Blog 3 2018 Crossfit – Leave Your Ego at the Door


I was going to be talking about Stomp but there is just too much other stuff going on so I will tackle stomp next week. Allrighty Crossfit is still teaching me lessons – God dammit.

Last week taught me to never quit a workout. This week taught me something entirely different and it was a hard lesson.

Tuesday night we had a killer workout but it didn’t look like a killer workout. It was;

5 Rounds

200m Run

15 overhead squats

At 15 minutes complete:

3 Rounds

200m run

21 Kettlebell swings 24/16

12 Pull-ups


So I looked at it and I figured out what weights I would use and started to get myself sorted. Michael the coach, came over and said use a 10 kilo bar for the overhead squats and I was appalled. It is only by the Grace of the Crossfit God that I didn’t mutiny there and then and say “Ten kilo bar? Never!” I did have Ben and Sam in my head saying that people needed to be coachable which was a polite way of saying please hush up and listen to your coach. This coach had been right many times before but I hadn’t used a ten kilo bar since I had been in rookie fit and to be honest I felt very put out. There was more humiliation to come. “Don’t do the pull ups, do ring rows instead” and I thought bugger me, he thinks I’m old and washed up. I was spitting it but I kept it to myself and I thought I will prove him wrong.

The workout started and all of a sudden I was in a world of pain. I don’t do overhead squats very often and five rounds was punishing. By the time I got to the ring rows I was so grateful for a break to just stand there and do them. I found that workout so hard I nearly didn’t finish and what that meant was that the coach had correctly assessed my ability, my ten kilo bar, ring row ability. I left that gym feeling very sorry for myself. My God did I learn a few things from that workout.

The first thing was listen to the coach. When he says go heavier and you think he’s mad, go heavier anyway. When he says go lighter and you think he is being insulting, he’s not, go lighter. If you want to improve and not get your tush totally whipped you need to train more regularly and with more intensity, poor poor Trishy I went home feeling totally whooped.

The Crossfit God must have taken sympathy with me because Thursday was so much better. I now only do box jumps for my workout thank you very much, no more step ups for Trishy. Now see if you can spot the irony in this. For this workout, same coach same student he said go higher on the weight than I would have chosen. This workout was

For time:


Shoulder to overhead 60/40

Box jump 24/20

9 – 6 – 3

Shoulder to overhead 80/60

Box jump 30/24




EMOM – 7 minutes

10 Hollow Rocks

3 V-Ups


So you see that this workout is a two parter and it gets higher and heavier after the first part. Now this workout I flat out did not think I could complete. I didn’t even care if I was old and washed up, I just wanted to survive. I was thanking my lucky stars that I hadn’t bitched on Tuesday about the workout weights being too light and I now seriously contemplated mutiny about the weights he was suggesting today. But the point of Tuesday was to learn a lesson, be coachable! So I took the higher weight and I thought ok if I can’t complete this I will at least give it a red hot go. This time with the Crossfit God having a chuckle at my expense I had a higher weight and a higher box to jump after the first part had been completed. I decided not to think about the second part of the workout and just concentrate on the first bit.

I had a very good friend opposite me doing the same workout and I thought I’m going to keep going for as long as she does. The bugger was she didn’t stop so we both ended up completing the workout. Us with the heavier weights and the higher boxes! I felt invincible at the finish. Whatever felt bad on Tuesday felt glorious on Thursday, crazy hey? I totally stuffed up the hollow rocks and V ups but I’m not sure I cared, I went heavier and higher people!

Friday came around and Muscle Up club had no muscle ups in it, instead Sam gave us this killer strength routine. It was quite bizarre. I had nothing in my arms and we were still doing more exercises. He said look at your muscles Trish and I thought they are not going to do me much good when I’m dead! Note to self more strength exercises in the week so Sam doesn’t kill you on Fridays! I went to see Deadpool2 with two girls from the gym after Muscle up club and we snuck in fruit for snacks. What complete gym tragics hey?

We finish this Crossfit week with Saturday’s workout and Saturday traditionally is our big workout.

This workout was:

For time:

10 Hspu

15 Deadlifts 115/80

25 Box jumps 30/24

50 Pull-ups

100 Wall ball shots

200 Double unders

400m run with weight plate 20/15


The gym was half empty because there was a big comp on and I was without my usual buddies. Ben was coaching this and I thought don’t panic there will be scaling. The scaling was – dumbbell pushups instead of handstand ones, much, much, much, lighter deadlifts, green stripe box jumps, pull ups with a band and I had to switch to a bigger band. Very light wall ball, single skips instead of double and by the time I got my weary carcass out for that last run Ben said take a 5 kilo weight instead of the ten which was the original scaled amount.

The workout bloody killed. The push ups, deadlifts and box jumps were fine but I got bogged down in 50 pull ups and I never really recovered. However I plodded along and with a lot of encouragement which took the form of; “How many do you have left? No seriously how many?” I eventually finished. Ben stood over me and made sure I did every bloody skip when I was sure that he was going to say do eighty that’ll be fine. I think I was hallucinating at this point. Then Sam came out to make sure I got back from the run and I thought even without my usual workout buddies I still get looked after at this gym. pretty cool hey?

this is what I posted on facebook afterwards. I got it from another coach called Sam who is a lovely person too.


My plan is that by going to the big workouts I will hopefully gain more strength and stamina for those pesky Tuesday workouts.

Thank you for reading, catch you next week.



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