Blog 18 Pace Yourself

Blog 18 Pace Yourself

After last week’s disappointing effort on the trapeze I went into training a little smarter this week. First I made sure I had my Nana nap before training, this is crucial for the chronologically challenged. Then I made sure I ate tea before going. I run out of time sometimes and I thought not tonight baby I need every bit of energy I can muster.

Then I positively bludged my way through the first hour of training and for a person that is as competitive as I am that’s actually quite a hard thing to do. Mm can I make being non competitive, competitive? I bludged more than the next person? I am the most successful bludger? You see I can compete at just about anything.

I’d like to send congratulations to Nick for doing full fin push ups I think that makes him and Alessandro the only two at the moment who can do that. Alex and Laura had some good success with the shrimp squat. Pete is becoming super bendy with his diagonal stretch.

Then trapeze time arrived and Nick said Trish do you want to do trapeze and I thought yes, I am pumped, psyched and ready to go. A sleep, some tea and a bludge makes all the difference in the world. I was positively hyper for our lesson. Didn’t make me any more proficient but at least I could keep up.

I love our new high trapezes. I tell you, you get up there and you just see the world although I do find doing some of our moves a little more scary now. I got to take the Nick elevator to the trapeze. People would pay for that trip. Just for a moment you have left Nick and haven’t arrived at the trapeze yet and for that moment you’re flying. It’s awesome.

Bianca did a very good impersonation of a crocodile when she demonstrated a foot lock to me and by golly when that girl locks she locks.I got to practice my no arm stuff and I really wanted to do that. It was an absolute rush even though I just did a little bubby one.

Nick showed me this crazy carousel move and since Jess put that idea into our heads I’ll be having words with her when we next meet up. I can’t say I enjoyed that one at all.

I discovered that I am absolutely rubbish at getting the trapeze to stop swinging so I guess that’s something to work on.

Thursday night I was stressed to the max. I contemplated not going to circus training and I thought whenever you have not gone to training you’ve regretted it. Get in the car, rock up and even if you sit out for the first bit of it while you get your shit together maybe you’ll get a good second half of training. So I rocked up and I practised my deep breaths all the way in so that by the time I got to training my stomach wasn’t raging such a protest. I nearly always feel stress in my stomach or my head. So I was able to do and enjoy all of the training and I forgot all about my stress for a couple of hours. Thank you Circus!

Highlights from Thursday, Alli can juggle really well now. Amanda has conquered the one hand juggle. Ryan did a two minute handstand OMG. Trish wanted to do a two minute handstand omg small case.

This is going to be my last blog for ZigZag because I am starting a new adventure with a flying trapeze rig and I want to blog about that. I’m already blogging for Hit Ball Australia and I just can’t do three. So thanks for reading and my next blog will be about The South Australian School of Trapeze also known as TSAST, pretty cool huh?

Allrighty that’s it for this week I’ll finish off with the pictures and please come and join us if you’d like to. Zig Zag Circus has classes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday at Glenelg and in the city.


Mel looking pretty awesome


Bianca and Nick doing trapeze acrobatics?




I love this one


Just look at the concentration on some of their faces


I think this is Chantelle, very cool


You have to admit this is a happy picture





Blog 17 The Circus is in Town!

Bog 17 The Circus is in Town!

Monday night at circus was the night of the Queen’s birthday public holiday and I for one was completely stuffed after a very big weekend.

Pete decided that I should work on my acrobatic phobia which I thought might be nice if it was a voluntary thing. However after absolutely no support from my colleagues I completed one exercise that kept him happy for the time being.

Alessandro and Nick kept us entertained during our horse stances with a variety of dance moves they knew. Laura and I found this bordering on the educational.

Rosalie Decharme finished off her three days of workshops and people deservedly raved about her teaching.

Our static trapeze is now so high we have to climb up to get to it and I spent every day since the Saturday workshop looking forward to using it for trapeze practise. Like a kid who has not paced herself by the time I got to the trapeze part of the night I was stuffed and couldn’t do anything. I was so disappointed and I thought suck it up, the trapeze is permanent it will be here next week and then that trapeze and I have a date with the forceout move, some tempo work and some no arm stuff that Rosalie showed us that I really wanted to try.

A rather nice side benefit of belonging to a local circus is that the big circuses sometimes give us tickets to go and watch them. So I rocked up to training last Thursday night and was told Trishy you can go to the ball or in this case the circus. A big group of Zigzaggers got to go and see Totem and it was brilliant.

I loved everything about Totem. Tiny women on ridiculously tall unicycles balancing and catching metal bowls on their heads. One of these woman threw the bowls without even looking where she was throwing them and the catchers were just in the right spot it was amazing. There were men throwing themselves around this climbing frame at a breath taking speed. A roller skating sequence that I couldn’t believe. A beautiful trapeze act and don’t forget the juggler oh and of course the ring girl. There were heaps of other brilliant acts too it’s a great show. I keep trying to practise a handstand with my legs in a stag position because it’s just so darn pretty.

