Blog 6 19.5 the Big One!


I’m on the Other Side, well the other side of doing 19.5 as opposed to not doing 19.5. Mind you I feel so incredibly destroyed that I could well be on the real other side and I’m blogging in Eternity. This can’t be eternity I’m too sore to be in eternity, is that a Crossfitter’s Hell, we’re just sore for ever when we die and a Crossfitter’s Heaven is a new PB every day?

The workout was 33 27 21 15 9 thrusters and jumping pull ups. I had seen people do the workout on Friday night and it didn’t look pretty. I saw Tia Claire Toomey do the workout and she looked like it was taxing. It’s one thing to rock up and do a workout with no prior knowledge, it’s another thing to rock up when you know the workout is going to be horrendous.

The first time I had chemo I was anxious but I had no idea how bad it would be. I had to show up time after time knowing how bad it would be after that and it’s a mind fuck. With hindsight I probably shouldn’t have looked at 19.5 before I leaped.

Last night I knew that if I did 19.5 I would achieve my goal of doing every workout and not spitting the dummy. No part of me wanted to do the workout I just wanted to reach my goal. It did occur to me that I could have done one or two reps and said hey I’ve done 19.5 but that isn’t really the spirit of the thing is it?

So I rocked up to the gym feeling like a woman condemned and thinking I’m bloody well blogging this afterwards. This is going to be one of those “do you remember 19.5? Yeah it’s as hard as that was” workouts. You don’t want to miss those.

My super power is to do slow things for a long time as soon as I try to go fast bad things happen. There was so much to do in 19.5 and I tried to move fast but it fast is not in my nature and to try and go fast for twenty minutes was just hell. I’ve never done a competition so I can tell you I never work harder than in the Open workouts. 19.5 kicked my butt. It was bad, bad, bad.

I asked my PT to use my sessions for the Open and I was very interested in his strategies to keep me moving. First he goes through all of the people I admire, would Tia be stopping Trish? Would Paula be stopping? (she’s from my gym she is a beast). Today he resorted to, do you see anybody else stopping? And I thought no unfortunately no I don’t. It was worth it getting him to judge me, for the wod specific warm ups, the tips on how to do the WODs efficiently and just the ability to keep at me so I didn’t stop.

I’ve said it a million times but Crossfit is a mind game. I don’t know why I found this workout so horrific, the weight wasn’t too heavy, jumping pull ups was fine, I think it was my cardio that killed me. I think I just didn’t have the stamina to keep going. That’s obviously something I need to work on.

With all the bitching I’ve done about this workout I keep coming back to, Crossfit will push you further than any discipline I’ve tried. You will accomplish things you never thought you could do. It’s quite amazing.

I was thinking perhaps the blog should just be I did it I did it repeated for a page, that’s kind of how I feel.

I’m proud of myself for doing this. I said I was going to do every workout and not spit the dummy and some I even did RX. When life gets sucky I can draw on these accomplishments and say hey do you remember how bad 19.5 was and you still did it, so how bad is this thing?

Thank you for reading catch you next time.



Blog 5 It’s Happened Again


Blog 5 It’s Happened Again

Now you might say, you can’t have two miracles in two weeks Trishy, you’re pushing it. May I remind you that Albert Einstein said “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” Well I bloody well got another bloody miracle OMG!!!!!

Let us start at the beginning if you will, by the way I have totally been watching too much of Penny Dreadful so if you come across any beautiful not oft used words or phrases in this blog, narrative, chronicle or exposition, blame that show.

Ok so first up when I found out that there were snatches in 19.4 I thought ok well I’m sad that I can’t RX this, (because I can’t snatch) but hey lets look at our old friend scaled. So I look and to my pique, vexation and botheration I see snatches are still in scaled but at a lighter weight. So this was Friday and I thought mm ok no 19.4 for me because Trishy can’t snatch.

