Blog 13 Bar Muscle Ups


I saw these amazing bar muscle ups at gym Monday night and they have made such an impression on me. I saw big guys almost levitate, just with their arms and rise up and over the bar, I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe how smooth and effortless they made it look and I watched them over and over again. You know how some people say they need to ‘clean up the move’ well these guys were displaying what a clean move looks like and my goodness it was amazing. One of them didn’t even look like his arms were bending. First he was under the bar then he was over the bar. I asked him about it later and he said hips were a big part of it. I watched this practice like it was an act from Cirque Soleil and I knew that this was one of those things that you see and it’s going to change your path. If it was at all physically possible I wanted this move and I wanted it as beautiful as this person was doing the move. So let’s just book that in, 2019 Trishy wants a beautiful bar muscle up.

I got to ask the person who had done the move on Thursday whether he could teach it to me. He didn’t laugh and he didn’t say no. He said I would need to get a lot stronger now these words came back to me during Friday’s workout.

Friday morning I was stressing so badly I couldn’t get to the mains class, I was convinced that I was going to throw up. Muscle Up Club is after mains class and that’s always fun plus I thought even if I can’t do it I can help my mate with encouragement. So I figured just show up Trishy. I showed up a minute shy of being on time and announced to all who would listen that I was sick and couldn’t possibly do anything except stand around and encourage people. I also used this time to show some photos of my inspirations such as Lee Chaldecott and Ernestine Shepherd. My God those women are amazing. Sam says get on the rower and warm up. So I did thinking I don’t see the point because I’m sick but hey I do what I’m told, most times. It was while I was on the rower that I announced I was sick because I was stressed and I probably wouldn’t be able to do much at all this morning.

Sam says come over here and do some ring dips. This was when I realised that my mate who I had come to support wasn’t working out because she was competing this weekend. So instead of my standing there and encouraging her she was standing there and encouraging me. Go figure hey. Now I say encouraging but her words and I kid you not were, Trish, you’re workouts take so long because you talk so much, I mean really. This was after I had shared a fantastic scheme for tuckering my dogs out with bob for apples. Now it is true that during our two hour rowing challenge I did not run out of conversation but hey too talky? Never!

I had a stabby shoulder so I had to stop the ring dips and do chest to bars and that was hilarious because Sam and my mate were talking about the weekend comp and here was me sick busting a gut and I thought I’m supposed to be sitting down and chatting. At the end of the session Sam asked me if I still felt sick and I didn’t at all. The knot in my stomach had gone and I felt all mellow. Muscle up club is magic.

Now I legit needed to follow my own advice for the Friday workout in the evening. Allow me to quote from last week’s blog, ““So the next time I get all despondent about my progress I need to remind myself that there will be weeks where you don’t achieve much and weeks where you seem to be doing very well. This has been a week that has gone well. Thank you Universe.” Friday night did not go well I got my arse kicked over and over again. It was soul destroying, character building and thought provoking all rolled up in one neat package.

Friday night was strength class and they were playing with the sled, sand bags and this cool strongman farmer’s walk contraption and I wanted in. There were three other people in the class and they were all stronger than me. If I work out with some people I am the strongest, if I work out with other people I am the pune. Friday night was pune day and I didn’t much care for it. I don’t mind (so much) being the pune if I can see that my class mates are heaps bigger than me but these people weren’t. Two kids and a Mum and they were relatively new comers and I was the pune, I was not happy. Two years of crossfit and I’m the pune?

I seriously considered the ‘faking an injury’ ploy, remembering a fictional appointment or just “I’m not feeling this” and go, people have done that but for some bizarre reason unless I am absolutely too crook to continue I seem to have to finish what I start. It’s quite hard to just say I’m leaving and I don’t know why I find it so hard.

We start with the sled and pardon my language I was crap at that. We move on to the sand bag and by this point I am seriously psyched out. Knitting is starting to look like a good alternative for my Friday nights. I am 110 percent certain that there was a smaller sand bag available than the 45 kilo monstrosity Sam presented me with. I say isn’t there a smaller one? Sam looks me straight in the eye and says no. Kirra (58 kilos dripping wet) being all helpful goes into the store room and brings out the (much lighter) sandbag that I used the last time we did this and Sam says no we’ll use this.

There is a technique to lifting the dam things so part of it was just mastering the technique but my god I found it heavy and off I trotted to get to the other end of the gym. Trotted is probably a bad work, staggered, plodded, made my way laboriously down the other end of the gym. The coach that takes me for Pt on Mondays was there and while I had no illusions of a rescue like (hey Sam that’s too heavy she’ll probably break) I did think he would either offer support or go back to his lifting. So here I am with this impossibly heavy bag and Sam says, as I make my way down the gym which is like a 100 kilometres long, can you go quicker? If I didn’t have 45 kilos in my arms I would have snotted him. Michael, the Monday guy chips in with “That is quick” meaning for me, which may have been true but was totally harsh and then he says instead of (45 kilos might just break you) he says run with it. That’s when I knew I needed pole. I dropped that bag down the other end of the gym and told Sam it was too heavy, there may have even been a foot stamp, not many 50 plus people can or should pull off a foot stamp. I was supposed to bring it back but no way was that going to happen. Sam says I’m going to sit on the boxes now so people can’t stop before they need to. In Pole if I couldn’t do something I would get hugs and who cares if you can’t do that and you did really good. In crossfit I get, go quicker, that is quick, run, what are you stopping for? The rising sook was strong in me this night. What really upset me was that I thought here I am Queen Pune, how am I going to get that beautiful bar muscle up, I finished that session feeling very sorry for myself.

I did then do an hour of trapeze practice and that went really well so the night wasn’t a total fizz.

Saturday I was put in a team of trouble makers who are some of my favourite people at the gym. I earned my jersey in this group because I keep mucking up the reps and forgetting what we have to do. Penny said our group should be called Too Old To be Told and I liked that. After the workout I had an impromptu vegan chocolate tasting party in the locker area because a lovely lady who runs Totally Vegan by Charlie brought me in vegan aero, a wagon wheel, violet crumble and top deck. We had the best conversation just sitting there eating chocolate and yacking. That was one of those magical times when you are just in the right spot at the right time.

Then I had an appointment in a pole studio and I spoke to this lovely guy there who was really helpful and his energy was totally different to crossfit. Nothing against crossfit I adore it but sometimes people (and I mean me) need sooking. His energy was kind and caring and I thought I need to get back to Pole I obviously need pole and crossfit in my life and of course my beautiful trapeze.

That was the week that was. Thank you for reading, catch you next week.


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