It was great to sit with circus people at Totem and listen to them comment about the acts. I got an insight into the performances that I wouldn’t have had without them. The performances themselves were just so spectacular. I was like where are the mats? Where are the spotters? I wanted to get up and do the spotting myself. I also now need a mirror suit all because of Totem.

Thursday night training was a heap of fun. I was keen to bust out some moves from Totem and I got to harangue Alessandro with questions like, “how did they do that?” That question specifically was because of the juggler they had and I was given a physics lesson and learned about centrifugal force. If that is how he did it then so be it but it looked like magic to me. It’s a great act.

Alli gave Amanda and I a lesson on the bars which was very kind of her. Alli is fantastic on the bars and just a little bit fearless which is Trish speak for  completely fearless. It was really interesting to see someone you think you know in a whole new element and you see them totally differently. I watched her as she did this amazing one bar to the next move and I thought wow! If I could do that I would have the fattest head in the world and you meet Alli and she’s lovely and unassuming, it was a revelationary night.

I learned something new on the rings too Thursday night. The Totem ring girl was made of muscle. Some people didn’t like it but I really did so when I was getting a little tired on the rings I kept thinking about the amazing things that girl was doing in the show and I kept going. I want to grow up to be just like her.

Anyhoo she did this skin the cat where she went all the way round. Now when I do the skin the cat exercise I always go around as far as I can and then get back again. Alessandro or Nick are always saying go further go further and I think if I do my arms will twist off. The Totem girl did it so I thought mm. I asked Alessandro Thursday night can I see how far I can go and what happens. Sure he says. So I do it and I go further than normal and then I just drop at the end and my arms don’t snap off and I’ve had this uber uber stretch and I can work on coming back from that far. I felt like I’d made a major jump ahead on my rings work. Thanks Totem girl. I looked her up by the way her name is Alevtyna Titarenko and she’s amazing.

Allrighty that’s it for this week I’ll finish off with the pictures and please come and join us if you’d like to. Zig Zag Circus has classes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday at Glenelg and in the city.



Rosalie’s workshop, Rosalie is a brilliant teacher and a very funny person.


Air Mermaid


Our circus going to the circus.


Beautiful Bianca


Nick doing the Crucifix.

Bog 16 What a Week it Was!

Well what a week it was at Zig Zag circus. Monday night I got my elbow to toe stretch and Lily did a very nice one legged  squat and I can’t remember now if she did the dragon squat or the shrimp squat. Both are extremely difficult so it was pretty impressive whichever one she did.

I’m working on getting my shoulder to touch the ground from the squat position. I reckon if I could just get someone to sit on my back without breaking me I’d have it. Until then I shall whittle away at it each week.

We did our handstands and cartwheels from a tilting forward position and it gives you a lot more momentum in your handstand. It’s like it’s easier to get where you want to be.

I had a go at doing birds nest on the ropes for trapeze and I was really surprised that I can hold my own weight up there to do it. That was cool. I was shown my first drop and I managed to completely stuff it up but it was pretty cool to try and I’ll look forward to doing that again. It’s a funny mind shift because most of the time I’m hanging on to the trapeze as much as humanly possible. To deliberately let go and drop is a little freaky.

Thursday night I got to watch Kurt and Natalie practise their routine for the showcase and it was just beautiful. It was almost relaxing to watch them, they were graceful and strong and elegant. I also felt privileged that I could watch their practise. That shows the environment we have at ZigZag.  People are comfortable sharing knowledge, asking for help and showing people stuff before they’re a hundred percent finished with it. I think that is one of my favourite things about training with this group. I also got to do some work on the rings Thursday night and I love the rings.

On Saturday night a few of us did a workshop with Rosalie Decharme which was just brilliant. Rosalie has performed with Cirque Soleil and now helps them with training. That woman is so talented and such a good teacher and that’s the balance you want. The most talented person in the world is of a limited benefit if they can’t convey to you how they got there. It was also great fun and let me say that one more time, great fun, to see two of our trainers get trained. Rosalie was directing them to “kick more”, and to “stop that trapeze swinging quicker”. Mmm I thought do you guys remember the world of the student? Especially as she was heaps harder on the trainers  than the rest of us. I did this tiny little thing, great work Rosalie says just work on this bit a bit more. Our poor trainers get up there, they just about do a Cirque Soleil performance and Rosalie is all, is that the best you got?

I hope I don’t come across as too shallow here but Rosalie has the most beautiful lats I have ever seen, they were awesome. When her arms were down you would have no idea the moment she grabbed the trapeze wow!

