dance Class

4458_Chorus-Girl-2So my pole studio runs a lesson called Combo and Floorwork. They have these sessions for each level of student and if there is a vacancy, a level above is allowed to go to a level below class. So there was a vacancy in Friday’s class and the teacher Sarah was doing a routine to Sia’s Elastic Heart which is a song that I adore.

I’m sure we’ve all seen the video clip to Elastic Heart and if you haven’t just google it, it’s right there waiting for you. I had always thought there is no way I could do a credible dance to that song. Sure I could jig around, especially with a little alcohol inside me but an actual choreographed dance? I wanted to see if I could do that.

Do you know what? I released my inner Maddie Ziegler and I gave it a red hot go. It helped that Sarah came up with this really cool routine. We did this bit where we leaned forward around the pole and our arms were out I guess in these two sort of downward right angles. That looked really cool. Then you grab the pole with one arm, still staring at the mirror then you switch arms and when we are all doing it at the same time, it just looks excellent. I know it would be better explained with a video but I’m not techo enough for that. Anyhoo for a couple of beats you are in this pose staring at the mirror and it was just brilliant. You forget how old you are, you forget how crappy your day or your week has been. You actually just lose yourself in the dance.

Now just imagine looking at your reflection in the mirror as you do this dance and being happy with what you see? How much would you pay for that? I loved that lesson, I truly honestly loved that lesson, well done Sarah on a fantastic choreography. 

I did a dance class as well with Emily on Monday and I discovered when I got home that I could practice pirouettes and body rolls with my hills hoist. So I’m putting out the washing the next day, side stepping dogs and practising her routine. I was doing body rolls against the hills hoist and when I did them I wasn’t a person who had just picked up the horse poop, or fed the dogs or mopped the floor, I was someone in a studio doing a cool dance to cool music wearing a cool outfit. Thanks Emily, brilliant class.

There is something about doing what you love being so beneficial to you. When you do what you love it takes all the toxic people out of your system and you are transformed. I would urge everyone to find what they love and do it, you will become a different person.

This has got to get a mention. Monday night I did a Tammy with a fair bit of encouragement from Emily, cheers for that Emily. I also have started the process to learn drops from Sarah and I thought they would be a super duper mega advanced move and no there is a version they can teach us where we won’t die. How cool is that?

We had a class Saturday and I had a case of the ‘fats’. There was me and the mirror and I was pulling myself to pieces. A very smart lady on Face book showed her friends a picture of them as little kids and she said would you say those hurtful things to this little kid. So I started looking in that mirror and remembering me as a little kid. Then I started looking at my body, and this was all while we were doing our exercises, and I started critically looking and finding what I liked instead of what I didn’t like. It’s a really interesting exercise. So I liked my legs, I liked my arms and all of a sudden your attention goes to them instead of what you don’t like about yourself. You should try it if you ever get a case of the fats it’s a very good exercise.

I’ve been having a few conversations with this little girl I used to be. I had almost forgotten about her. It’s actually hard to rubbish yourself when you know that you are rubbishing her.

I love my pole studio. It is my happy place. I made a deal with myself that regardless of how I felt I would show up for class and it is paying off. My mental state feels so much better.

Thanks for reading, go find what you love if you haven’t already, it is the best thing you can do.

Thank you Universe for physical fitness, dance, kind and funny instructors and Sia – thanks for Sia she’s all kinds of awesome.



Blog 24 Catharsis

Blog 24 Catharsis

My Flying Trapeze business did not succeed and the failure of this hurts. It hurts physically as well as mentally and emotionally. So this blog hopefully will be my catharsis.

I’m sitting here, crying my eyes out yet again and my chest hurts and I think this is why people used to think they were dying of a broken heart because their chest hurt. I’m sure there is some physiological reason but for me at the moment my heart is smooshed. Someone has grabbed it and crushed it and it hurts.

I believed in a rock solid way that the Universe wanted me to start Flying Trapeze in South Australia. I have since had a couple of conversations with the Universe about it’s apparent contrariness.

I had all of these hopes, dreams, expectations and now kapoot. I spent all this money and time and stress and now kapoot.

I tore down stables and fences. I went to court, I dealt with truly horrible people and now kapoot.

So were there positives and did I learn anything.

The positives are;

Nobody got badly hurt, a man fell into the net face first, I nearly broke a finger but nobody got hurt or killed that’s a major one.

I got to have a trapeze in my front paddock and who knows I may get her back one day when I find someone to go into business with or who just wants to do it socially. It’s not impossible, she was there at one point.

I have met some truly beautiful people on this adventure, that’s been good.

I flew on a flying trapeze by myself with no-one around – how often can you say that?

I have packed up a safety net and flying trapeze equipment by myself a couple of times – that’s a big job.

I flew on a flying trapeze at night time that was cool. Something else happened that night while we were flying but I’m not game to mention that publicly.

I got to be a person who did not just talk about things but did something, I got the rig to South Australia and set up and started a business before it all went kapoot.

I’m not hugely in debt as a result, I didn’t lose my house, I still have my family. If you look up the Leyland brothers they lost everything from their business going bust.

Is this a lesson in resilience? My friend wants to have a go at getting the trapeze business up and running and she is a force of nature. When she is successful I am going to need to be able to say well done, you have done what I could not and that my friends will be character building.

I guess I have not encountered failure in such a huge non digestable ball before. I’ve never been the fastest or smartest but I always get the job done. So I expected this business to work if I just tried hard enough, threw enough money at it, kept ringing the people who never answered messages or phone calls or did what they promised.

I need to allow a grieving time. I need to understand that I am suffering a loss. It’s not a loss like a loved one but it still has hit me incredibly hard

Thanks for reading. I’m sure 2018 is going to be the best year yet.