Blog 1 Crossfit Changes


It’s been a while since I’ve blogged but I can see changes taking place and I wanted to record them. I wanted to celebrate them and not just take them for granted.

For a while now I have noticed that when I brush my hair I can see muscles in my arms and my shoulders and for a long time I thought you’re imagining it, you’re kidding yourself. Then you start to see different lumps, bumps, lines on your body and you think that wasn’t there before. People start to comment on muscles they can see in your legs and your arms and then you know you’re not imagining it. Those things are cool but what is cooler than cool what is cooler than appearances is when your body can do more than it used to do and you think, I like this!

For the longest time you will go to gym and nothing will change. You will keep plugging along and if you are like me you might start to say to yourself well this is your reality now. Maybe this is the strongest you can be, maybe some of these moves aren’t accessible to you. Then the Crossfit Fairy will come in and wave her wand and say Yes Trishy you may go and do more.

So in a very rapid sequence I started to get higher numbers on my deadlift, push press, power clean and back squat. Huzzah! Then the pistol squat starts showing itself and I think yes please I’ll have a little of that.

Then I get a one on one with one of the coaches and it’s all, I think you can lift more than that Trish shall we try? And I say yes please that would be lovely and all of a sudden we are loading weights on and it’s fun, I’ve never thought lifting was fun – UNTIL NOW!

But wait there’s more! I’m doing a program to get my muscle up and I can feel myself changing. Things that were not possible are now possible. Holding myself up on the rings, slowly lowering myself down, it is an awesome feeling to do something that you couldn’t before. There’s nothing like it. You know you are getting stronger and you know that you will get the move you are after.

With this muscle up program there is one part of the training session where the coach helps you up in a muscle up so you actually feel like you are doing the muscle up. I’ve now got footage of that and I can watch it over and over so that in my head I can do this move. It’s going to take the body a little while to catch up but that’s ok. When this muscle up arrives she is going to be so beautiful.

But wait there’s still more! We did this workout today and it was a Saturday workout and they are traditionally a tough one. A person from the gym had shared this video from Matthew McConaughey Do yourself a favour and watch it, it’s so good. So I went to gym with this video firmly in my mind. I set up my little spot for the workout, I had my equipment, my chalk, my drink, my mat. I love this bit. I have always liked the preparation more than the actual workout.

Now Crossfit is like twenty percent a mental game, if you don’t have your attitude right you are lost before you’ve even started. So I didn’t look at other people around me, I didn’t listen to anyone saying oh I can’t do this it’s too hard, I didn’t listen to myself saying it’s ten rounds you nutter how the hell can you do that, I just got into my little crossfit zone and I was happy. I had Brodie next to me and he’s a very calming influence. He’s also pretty funny.

So I’m all set, I’m good to go. Ben the coach comes over and he’s the one that I did that one to one session with and he says Trish I think you can go higher on your box jumps. If you’re not a crossfitter you won’t understand what this meant to me. If you’re not a clydesdale of an athlete you won’t understand what this meant to me. My heart soared. I was getting a promotion. He wasn’t saying go lower, do less, do your best, he was saying go higher. If I had died then I would have died happy. I got my higher box and I loved my higher box. So now it was ten rounds with a higher box and I was still in my happy place. If I couldn’t do it then I couldn’t do it but I was going to give it a red hot go.

The workout started and I was just competing with me and I loved it. For the first time I did every jump and I didn’t do step ups. I finished that wod and I felt so proud of myself. Everybody should feel that way all the time.

What the Wod showed me was that I am still capable of improving. The box got higher, I managed to do jumps for the first time for the whole workout. I think sometimes I think that I am no longer capable of improving maybe I have reached my maximum potential so when something happens and I find out that there is more to achieve it’s such a gift to yourself.

I’m in a rock solid place right now, I’ve got the foundation down and now I’m just going up and up and I love it. I’ve got good life balance and life is just wonderful. Thank you for reading.