We learned some cool things and some practical things in that workshop and I’m very glad I went. I plan to try them out in our next Monday training session. ZigZag put up two more trapezes for the workshop and they were higher than I am used to. I had to learn how to climb a silk to get up there the only other way was using a Nick elevator which was a bit of a rush as he propels you upward and you’re thinking whatever you do grab the bar. I had a lot of fun being so much higher than we normally are, it’s like perching up there and looking at the world down below. Maybe I was a bird in a previous life? Until trapeze if I compared myself to an animal I would pick the Clydesdale I don’t feel like that on the trapeze.

And now drum roll please as I present our photos for this week. You need to go onto the ZigZag page to see all of the videos they’re well worth a look.


Chris being awesome at aerials.


Beautiful acrobatics.


Alli took my picture and Liam called me a beast, both of these things made me very happy.


Elbow to toe – Woo Hoo

Allrighty that’s it for this week. Please come and join us if you’d like to. Zig Zag Circus has classes Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday at Glenelg and in the city. They also run, from time to time, some very cool workshops.

Blog 15 Way Way Way Out of My Comfort Zone

Bog 15 Way Way Way Out of My Comfort Zone

Thursday night took me so far out of my comfort zone that I needed a map, a compass and a passport to get back into it. However let’s talk about Monday first. Monday night at circus was a lot of fun. We did a bit of strength work in the first half of training and I always enjoy that. We worked on the rings for ten seconds at a time and you wouldn’t believe how long ten seconds can feel when you’re trying to hold your own weight. First we had to hold ourselves above the rings and if anyone could they could start to move their arms outwards. I used up my whole ten seconds just trying to stay up there. Then we had to hold our weight underneath the rings in false grip and if we could, lower yourself down and then up again. I spent my time just hanging on. You really needed at least one go to get to grips with the move (and yes I meant that pun) and then the next two shots were a little less tricky. Part of these moves are strength and part are balance. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a man doing the Iron Cross on rings but it’s gorgeous to look at. I love the rings. I don’t know if I could ever get an Iron Cross but this is one of the exercises that I would just enjoy just doing the progression towards. Nick showed a very black sense of humour about last week’s crash and you may recall that I was seriously considering taking up knitting rather than go back to trapeze. I did think though that I would like to have another go because otherwise I would always be thinking what other tricks could Nick have shown me. We tackled what I was nervous about first and we did the hold Nick trick. We decided before we started that if I got into trouble I would yell out down and Nick would get off. We’ve discussed this before but I just needed to hear it again to get my confidence up. So I got into catcher’s hold, I took hold of Nick, he went into pike and everything was sweet. Nick reckons that last week I was tired from the flying trapeze adventure and now everything was back to normal. Just imagine I could have left and not come back, brr it gives me chills to think about it. My reward from the Universe for doing this was to do a really speccy partner thing with Nick that I don’t think I could even describe. I’ll try. We started in the Escher then I climbed up onto Nick and then sat in front of him then slid down him and then my feet were behind me and that’s where I get lost. We did it twice. I have no idea what happened but it was a lot of fun. But wait there’s more. Nick snuck my old nemesis in, the Crucifix. At this point I thought he’s not going to let it go just go through the motions he’ll know you tried and you can move on. So I went through the motions completely expecting to slide through like I have every time and then suddenly I was there. I had the Crucifix, HUZZAH! I was so happy I did a happy dance and bought myself and ate a whole box of malteasers on the way home. 11375183_385244735007993_1867105999_n[1] The Crucifix had arrived and no-one was more surprised than myself. But that’s not all. We finished off a very successful trapeze session with improvements in my knee hangs so I left a very happy camper. Thursday night the place was ridiculously packed. We had to keep moving to make room for each group’s activity and that was a challenge. By the time we had moved three times during our juggling session we had an on the spot warm up because there was nowhere we could play a game. It’s surprising how warm you can get just by jumping up and down, running on the spot and doing jumping jacks. You can even get your poor brain completely overhauled when your trainer keeps calling out alternate arms while you’re jumping with your legs. I left my comfort zone when Alessandro decided we should all do acro balance. Ryan Alli and Amanda were like bloody mountain goats leaping on one another and keeping their balance. I on the other hand am more like a Clydesdale and Clydesdales should not be climbing onto other people. Don’t get me wrong I love watching acro stuff, they do this table top thing which I thought was brilliant and I joined in on the staircase thing, but acro balance is not for me. At least now I have an idea of what is involved with acro balance and that does increase my enjoyment of watching it, however the next time someone even says acro balance in front of me I’ll be heading for the hills. 11116984_630719163729976_99767955_n[1] The Staircase. Allrighty it’s over to rest of the pictures. Please come and join us if you’d like to. Zig Zag circus has classes Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday at Point A and Glengowrie YMCA. May I present amazing aerialists! 11311988_1590948204501303_400525372_n[1] The equally amazing Nick! 11348193_994170627259792_1078245767_n[1] A 1000 likes for the ZigZag facebook page that was cool. 11356855_759981230767380_1450305781_n[1] Acrobatic Madness 11351193_509705249183184_2690971255297462030_n And finally I give you Lyra at Point A Da Dah!!! 11287817_1431005383875433_1439615739_n[1] 11357000_641814482624980_1480632515_n[1]

Blog 14 More Trapeze Please

I would like to give a little bit of space in this blog to another circus company this week. Normally I just rave about how wonderful the Zigzag circus is, (training at Glengowrie YMCA and Point A Adelaide Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) but I crossed the border on Sunday and I want to share.

