Blog 5 What a Week!


This week taught me that training will give you highs and lows, you just have to hang in there and keep turning up because you never know what will happen next!.

So Monday was pole and it was a good lesson but not a great one. It was the sort of lesson where you are building your moves but you haven’t made them yet.

Tuesday gym workout was almost unenjoyable. We were doing ladders and they were cool but it was pretty much a lesson in ‘you are the puniest in the gym’. However if I don’t keep rocking up I am not going to get any better. We had all of these barbells laid out at different weights and you had to keep moving forward power cleaning them until you could not go heavier. I got a pb because you get so caught up in everything you go harder than you would have normally but I found it difficult to watch how much stronger other people were. In the same breath though it was also cool to watch them because you realised that this is human potential and maybe one day I will be going heavier and heavier.

I find adult fitness very interesting from the mental point of view. I wonder how many people quit gym and exercise because they see other people improving before they do and being stronger or faster or able to do more moves. I am finding this an incredible workout for my ego, I actually think it is improving my outlook on all sorts of things. To realise you will not be the best but have a go anyway. It certainly makes me empathise with my students when they are disappointed with their achievements.

Wednesday is rest day because of staff meetings so Thursday saw me back in the gym and I have to say I found that experience epic. Regular readers of my blog would know that I have had my tush kicked in muscle up club lately so I have been doing work at home so I can keep up with the other muscle uppers. This homework paid off in spades Thursday morning.

On a previous Thursday Michael the trainer asked me. how many pull ups can you do and I hadn’t been able to do one. It was very embarrassing because previously I had got up to five. He said what happened and I thought to myself, you haven’t done your bloody homework Trish that’s what happened. This Thursday he said Allright lets see if you can do a pull up and if you can we can have some fun. I thought allrighty Trish here’s a second chance, it’s time to redeem yourself. So I went and I did a pull up so I was one for one. Right he says let’s do weighted pull ups. So he found me a cool belt and I put it on and I added weights and stagger me I did weighted pull ups. Huzzah Trishy! I could not have been happier. We added more and more weight until I couldn’t do the pull up. It was a brilliant feeling, I got pictures, I posted it on facebook, people commented on my back muscles and I was a very happy camper. Then something very odd happened.

We went on to the workout. We had to do ten push presses and then a ten metre walking lunge with dumbbells, ten round partner wod. Mel my partner said use the 7 kilo dumbbells you never go high enough. So I did the first round and if we had enough time in two minutes we had to do pull ups. Michael says after the first round you have time, do a pull up. Off I go and I do one. He says you have more in you, do another and I did. He says have you got three in you and I did! The pull ups felt like a stretch. They didn’t seem hard at all I didn’t understand what was happening.

I got to round two and had a complete panic. The lunges were killing me and I thought I can’t do ten rounds of these. Then I thought just do your best. They wouldn’t set ten if they didn’t think you could do ten. After each round I’m still doing the magical pull ups and having no idea how they are happening.

We got to round four and Michael says one round to go. Massive forehead slap, it’s a PARTNER Wod so we do five rounds each not ten. I do the fifth round just about skipping because I had thought I had five more rounds afterwards and now I knew it was the last. This was an occasion when my Crossfit Discalcula pays off.

Thursday night something else really rather significant happened. I went to Pole and in the course of the lesson Leanne the trainer said I want to show you a cool move but first I have to teach you how to fall. Something clicked into place the moment she said that. I had found it very difficult to switch studios and trainers. It’s hard to trust your new trainers, you don’t know how good they are and you have to trust them to teach you things without damaging you. I have met some complete schmucks in my time and it takes me a while now to evaluate someone and say yes they are good I will let them train me or no this person is not good for me don’t go any further.

I liked Leanne the moment I met her but like is not enough to get trust. Many shonky people can be likeable. It’s almost like people earn ticks and crosses. If they get enough ticks you go ahead, enough crosses you stop and find someone else. She welcomed me to her pole studio, that gets a tick. She’s funny, another tick. She helped me train for stomp, another tick. She makes me laugh, more ticks. She’s confident, and lovely, more ticks, but it was only when she said I have to teach you how to fall that I felt a click inside me and I knew that’s it I trust her. It wasn’t even a mental click, it was like my body said ok we can now go forward. I knew she was strong enough to catch me and she was smart enough to protect us where possible from injuries. So that was significant for me because it means I can now go ahead in leaps and bounds instead of hesitating all the time. I’m still not ever going to do the suicide spin. Lets not get too crazy here!

Learning how to fall was scarier than the actual move but I did it. I let her just about toss me over the pole so that I would land properly and if I didn’t know better I would think that she broke my fall because it felt like landing on a pillow. Then because we had all been brave enough to do the learn how to fall thingy she showed us a pole handstand that I had tried before but never succeeded in and that night I got one. I was so rapt. It feels harder than normal ones because one hand is on the pole but it’s a really cool move.

I did Rookie fit on Friday and then muscle up club and it was only me in muscle up club that session so I was stuffed at the end of it but I was able to do some pretty cool drills so I am slowly but surely improving. Sam the trainer had a possible explanation for my magical pull ups on Thursday. You will recall that I had done weighted pull ups first and then doing regular pull ups in the workout, my muscles had found that heaps easier. I’m going to store that piece of information away because I think it’s going to come in handy, Maybe I should be doing a weighted pull up session once a week?

The week just kept giving because I went to a pole class at my studio’s other location and that was fantastic. I had thought it was miles away but it was pretty much only ten minutes on from where I had been training. They have great stairs so I could have used them for Stomp and Katrina was taking the class and I love her lessons. I finally figured out how to bring my hips forward in a move and that meant my leg locked in properly and that was all kinds of cool.

I was only expecting to stay for one hour but there was an acro class afterwards and all of a sudden I found myself in a class where they are teaching handstands, head stands and shoulder stands. There was a time when I had considered paying extra to go to a handstand class and here is my pole studio just offering one and it was a really really good one. I left that studio completely stuffed but completely grateful.

The Saturday workout I was totally rubbish at but to be honest I did not have one piece of energy left. I congratulated myself for turning up and giving it a go and finishing it.

So that was the week that was. Thank you for reading, catch you next week.



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