Blog 14 Buddy Dazzles.

Buddy's training

I have had many dog heroes, Greyfriars Bobby, Lassie, Rin Tin Tin and Black Bob. Buddy is rapidly becoming one of my heroes and so is Ozcorp K-9. In three lessons he is a different dog and I am a different handler. It is little short of miraculous.

I went into today’s lesson wanting to dazzle Ryan the trainer but we were half way through the lesson and I looked at all that Buddy was doing and I thought I’m dazzled. You clever, clever dog you! Despite my inability to time the praise and the reward or the correction right he is flying through his lessons like nothing else.

So let me tell you about today. I had definitely set this dog up for success. We did our muzzle homework and we did the homework in a number of different settings so he wasn’t used to just having the muzzle on when we were in the kitchen for example. I went to our oval and put the muzzle on there. I went to the vets and put the muzzle on there. So when we got to Ozcorp K-9. I had a fair chance of success but you never know until it’s ShowTime. Put the muzzle on I said to Buddy. He paused, he thought about it, I gave him a moment. Put the muzzle on I said a little more strictly maybe in my tone, I don’t know something was different but blow me down with a feather he put that beautiful face of his in the muzzle. I buckled the muzzle up, not too loosely and we walked around and then I took it off and it was a lovely, lovely feeling. I don’t know if Ryan said he was happy or if he said well done. He said something nice but I couldn’t concentrate because in my head was – BUDDDEEEE you did it!!!! All the while staying calm of course.

There were more miracles. I had two tall blokes walking past us, doing star jumps, yelling hello, jogging past us and while Buddy didn’t like it he looked to me for reassurance and that was it. They have trained him to look to me for reassurance, how clever is that? But wait there’s more.

Now I need a drum roll for this and you better be sitting down. Without Buddy wearing a muzzle both men came up and shook my hand and Buddy stayed in a sit position. They even did it a couple of times. My God people, it was a flipping miracle.

My heart was racing while they did that so I need to work on getting my nerves better. My nerves are a hundred percent better than when we started and because I have been shown what to do if Buddy reacts then I’m cool about it. I feel prepared. It’s a wonderful training system, I just got nervy not knowing whether to watch them or watch Buddy.

We have started to work on Buddy standing on a table for when he goes to the vet. Dog training at this place is just clever. There are tricks and tips to doing everything. Sometimes I slap myself on the forehead and think why didn’t I think of that?

The only thing I have to watch now is not getting complacent. Buddy still has the capacity to do what he used to do but as long as I am vigilant I know what to do. Pretty cool hey?

I want to share one last thing that has made my day and possibly week and possibly year. Ryan said today that he could see Buddy and I coming to group class. So how about that folks? No longer are we pariahs, somebody is willing for us to join them. I am incredibly grateful to Ozcorp K-9.

Thank you for reading, catch you next time.


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