I went to the Fly Factory at Blackburn in Victoria. They run a flying trapeze experience and because I had come so far just to do the flying trapeze I thought I’ll do the morning and afternoon sessions. I am now resolved to the fact that South Australia needs it’s own flying trapeze. My goodness I can’t remember when I have felt so alive. Ok I’ll start at the start.

If you do the experience they have heaps of safety precautions and I mean heaps and I think that was part of why I was so happy to leap off that platform each time, well not the first time. The first time I was flat out terrified. The second time I was quite terrified. The third time nervous but ok. The fourth time I’m moving to Victoria.

The experience lasts for two hours and you feel like it lasts for five minutes. The instructors have a comedy routine that entertains you as well as teaches you and I cannot believe their program. I thought tops I would get a swing and I would have gone home happy but noooo you get much much much more than that. Did I say much much?

You swing, you get your feet up on the bar you release the bar are you saying omg yet? You do a backward somersault and now I hope you’re sitting down when you read this, a raw raw raw beginner first time gets to be caught. I couldn’t believe it. I thought they were joking. But they teach you the moves and you do it and I am now a complete absolute trapeze addict.

For the second session I was absolutely prepared to just do the same stuff again and maybe not be so terrified this time but they bumped me up. I got to try some new stuff because I had done the first session how cool is that? I felt very spesh. If you go to Melbourne you would be insane not to try this. Fly Factory you are awesome. Wow. Watch this space South Aus is getting a flying trapeze.

So for Monday night training I was all flying trapeze this and flying trapeze that and everyone very kindly listened to me and watched my phone video of getting caught. I must have watched it a 100 times. This prompted Alessandro to share a very funny story about his time at the Moscow Circus school, and it involved a circus swing which he had to operate in a double story facility. Since he did the actions too it was a pretty funny story and I could really visualise him swinging past people trying to get to the upper level of this building.

Peter showed me a different way to backward roll but I still don’t care for them. Lily did a beautiful handstand completely unassisted and nup I’m not jealous at all. Alessandro played with knives and there’s a very cool video of him on the ZigZag facebook page. He’s swinging knives and the music from the Black Keys, Chop and Change is perfect for it, Liam said after watching the video this is why we never argue with Alessandro and Bianca said he looked hard core. Then it was time for trapeze.

I knew I was tired after my big weekend and that’s why I wanted to lift Nick before I did anything else because I figured I would have more energy than if we did it later. I’m trying to hold him for ten seconds so he can do a trick while I’m holding him. It will look awesome if we can do it. I knew maybe four seconds in I was in trouble. I jumbled my words, I think because I may have panicked a little, and I was trying to get out of this hold as quickly as possible. I must have shut my eyes because everything felt slow and when I opened them Nick and I were on the mat, the acrobats and the aerialists who had been working one mat over had come round and formed a circle around us and Alessandro was there too. I was most impressed by the speed of the response. People asked me if I was all right and I thought you’d be better off asking Nick as I nearly killed him again. Nick explained what the heck just happened.

He said you let go of me but I didn’t let go of you. I lowered you down and moved you to the side so all you hit was my hip. Now you’d have to say that’s pretty cool. He was in the middle of a move and he’s got enough mental wherewithal to save himself and save me. I think that’s impressive. I have some very speccy bruises now and I wish I could post a picture of them because I’m wearing them like a badge of honour but I don’t think my pins are camera friendly. Nick said now that you’ve fallen you can see it’s not a big deal. He’s right but I found it very disconcerting to be up there on the swing one moment and down there on the mat the next. I didn’t care for falling off the trapeze or dropping Nick much and I was tempted to go home and take up knitting but I thought finish the evening and then go home and have a think about it.

I told Nick that I did his cool flip off thing on the flying trapeze and he said you can do it here. I hung upside down on the trapeze, he held my hands and said legs off and wallah I did the cool flip off thing. That made me happy. We also did foot hangs and elbow hangs and I love that stuff but I do find it pretty ouchy.

I’m four pages in and I haven’t even done photos yet so I’m just going to say Thursday night training was brilliant. I really enjoyed this back flip land on your feet thing we did. I didn’t achieve the move but at least I can practise it now.

Allrighty it’s over to the pictures. Please come and join us if you’d like to. Zig Zag circus has classes Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday at Glenelg and in the city.

At Glengowrie YMCA and Point A in the city those acrobats are unstoppable.

