Blog 1 2019 My White Whale

moby dick

I left muscle up club today in such a despondent mood. Another week, another failed attempt at a ring muscle up. After this session I had to drive twenty minutes to my work and that gave me twenty minutes of thinking time about my own white whale, the ring muscle up.

I gave perhaps five minutes to – maybe you are too old to do this, maybe you are too weak to do this, maybe you have left it too late to achieve this and then when I had finished my pity party I evaluated what I was doing.

Crossfit has taught me to be honest with myself, gosh darn it. Last year I did not do the homework. I thought if I just rocked up to sessions the muscle up would come and it probably would, it will just take maybe twenty years.

This year I am relentless about the homework. I do homework every day except Sundays. I go when I am tired, when I am sore, when I flat out don’t want to do it. I do normally find that once I start it’s easy to finish the homework it’s just getting up there and doing it. In the eleven days since I became the Captain Ahab of the ring muscle up, I have increased my number of ring pull ups as well as my weight on the dumb bell rows.

So instead of just beating myself up about, “I want a ring muscle up, why can’t I get a ring muscle up, how come he’s got a ring muscle up, it’s not fair’ you get the drift, I am going to break this quest into smaller portions.

So I will get ten strict and perfect pull ups. I will get a chest to bar. I will get five ring dips. I will be able to hang in false grip for ten seconds. When I’ve ticked those off my list then I will go back and have another go at Moby.

Moby Dick had another lesson to teach us. Captain Ahab went nuts trying to catch his white whale. I came very close to sacrificing my shoulder for my goals. To keep your eye on the prize is very important but you need to weigh up the price. How much are you willing to pay for your quest? Is a permanent injury worth it? I’m thinking not, not if you want your body to last you for the long term.

By the way I am a dyed in the wool vegan I honestly wouldn’t go whale hunting, it’s an analogy people!

Good luck to you with your goals and when you get them I hope they taste as sweet as this ring muscle up will taste.