Saturday rolled around and I was still getting it into my head that I won’t be able to do five open workouts and that had been my goal (as well as not to spit the dummy during anyone of those). Sunday rolls around and my good friend Lisa texts me and says how did 19.4 go because up until this point we had been doing them on Friday night. I didn’t go I say I can’t snatch. Do scaled she says. It’s still a snatch I say, I can’t snatch. It’s twenty kilos she says you can snatch that. I can’t I say I’ve only done snatches with a ten kilo bar and once I did it with a fifteen but the bar fell on my head. You can do twenty she says.

Now when Lisa says something she carries a lot of weight (total gym pun), she’s been right before, I’ve been wrong before so I wasn’t going to argue but between you and me I’m thinking she’s been out in the sun too long. It’s Sunday I’m supposed to be doing this workout in my PT session on Monday. I find a friend’s barbell, it wasn’t twenty kilos but I could practise the movement, I got myself a good you tube clip and then I practised and practised and practised.

It was quite odd Sunday morning I’m all panicky, OMG I can’t snatch, Oh My God whatamIgunnado? But by Sunday afternoon I got a little zen about the whole thing and thought hey give it a burl what’s the worst that can happen? By Sunday night I was all panicky again and that lasted until the workout.

So I rocked up to my training session, we had a good warm up where I got to practise stuff and I got some killer tips for approaching 19.4 and then it was time…Dun Dun DAHHHHH.

I felt like the friggin Terminator. I had had three days of rest and I was good to go. It was hard, I was slow, I got very puffy but it was fine. Trishy can snatch, who knew? I might add my PT said, yes you can do twenty kilos, what have you been doing in class? Ten kilos I say, there was an eye roll.

At the very end when I had a rest we tried snatching with twenty five kilos and I could do that too! OMG! Trishy can snatch – Crossfit open miracle two.

It is amazingly cool to do a move that you didn’t know you could do, very very cool.

Thank you for reading catch you next time.

Blog 4 An Open Miracle


For any non Crossfitters out there we are currently in the middle of the Crossfit Open, big competition, thousands of online competitors, the best go onto the games.

We have this thing during the Open called an Open miracle. People do amazing things in competition that they would not normally do in a regular work out. People have been known to get their double unders in the Open, muscle ups in the Open and the list goes on.

I rx’d my first Open workout this year and it was a big deal because I haven’t been able to do this before. I bought a big fancy frame so I could hang up my first rx Open workout. I thought enjoy this Trish it’s not going to happen again. I told myself oh that was an easy one to keep people happy and then I rx’d the next Open and the next one and I’m thinking hang on what’s happening here? The second one I said you’re bendy Trish that’s why you can do toes to bar but the third removed all doubt I have got my Crossfit Open Miracle.

The third needed me to be able to keep 15 kilos above my head and do walking lunges. I tried before the workout and I couldn’t even get 15 kilos above my head let along lunge with it. I thought oh well your lucky streak is over let’s go back to the world of scaled but I didn’t understand the scaled option and I thought it was exactly the same as rx for the first two movements. I find Crossfit bloody confusing. So then I thought oh you’re screwed Trishy go home, there’s nothing for you here. Then my friend Tracy said swing the dumbbell up with two hands, steady yourself and then keep one hand up and lunge even if you get just a couple of reps it’s better than none. So I did this and all of a sudden 15 kilos was over my head in one hand and then I was lunging and then I was getting back up again. It was amazing.

So I rx’d the workout, I fell on my tush two maybe three times. As I type this I am destroyed and every bone in my body hurts but I did walking lunges with 15 kilos and it was only last year that I was telling my PT  Michael that he was insane for thinking that I could do a waiter’s walk with twelve kilos. You don’t even have to lunge for a waiter’s walk. He told me that if you are holding a heavy weight above your head you have to press up don’t let your arm relax and I did that during the workout and I was getting a couple of steps each time that I did it.

15 kilos people, that is ¼ of my body weight in one hand above my head. Good God. It’s a miracle, it can longer be explained away I am getting stronger. I am so happy.

Thank you for reading catch you next time.