10313395_10205904306707332_7990665985174252033_n        11329971_10205904307067341_2118813994573285816_n


These are some very rare pictures of an air mermaid, you won’t see these anywhere else!

11167701_818452204898247_3574363253837167131_n[1] 11260836_818452081564926_5380794038894998410_n[1]  11041684_818448891565245_4227471140208039948_n[1]

Finally the apparently (thank goodness) unkillable Nick!


Blog 13 Trish Got her Chin Up

Bog 13 Trish Got Her Chin Up


Circus Monday night was fantastic and I learned a lot, my chin up happened on Thursday night but let’s do Monday night first.

Lily did a beautiful handstand Monday night, her shape was lovely and you could see how this sort of stuff is just nice to watch. She looked like she could have stayed up there forever.

For tumbling we had to roll in the opposite direction that we normally roll in and I was fine rolling forwards in another direction but trying to roll backwards in another direction messed with my head something terrible.

Alessandro demonstrated more I’ve got eyes in the back of my head skills when he said cartwheels for those who’ve done backward rolls. Lily looks straight at me whispering do you think he means you? I laughed it off, with the amount of people at training Monday night there was no way he could have noticed my excellent backward roll avoidance plan and in the next breath he says Trish do a backward roll. I don’t know how he does it. I’m thinking of starting a People Who Don’t Like Backward Rolls support group we could be the PWDLBR, there that rolls off the tongue!

Bianca came to play with us on trapeze Monday night and my goodness did that step things up a notch. Bianca is a dancer and possibly a little bit of a ninja. She has the ability to listen to a few directions, ask a few questions and then off she goes and she can do these really complex things with Nick. I was amazed and it looked beautiful. So he was up on the bar, she got up and wrapped her knees over the bar. Then he put his legs through her knees and with his feet on her chest and her crunching and then throwing herself up he sent her back up to the bar. My description isn’t quite doing it justice. When she was up on the bar she slid down Nick while doing the splits and then turned in some way so that she was hanging off his feet and I reckon she finished by going back up to the bar and then just lightly stepping down. It was beautiful, it was amazing and it looked fantastic. So when Nick said Trish do you want a go I thought yes I really really do. I didn’t do it right but I didn’t damage Nick and that was my main concern as well as staying alive myself and I have to tell you it was a wild wild ride. It was like being on a roller coaster. One minute you’re upside down and I was trying to figure out in my head which way I needed to go and then he’s calling hep and you’re just about flying through the air until you make contact with the ropes and then you still have to do the second part of the move and I was still catching my breath from the first part. I tell you this stuff makes the rides on the Royal Show nothing by comparison. It was fantastic.

I also got to lift Bianca Monday night and now I’ve started holding people in catcher’s hold and lifting them up and down as a rep. I did three reps and that’s the first time I’ve been able to do that. Woo Hoo.

We also did some cool elbow hanging (put an ish in there for mine) and I’m improving on hanging from one leg. Slowly but it’s getting there. I also had a go at hanging from my feet but yowch that’s a painful one.

I learnt a bit about spotting in trapeze too last night which was really interesting and now I can be of help to another person whose bigger than me. That’s cool.

The thing with trapeze is that the stronger you get the more cool things you can do so it really motivates you to get your strength going. Wouldn’t it be nice to just buy a pound of strength at the shops and not have to work for it all?

I told you at the start that I learned a lot tonight well another thing I learned is that what happens in Circus is not quite like the way things happen in the outside world. Nick, Bianca and I had a conversation about weight while we were doing stuff on the trapeze. I said you never talk about a person’s weight it’s just not done. Alessandro rocks up and says maybe it’s not done in the outside world but within these walls you need to work out who is going to be a good partner for who and you can’t decide just because you want to be smaller or bigger than someone else. Nick said it was no different to working out who was stronger or more flexible. I found this whole conversation kind of revelationary and freeing. Your weight is what your weight is and there’s no judgement on the number it’s just a piece of information necessary to match you up with a partner. Mmm I went home thinking about that one.

Chris said he could see I had arm muscles and that was the nicest thing anyone could have ever said to me. Alessandro has very kindly given me a chin up progression program and these days I’m sporting guns!

Thursday was great fun. We had Alli, Amanda, the Remarkable Ryan and Paula. The place was packed and we had barely room to swing an acrobat. There was the General Circus Class, the Contortionists and the Aerial classes and we were all sorting out how to fit on the one mat.

General Circus Class started with juggling and Alessandro gave me some new tricks to wow my students with back at school. Paula and I made sure we witnessed Alli’s improving juggling skills because she says no-one watches when she does it really well.

Warm up was chasey and then we stretched. We did some hanging and then some tumbling and before I knew it, it was time for free skills. I had some trapeze homework so I went and did that. Ryan is working on his flips and they’re looking good. Paula was doing some great work with handstands and tumbling. Alli did some beautiful work with her aerial stuff. I was supposed to be filming that but I mucked it up. I’m sure someone else had another go though so footage could be floating around somewhere. She looked really good doing it.

