Blog 11 Grit


Well Muscle Up Club was teaching all sorts of lessons today. My performance in it was, to describe it charitably, sub par. Maybe it was because the workout before it took it out of me, maybe it was because by Friday my work has sucked the life out of me, I’m not sure. I know I did my homework and today the results did not show.

It’s possible other members of Muscle Up club were feeling the same because a conversation started about what we were going to do if we didn’t get the muscle up by December. Now my mind instantly went to steroids but my friend was thinking of other ways to assist the muscle up and she was looking at six months into next year and in all honestly I was feeling a little defeated.

It’s hard when we have been working on this since January. Yes we’ve had sickness and ops in the group so we haven’t had a straight eight months but I have seen a few people now (all guys come to think of it) hop up and bust out a muscle up. So what were my lessons that today was giving me.

We have the tried and true, Suck it Up Trishy, nothing has ever come easy, hasn’t in the past, there’s no reason it should start in the present or the future. It goes a little deeper than that though.

How about what you learn while you are waiting for your goal to materialise? How about the tenacity you need to show up week after week and work and not achieve the goal yet. How about the grit you need to be the oldest in your class or the weakest or the slowest and keep rocking up to class. It’s possible that this mental fortitude training could be as valuable as the physical. Maybe you have to train your mind and spirit as hard as you train your body? Maybe Muscle Up club is about all sorts of learning and only one of those is the actual muscle up.

When I wanted to run four marathons in two years to honour what my Dad did I was a heavy smoker who couldn’t run a 100 metres. I wasn’t even game to tell anyone that I was going to do this goal because it was so far away from where my body was when I set the goal. But I quit the smokes and that friggin killed me. I went out every day and I ran and I ran, further and further and further. I was last every time I ran with a person. I ran in the heat and the rain and my body hurt from February to November which was the running season for those two years.

My house and garden went to shit while I was running and I cancelled many social engagements because I needed to go running. If I missed a marathon the goal was invalid so I had to hit two marathons twice a year and there was only three available per year in my state. I ended up doing the four marathons and an ultra with a shoulder injury. I had never felt fitter.

My point is, this bloody muscle up will come. It may not come soon but I will get it by hook or by crook and it is not inconceivable that it will arrive by Christmas. If it doesn’t I’m going to have to suck it up but if I hadn’t set the Christmas deadline would we be training as hard as we are?

I almost felt a desperation today, as if every day I am getting older and the possibility of doing the moves I want is moving further away. I don’t want to wait another six months for the muscle up there are other moves I want. I need to get this one sorted so I can move on. Funny enough I saw a clip of a sixty year old man learning and doing a muscle up. So I know there’s time but what if I get sick again or injured? It’s nearly September, I need this goal done.

I better not finish on such a negative note so let me list what has been going well. I moved 1.5 kilos up on my clean and jerk. Yay for Trishy, it’s not much but it’s in the right direction. I managed to work, look after my home and still do gym and my muscle up homework. I got a really cool video of me doing pull ups and you can see the muscles in my back moving, that actually was a highlight of the week for me. I’m not crashing energy wize anymore or at least not so much. I’ve figured out my diet, hydration, sleep and resting and that seems to have sorted out those terrible crashes.

You know in all honestly I’m being an absolute whinger. I need to be grateful for a functional body that I can muck around with this stuff. I need to appreciate having employment so I can pay for gym and training. I have lots of advantages which will help with this goal and my biggest asset is grit. I rarely if ever give up. I am as slow as a tortoise but I rarely if ever stop. This is going to get me the muscle up.

That was the week that was. Thank you for reading, catch you next week.


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