I went back to having a play at aerial somersaults. I have the grace of a Clydesdale in mud but I just really enjoy doing them. They make me happy. Paula gave me some tips and then did some speccy stuff on the mat.

For a break I mosied over to Alli and Alessandro and joined them for some ab work and that was awesome. Three sets of fifteen reps each, yowza. We had the beginner and advanced version or the abvanced version? Yes did you see what I did there? Alli did the advanced I stuck to the beginner version.

Then people were starting to remember that they had homes to go to and Alli Alessandro and I were doing some front lever work and I asked for clarification on my last set of exercises in my chin up program. and that’s when the night took a whole new turn for Trishy.

Alessandro said I’ll demonstrate and he did and he said you should have one in you by now. I was feeling like everyone in the world had a chin up except me and I shook my head and I said nup no I don’t. Show me he says. I show him a chin up from a standing position and I explain it’s not a real chin up because I’m not starting from the hanging position. He says you just need to be pumped up. He runs through this breathing exercise with me after he tells me to shake my arms out, breathe in breathe out breathe in again now go for it. I went for it and all of a sudden my arms just kept going and I went up and up and up until I had done the chin up and got down again. It didn’t feel awful it felt controlled. I had the biggest smile you can imagine. I had wanted this for so long. Circus training and Alessandro training is pretty cool hey?

There’s not too much in the way of pictures this week. there’s a lot of videos though over on iconosquare so pop over there if you’d like to see what people are getting up to. Please come and join us if you’d like to. Zig Zag circus has classes Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday at Glenelg and in the city.


A rare pic from those acrobats working over at Point A.

Blog 12 I love Circus

I Love Circus

Circus Monday night was fantastic. There was no part of it that I didn’t enjoy. I am so grateful to have this place where I can exercise, have fun, muck around with people and then try new things. It’s awesome and I appreciate it.

I even enjoyed the animal walks Monday night and normally I pray that Alessandro will forget some of them because they are murder to do. Julie did this really funny disabled sloth movement on the way back from one of the walks and declared since she was recovering from a big workout the day before that it was the animal movement form that took the least amount of energy. Come to think of it Lily was doing a really  good sloth imitation before training started so I guess the sloth was our animal of the night. It’s amazing what you learn at circus because I was also being informed about gastropods from Lily and how they eat with their feet and that they have lots and lots of teeth, who knew?

So a girl on facebook posted this picture of two people doing splits on the static trapeze and in my eyes it’s one of the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen. I’ve printed it, laminated it, I have it in my car and I’ve dreamt of doing it. I brought it to training to show Nick and it was on. Now here’s the picture so you know what I’m going on about. I don’t have anyone’s permission to use it so if the owner asks me to take it down I’ll do that.


We had Julie and Kurt coming for a play on trapeze and then Alessandro arrived too and all of us were working out how to make this picture a reality and we did it. I can’t tell you how cool it is to see a picture think how beautiful and then make it happen. It’s better than the lottery. I am grateful that I am strong enough to do it and flexible enough and that Kurt was willing to come over and play too because I needed him to do the bloke part of the splits. I appreciate how patient everyone was and how they explain things so you know exactly what your job is. Doing that takes all the fear out of something and you get to just enjoy it. Goodness I love Circus, I really really do. Like really.

Here’s the results of our work.


As you can see I’m doing the bloke’s job and at some stage I want to be the pretty one.

You know what else? Nick said I was advanced at trapeze. I don’t know if he was saying it to make me happy but my head nearly exploded. I was chuffed, seriously chuffed. What a night, a great great night.

Thursday night we were joined by the contortionist people because their trainer had to cancel and they were a lot of fun. Every now and then they would bust a move and you would think – ouch. Christian did this shoulder thing and I thought I don’t think the joints are supposed to move that way. The girl I worked with, Jessica I think was her name, was so complimentary for handstand practice that I loved her. She said I was a board and then she said I don’t think that’s being complimentary but I said nope I’m very happy to hear that. We also had Kurt and he is up for any challenge so they made a very fun night.

Now add to the mix the Remarkable Ryan, Liam, Andrew and Alli and it was an extremely funny night. Jessica called Ryan a little superstar I should mention that to him when I see him next.

So for training Thursday night we juggled, all manner of things in all manner of ways. We played chasey to warm up and then we stretched. We did handstand practise and then some more stretches and then we tumbled. We had free skills next and I broke out the trapeze because a couple of people fancied a go on it.

The Remarkable Ryan had gone off to be remarkable somewhere and I have to say the conversation was getting a little adult around the trapeze area. There have been times when I have found circus training to be quite educational. It all started because we were going to have another go at that picture I am obsessed with. We were trying to work out who should be on top of the trapeze and who should be below. Since in my picture the woman is on the top I’m hoping to be the one on the top for one of these attempts, so far I keep getting the man’s role. I want to be the pretty one and so far it’s been Kurt and Alli doing that.

Liam, Alessandro, Kurt and Andrew were doing some really fun stuff on the balance bars and I wished I’d got a picture. It was ninja type stuff. Jumping up from the ground and landing on a high balance bar and then play fighting still on the bar. They warmed up by jumping on this cylinder thing and even that looked cool to try.

I love circus. I was thinking back to when I used to go to the gym and I’m not knocking that now but I used to play on the pull up bars and I would try and get a couple of people to play with me. Then there were people so serious sweating and cursing and looking hot and bothered and there were other people crying on pieces of equipment wishing they hadn’t eaten a packet of Tim Tams and I thought this isn’t fun. Circus is fun. I do cool things, I am only limited by what my body can and can’t do and everyone comes there to play.

Allrighty I’ll finish with two speccy pictures from the acrobats. Please come and join us if you’d like to. Zig Zag circus has classes Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday at Glenelg and in the city.




Blog 11 Safety

We had a big turn out Monday night, the cold is definitely not putting people off from training. Silks, acrobats and general circus class all looked like they were out in full force.

We weren’t able to use our regular room for handstand practise so Alessandro was pretty quick about coming up with an alternative activity, I found that impressive. When one of my lessons gets stuffed up at school I find it a real ordeal coming up with an alternative activity on a moment’s notice. We ended up doing handstands in the middle of the floor and we did 15 seconds on then swap partners. We did that maybe four times each and I really enjoyed that.

We actually jumped through hoops for tumbling, I’ve never done that literally before. We started with a new thing that Alessandro called Monkey jumps. I had a go but I figured that must be for the more advanced folk and left it at that. Then Alessandro appears with a hoop and full grown adults are jumping through this hoop. I tell you if you ever don’t want to train there’s so much to see it’s like coming to a show. I could have watched them forever. Then Alessandro said come and have a go and I did not see how my body was going to fit through a hoop. However you put your hands in one spot and your feet in another and all of a sudden you’ve jumped through a hoop. It was pretty cool really. Maybe we should light it on fire for the next go?

I felt like I was moving forward in trapeze which was lovely so I’m now working on holding Nick for ten seconds but I mucked something up which was not good when you’re working with a partner. I confused the difference between getting down from a move and getting off the trapeze all together and poor Nick had to rely on his reflexes not to fall off. That’s the kind of mistake I’m only going to make once but it’s an awful feeling to think you may have caused your training partner to get hurt.

Alessandro, Lily, Grant, Peter and I did some work on the rings and I really enjoyed that.

On Thursday night we did animal walks instead of stretches and they were murder. I’ve decided that I am co-ordinationally challenged. There should be a support group for my condition, I may even start that support group. We had to do a bear walk with opposite arms and legs and there was no way I could do it. It just wouldn’t work I felt like I was trying to retrain my brain and it was fighting me. Even when I went as slow as possible and was chanting this hand this foot now repeat I still couldn’t get it. I’m practising that one with the kids at school.

Do you know the only problem with circus training is that it does not go on for long enough. There is so much to do and so little time to do everything in. You never get bored but you do run out of time every night.

Only a few photos this week  and please come and join us if you’d like to. Zig Zag circus has classes Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday at Glenelg and in the city.




Blog 10 It’s Getting a Little Chilly

I’ve always thought it would be very cool to go to Russia and train in circus over there. Now that these autumn nights are getting colder I wonder how the heck do people in colder climates train? You would have to rug up like arctic bears just to get to training and then how the heck do you ever get warm enough before you work on your act? I’m finding it hard enough to come out of an evening in an Adelaide autumn. I am in awe of circus folk who train in colder conditions than what we have here at the moment. In awe!

I kind of see one of the girls at Circus as my partner in crime. If there’s mischief to be had I can kind of count on this girl to be a part of it.  I think this is because she has an almost permanent I’m up for just about anything going attitude I really do like it.

She landed me in it Monday night though and I told her this is going in the blog so here goes.  I had her as my partner and Alessandro wanted us to do an exercise that  I hadn’t tried before and couldn’t even imagine myself doing. My partner announced that she had an injury and couldn’t do it. Score for Trishy I thought because I need to keep her company right? I can’t just go off doing crazy exercises without my partner so I settled myself in beside her feeling like a dutiful friend and congratulating myself on an honourable escape from a tricky exercise. Alessandro rocks up, looks at me, I’m sorry my partner is injured. Oh that’s ok Trish you go on without me she says. Yep that’s what she said. She may as well have pushed me into piranha infested water, thanks Hon, I appreciated that one.

It must have been challenge night Monday night and no-one told me because our horse stance got bumped up to two minutes and now I’m doing it seven steps out, booyah! We have a saying with some of these exercises hold it until the shakes arrive. That’s not the exact expression but I’m not sure that the exact expression is politically correct so I’m going to stay with this version. I didn’t do two minutes but I wasn’t too far off of it so I can have fun working on that one.

The challenges kept coming this night. The handstand part of the night got bumped up a notch, we were leaving the wall. Long ago we used to do our handstands just in the middle of the room and have a person to spot but for a long time now we’ve been doing them against the wall. Now tonight, no prep, no announcement just get on with it, handstand middle of the floor, use your partner as a spot. Do you know I was scared stiff but I really want my handstand so I thought I’ll chance landing flat on my face for a go at this. So I did it and it was ok it felt really good actually so I’m hoping this will be a regular thing.

The acrobats were doing a very cool thing tonight. There were three of them, Alex was the base, one of them called ‘ Up’ and Laura jumped and balanced on Peter who jumped at the same time and balanced on Alex. I watched it and I was amazed.

The Crucifix move in trapeze is really turning out to be my cross to bear. I can’t even imagine myself being able to do it and my lovely trainer keeps coming back to it. I thought I had outfoxed him Monday night. I said I can’t do the Crucifix it upsets my spiritual beliefs. It doesn’t but I’m getting desperate for finding ways out of doing that thing. He barely blinked,  no probs we’ll call it the iron cross and wallah the Crucifix by another name is back on the trapeze table, oh joy.

I managed to base Nick again tonight and that was so cool, it means last week wasn’t a fluke. Now we’re talking about me basing Nick in the showcase and him doing a trick while I’m doing the basing. Goodness that would be nice.

We also started to work on a one arm hang. Now there was a time when I would have thought don’t even bother it’s not physically possible for me but I never thought I’d juggle I’m juggling. I never thought I’d be able to perform in public I’ve done that, I certainly never thought I’d be able to breathe fire and I did that too so even if the one arm hang looks impossible I don’t actually know what’s possible and what’s not anymore.

Nick has shown me this roll around trick that I have wanted to do since I saw it on you tube and Monday night he also showed me this grab the ropes, hold yourself up and pedal in the air trick and I’ve wanted to do that since I saw him do it in the last showcase. Mine isn’t very pretty yet but with a little polish it will get there. It was a great night for trapeze.

When I started running I wanted to do marathons and I never even told anyone because it seemed too far out of my reach. Now I’ve run four marathons and an ultramarathon and this makes me think there is no limit to what you can do until you actually try it and see. So Nick has this speccy trick which is like doing a marathon in running, in my eyes anyway. At the moment it seems far out of my reach but I can actually see myself doing it someday and hopefully living at the end of it. The trick is him flying off the trapeze bar and landing on his feet arms in the air to finish his act and I love that move. I love it, I want it, I covet it, if I can just side step past the Crucifix to get to it I would be very happy. So one of these days I’m going to do that move.

Now on a equally important track Amanda brought cake or baked custard to training to share with her chums and it would have put Balfour’s out of business if she sold it. Amanda has a real talent for baking and I have a real talent for eating. We were always destined to be friends.

Circus was brutal Thursday night. For some reason I got it into my head to call challenge night and Alli took me up on the challenge. This meant that any exercise you got you tried to make it harder. You could hold the position for longer or do more repetitions. So my arms pretty much stopped working by the end of the evening and I nearly had to stop the car on the way home and have a nap I was so tired. It was cool though going as hard as you can go and then just tweek it that little bit further. I’m sure my arms will stop screaming in pain any minute now I am finding typing a challenge this morning.

I discovered a lump in my arm while hanging Thursday night and freaked out until Alessandro said it was a muscle. Who knew? What important piece of information did I get out of this exchange? I’m getting muscles!!!!!! I’m a bit happy about that I’ve always been a bit of a pune.

You may find this an impossible concept to grasp but I have been known to dodge the occasional exercise. My absolute least fave is the backward roll so if tumbling gets busy and that exercise gets pushed to the side I’m certainly not complaining. Tumbling got busy and nobody did the backward roll and I thought quick quick move on to the next move but I paused and Alessandro looked up from where he was helping someone else and says have you guys done the backward roll? I tell you it was uncanny. There is no way he could have watched us and the student he had in front of him. I just don’t know how he does it. I might add we all ended up doing the backward roll.

Mel very kindly produced a picture to show Kenneth’s heel hang from last week so here it is. If I was Kenneth I’d be framing this.


I also found this speccy one of Kenneth on Iconosquare and I want to share it.


I also have a beautiful shot of Mel doing her thing.


Natalie looks like she’s flying in this shot


And then we have one from those crazy acrobats.


A little bit of lyra. Remember all this is available with Zig Zag Circus, we’re on facebook.


OK thank you for reading please come and join us if you’d like to, you’ll have a lot of fun.